IGNOU BTCM Grade Card – All BTCM candidates from IGNOU University now check their Grade Card if they attend last session Term End Examination. BTCM – BTech Civil (Construction Management) Students now check their all subjects Grade Card by follow below link.

Get IGNOU BTCM Grade Card Now

BTCM Candidates have to click on above link and they go to the Main Section of Grade Card so you just click on your subject to checkout your IGNOU BTCM Grade Card. For checking your BTCM Grade Card keep your Nine Digit Enrolment Number with you and you can get print out of Card for future reference.

BTCM Grade Card Details:

In BTCM Grade Card, you can check all of your Assignment marks which you submit before appear in Exam, Your BTCM Theory Term End Exam and Term End practical Exam (If required).

If you got required minimum marks then you status show in Grade Card as “Completed” or if you fail to get Minimum marks in subject then status will show as “Not completed” in that case you have to appear for Re-Test for this BTCM Subject.

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