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IGNOU BA Study Materials/Books – If you come to this page for download each collection of BA (Bachelor of Arts) Study Material so you are come at right place. Here you will get everything for which you have come to here. We have downloaded all available Study Materials of BA to our System and it is ready and available for all BA Students.

We provide all study materials to IGNOU BA student with free of cost and it can download easily and without registration need.

List of Available BA Study Materials:


Course Code Course Name Click to
BECE-02 Indian Economic Development:Issues and Perspectives Download
BECE-214 Agricultural Development in India Download
EEC-06 Patterns of Economic Development : A Comparative Study Download
EEC-10 National Income Accounting Download
EEC-11 Fundamental of Economics Download
EEC-12 Indian Economic Development since Independence Download
EEC-13  Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques Download
EEC-14 Agricultural Development in India Download
EEC-19 Indian Financial Systems Download
EEC-07 भारत में औद्योगिक विकास Download


Course Code Course Name Click to
EHI-01 Modern India 1857-1964 Download
EHI-02 India: Earliest Times to the 8th Century A.D. Download
EHI-03 History India From 8th to 15th Century Download
EHI-04 India From 6th to Mid 18th Century Download
EHI-05 India frim Mid-18th to Mid-19th Century Download
EHI-06 History of China and Japan (1840-1949) Download
EHI-07 Modern Europe (Mid 18th to Mid 20th Centuries) Download

Political Science:

Course Code Course Name Click to
EPS-03 Modern Indian Political Thought Download
EPS-07 International Relations Download
EPS-09 Comparative Government and Politics Download
EPS-11 Political Ideas and Ideologies Download
EPS-12 Government And Politics in India Download
EPS-15 South Asia : Economy, Society and Politics Download
EPS-08 ऑस्ट्रेलिया में सरकार और राजनीति Download
EPS-06 पूर्वी एशिया तथा दक्षिण-पूर्व एशिया में सरकार एवं राजनीति Download

Public Administration:

Course Code Course Name Click to
BPAE-102 Indian Administration Download
EPA-01 Administrative Theory Download
EPA-03 Development Administration Download
EPA-04 Personnel Administration Download
EPA-05 Financial Administration Download
EPA-06 Public Policy Download


Course Code Course Name Click to
ESO-11 The Study of Society Download
ESO-12 Society in India Download
ESO-13 Sociological Thought Download
ESO-16 Social Problems in India Download
ESO-14 समाज और स्तरीकरण Download
ESO-15 समाज और धर्म Download


Course Code Course Name
BHDE-101 हिंदी गद्ध
FHD-02 हिंदी में आधारमूलक पाठ्यक्रम – II
EHD-01 Hindi Gadya
EHD-02 Hindi Kavya
EHD-03 Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas evam Sahitya Parichay
EHD-04 Madhyakaleen Bharatiya Sahitya: Samaj aur Sanskriti
EHD-05 Adhunik Bharatiya Sahitya: Navjagaran aur Rashtriya Chetna
EHD-06 Hindi Bhasha: Itihas aur Vartman
EHD-07 Hindi Samrachna

Other Important Courses Materials:

Course Code Course Name
FEG – 01 Foundation Course in English – 1
FEG – 02 Foundation Course in English – 2
FHS – 01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
EEG-02 The Structure of Modern English
EEG-03 Communication Skills in English 
EEG-04 English for Practical Purposes
EEG-05 Understanding Prose 
EEG-06 Understanding Poetry 
EEG-07 Understanding Drama 
EEG-08 Reading the Novel
FST-01 Foundation Course in Science and Technology
BEGE-101 From Language to Literature
BEGE-102 The Strucutre of Modern English
BEGE-103 Communication Skills in English
BEGE-105 Understanding Prose
BEGE-106 Understanding Poetry
BEGE-107 Understanding Drama
BEGE-108 Reading the Novel
BHDF-101 Foundation Course in Hindi-I
BSHF-101 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
BEGF-101 Foundation Course in English
BSKF-01 Foundation Course in Sanskrit

Is it required to download BA Materials?

For attend IGNOU BA TEE Examination, it is necessary to first submit your Assignments to IGNOU and it is possible from IGNOU Study Material. You can solve your BA Assignments with using Books/Materials. Not only Assignments, but you can use it for preparation of Examination and you can get good marks in your Annual Exams with good grade.

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          1. Sir maiii Kashmir see hoo aur maine june mai admission kiya abhi tak mujhe material nhiii mila exam mai Ab khali 4 mahene haiii aur mai kya karunga

      1. please upload FMT1-MARATHI

        1. Dear sir I am study BDP 1st year can you please send me a link to download the BPSE 212 immediately.your help are highly appreciate

      2. Sir please upload the study material of bege104..it is very urgent as I cannot study that subject.. My books has not come yet.

          1. I have the following Ignou book sets in Guwahati.

            BEGE 104
            ANC 01
            ACS 01
            If anyone need, please contact me.

      3. FHD 2 ENGLISH ME BHI HOTA hai sir.
        If yes then please upload it as soon as possible because, still I am waiting for my book

      4. Please upload( BECC131 Principles Of Microeconomics-I (IGNOU Help book for BECC-131 in English Medium)) please

    1. till now i have not recd EHI101 and BRDE 101 study material . I have downloaded EHI 01 but BRDE 101 has not been uploaded last date for submitting assignment is 31 Mar 19 How can I submit without study material

  1. sir I want to download complete BA history material ,anicent ,medevial , modern india or world history in hindi medium .pls provide me link through email.

    1. Narayan thakur says
      July 16,2017
      Please upload
      BSHF 101,FHD2,BHDF101,BPSE 212 courses material in hindi.

  2. i found only BHDF 101 study material.Please upload FHD2,BSHF101,EHI1,BPSE212 in hindi language so that i could be helpful for those students as well as me who is prepairing for examination in hindi language.
    i hope it will be uploaded soon.

    Thanking You

  3. FML1 – Foundation course in malayalam.
    could not find the study materials in above list.
    Please provide the above too.

    Humanities and social – BSHF101
    Block 6 & 7 missing considering this same as FHS 01

  4. Hi anyone can pls tell me that will we get study material from ignou buks etc after we enroll for ba english course?? And do we need to go to ignou for classes etc?????

    1. Yes, you will get your study material through post after your admission. If not, then you must quickly rush to your regional centre and get your study material from the study material dispatch section.


    1. Thank you for your help. Please sir also provide course material for INDIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:ISSUES & PERSPECTIVES (BECE2)

  6. Sir I want to download 2 books
    This is book is not available on your website
    So I request you to please upload this books

  7. Respected Sir,
    I want to download application-oriented subject which is not uploaded here.

  8. Hello
    Do BEGF101 and FEG-01 represent the same subject? The reason behind this question is that both the subject codes mention the same subject name i.e. “Foundation Course in English – 1”. Just wanted to be sure if both subject codes are the same one or not.
    Thank you

  9. sir/mam, please upload BPSE 212 and (ESO14 english) i have been waiting for a very long time for these two study materials, now i am trying to them from net as well but they are not available to download too, how sad it is, how can i write my exam, oooh,!! Please help..

  10. please upload the following study materials in HINDI medium please

  11. Sir BA FINAL YEAR KA STUDENT mujhe apne study center se pata chala ki book post ke madayam se ghar bhej diya jayega kripya kare poori jankari den

  12. I am not finding the following study materials in the list.
    1. BSHF101
    2. BEGF 101
    3. FBG1
    please arrange to upload the same.


  14. Dear sir
    I had applied for BA ENGLISH this year but when the study materials arrived in received only BSHF101 and BEGF101. I also received NEV-001. I don’t think it’s part of my studies. When will I receive my other materials. I have yet to receive BEGF101 -102 and FEG2. please let me know.

  15. Hello sir
    Please upload BULE-5 and BULE-6
    I will always be grateful to you for your kind help.
    Thanks in advance

  16. Harsh Dev Prasad
    Enrolment No -166264727

    I want the study of my study material. Pls info me about my study books , when the books will be handed over to me…
    An early action is requested pls

  17. Please upload BSHF101- Foundation course in Humanities and social sciences + Foundation course in English BEGF101. Urgently please Sir…

  18. till i havenot received my BA 2nd yr study materials EHD3,EHD4,EHI1.how I will write my assignment.plz send.Enrollment no.165003060

  19. I have a doubt.
    Kiya begf101 or feg1 same book hai
    bpse212 or eps12 same book hai
    bshf101 or fhs1 same book hai
    Please please please help me guys

  20. please add BEGE-104 and BHIE. i am a visually impaired person and hence require this book in soft copy please if you can provide me. i will be very thankful to you.

  21. pls upload link for BRDE101(formally ERD1) I need this book sir
    plz upload this book as fast as possible plzz

  22. i want material of BEGA102 in english
    as soon as possible because i have to submit my assignment before 13

  23. Plz add brd101 also. Because text is not yet reached. We need to submitt our assignment this month itself . Kindly add it

  24. Sir plz upload bege 106 study material as soon as possible . I want to prepare for exam and not getting books

  25. Sir , I want to know after confirmation of admission what should I do next and how long I have to wait for ba first year books.

  26. Please upload BSWE4 ( introduction of family education ).
    Exam is coming…… we not get this study material yet.

  27. Sir,
    I could not fine BEGE 101 subject..could you please Upload the subject study material…I will be very very grateful..

  28. Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

    Please upload BEGA 001 subject in English medium asap if you can., as I have to give exams in December 2018.

    Thanks & Regards
    Chandni Ansari

  29. Sir, Please upload BEGE 104 study material and FST assignments of July2016-Jan2017, since i reside out of country i can only study through e-books. I need to give all the exams in Dec by any means. it’ll be my last chance. Please help. Thanks.

  30. Sir what is difference between BPSE 212 and EPS 12. In ignou previous year paper site i found these two subject paper with same name goverment and indian politics . But paper same questions doesn’t match. Pls explain sir what is happing.

  31. i have enrolled myself for BA in Psychology in july 2018 batch. my course name is not mentioned in egyankosh. can you please help me with the course code to download the study material ??

  32. Dear sir,
    I am 2nd year dbp student, sir i want a link to download BULE002. I not found in your site so plzzz upload or give me the link..

  33. Dear sir/mam सभी की किताबें आ गई मेरी किताबे नही आई मेरा रोल नंबर 185694911 है

  34. BRDE 101 NOT Available

    No book available
    My roll number 185694911 vijay kumar
    Sirsa haryana
    Prem nager near charch sirsa 125055

  35. Hello sir……
    Mujhe BSHF 101 KI BOOK HINDI MEDIUM me chahiye…..
    BECE 2 KI BHI BOOK Hindi medium ki chahiye plz provide this book……

  36. Sir plz send me B.A books still now also not received by me. Sir my name satish atp district. my enrollment number 189265966. You gave me delivery date is 9-december-18 but today is 28-december-18.still too it was not delivered. I am not understand what is the problem.

  37. i have not received my books for B.A. SEM/YEAR – 2. Also i donot found my course details in ODIA medium. my course codes are FST1 , EHI3 , EHI4 and BHDE101. I need the FST1 , EHI3 , EHI4 courses in odia languge. Please help me to find the same.

  38. Plz upload BRDE-101 (HINDI) for July 2018 session study material for BA 2 nd year in hindi …. because IGNOU did not sent the books at address ….it is required for assignment .because last date for submission is 31 March 19

  39. please upload brde101 in hindi medium. because I have not received my books for BA 2nd year ….because IGNOU did not send the books at address ….it is required for assignment. because last date for submission is 31 March 19.

  40. I m ba final student mre subject bpy11 and bpy 12 ki book ignou vlo n kha ki ap ki book post k liye nikal gi h apne area h post office s pta kro bt vla pr to 2 sal se koi ignou ki book hi ni ati h or is subject k help book bi ni h hindi m to m kiya kru plz mje puri information de

  41. Sir Please upload the assignment for the subject BSWE-101.It is in my course but in assignment page of ignou this is not available.

  42. I am Tarun kumar.
    I many sent to mail related study material but any one response you so please tell me BA in hindi study material information.

  43. Sir please
    Upload BSHF 101,BEGF 101,EPS11,BRDE101
    In oriya language
    That can easy to read it.there are issue for non Hindi/English student

  44. where is BECE 15 elementary mathematical methods in Economics…? why there isn’t available ? guide cant understand i need study materials….please upload

  45. Hi
    Where is psychology material?????
    Not even BOOKS arrived…….
    PLZ Upload the material to download .

  46. Cannot Find the Download Link for The Following :-

    BEGLA 135 English in Daily Life
    BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies

    Any body knows it ..Please help

  47. kindly upload BPSC131,BEGLA135,BSKC131,BEVAE181 I’m finding it very hard to figure out as what to download on egyankosh as don’t have proper information about syllabus . please do upload these mentioned subjects , so that it would be easy for us to study at proper time.thank you

  48. Dear sir, please upload BAG assignment and books.i cant find books and assignment regarding this BAG programm..i always grateful to you if u provide information regarding this matter..

  49. sir my course code is – bhic131, bhdla135, bsoc131, bevae181
    sir mujhe ishke notes ya syllabus kab milege tell

  50. Respected Sir/Maa’m. I have not received my study materials(Books) i.e., Bachelor of Public Administration.Please, kindly sent me /upload it as soon as possible. It’s urgent! I need it for my Assignment and the coming examination preparation too.Thank you!

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