IGNOU BTS Assignments 2021-22

IGNOU BTS Assignments January – July 2021 – IGNOU University has uploaded their current session Assignment of BTS Programme for the session year 2021-22. Students of the BTS Programme can now download Assignment questions from this page. Candidates have to compulsory download those assignments to get a permit of attending the Term End Exam of the IGNOU BTS Programme.

We also advise you to all BTS programme that after downloading you will get the assignments of each course of your BTS programme. You have to create every assignment separate so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily check your Assignment.

Programme Code: BTS

Programme Name: Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies)

Session: January 2021 – July 2021

List of IGNOU BTS Assignment 2021-22

List of IGNOU BTS Assignment 2020-21

Each question has a different marking and it will be printed on each question. Candidates must write the solution to all questions which are written in the BTS assignment file. BTS Students have to submit each course’s assignments to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. You have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

IGNOU BTS Assignment Submission Last Date for 2021-22

For July 2020 session:

  • TS-1: 15th October 2020
  • TS-2: 15th April 2021
  • TS-3: 15th October 2020
  • TS-4: 15th October 2020
  • TS-5: 15th April 2021
  • TS-6: 15th April 2021
  • TS-7: 15th April 2021

For Jan 2021 session:

  • TS-1: 15th April 2021
  • TS-2: 15th October 2021
  • TS-3: 15th April 2021
  • TS-4: 15th April 2021
  • TS-5: 15th October 2021
  • TS-6: 15th October 2021
  • TS-7: 15th October 2021

For July 2021 session:

  • TS-1: 15th October 2021
  • TS-2: 15th April 2022
  • TS-3: 15th October 2021
  • TS-4: 15th October 2021
  • TS-5: 15th April 2022
  • TS-6: 15th April 2022
  • TS-7: 15th April 2022

Where to Submit BTS Assignments?

If you have completely solved your assignment you have to submit their IGNOU Assignment to the coordinator of study centre which allotted to you at the time of admission. And also get receipt for submission of BTS Assignments.

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  1. Hi I am David studying BTS want to know which year assignment I should submit 2017 or 2018 getting confused. Please help me

    1. Hi David, if you have enrolled for 2018 session, it is quite obvious you need to do the assignment of 2018 instead of 2017. 2018 session starts on January and June respectively. As per your query, it looks to me you have registered for 2018 first session ie January. Therefore in short you need to do the assignment of 2018 . However if you still have doubts you may check with your center whereby you have enrolled. In the meanwhile of utilizing your precious time, suggest go through the books contents in detail and underline the key points as reference, as this will help you handy at the time of preparing your assignments.

      Good Luck and Best Wishes

  2. Hi, I am Sanjay studying BTS program (1st year) and want to know about assignments ( TS1, TS2) of 2017-18 session. I couldn’t find it on your website page.

    1. Assignment Of the july session 2018
      U can download from here.
      i mean upar update h 👆
      u can download

      1. Sir main 2019 July mein gyandeep projects BTS 3 ke liye admission liya aur abhi jo July 2020 mein jo exam honge uske liye kaun sa assignment likha jaega lekin Hindi medium ka assignment abhi website per dikhai nahin de raha kripya karke Meri madad Karen

  3. I took admission in january session. But my books are not dispatched and my study center also communicate with me in the month of april 10th. So how could i submit the assignment within april 15?

  4. I couldn’t submit my assignments of BTS 1st year session January 2018 on 15th April.So please can you inform me when I could submit it again.Thank you.

  5. Hello sir..

    Sir. BTS second year may (PTS-4 and PTS -5) ke assignments kese banane hoge.i mean unke andar kya matter likhna hoga kyo ki unke assiments kisi site pr mile he nahe rahe isly may bohot confused hu..

    sir plz suggest me ke unke andar muje kya matter likhna chahea.

    or ye dono assignments bhi or assignments ke taraha he banege ya inme kuch diffrent krna hoga kyo ke inke names ke aage project kr ke kuch likha hua hai..( project on indian culture etc…

    sir please suggest me the solution..

  6. HELLO…. sir/ma’am
    I have taken admission in session july 2017 , so when will i’ve to submit my assignments .
    Probably on 15 oct , i’m little bit confused.
    Can you explain me…?

  7. Hye i m july 2018 session student of bts. Kindly tell me how do i upload assignment for session july 2018. is jan. 2018 assignment and july 2018 assignment are similar ?

  8. Sir, January session ke assignment September Me submit hone h questions me kch changes hue hai ky please help

  9. I got my study material on 14th of June. So Hwz is it possible to submit assignment before 15th of april.??? And for exam form also i did’nt got any notification.??

  10. Sir question paper vahi rahega jo June wale students Ka tha sir please question paper ke link bhi send kr dijiye please

  11. Hello sir/ma’am
    I’M Akash. I took admission in july session 2017 and i didn’t submit my assignment & i couldn’t apear for the Examination in 2018.
    That’s why in 2018 on December I’ll apear for the examination.
    But I’m little bit confused ?
    In which year of assignment i have to submit 2017 or 2018.
    Plz help me

    1. Dear Sir/Madam
      Warm Regards,
      I took Admission in BTS course (IGNOU) in session July 2019, My doubt is which assignment I’m supposed to download either 2019 -20 or 2020 -2021.

  12. Hello sir/mam I have taken admission for july 2018 session and i still didn’t get books materials and also I didn’t get information about assignments so would you please tell me that what I actually have to do

  13. Can someone help me with Total no. Of assignment for bts first year …..
    because on website its showing ts1 ans ts2 only…..what abt feg1 bshf 101 …?

  14. I took admission in ignou BTS programme
    July 2018 session
    When I will submit assignments
    In which month tell me sir,
    I didnt get study material of BTS
    3 month has completed
    What did i
    Where from I will receive study material

  15. When will i get my assignment for the month of July 2018 and i did not still received my books till now at my address?

  16. I m tejasvi. Took bts programme in july 2018 session.. But the scene is ts-1 papers are uploaded just 7to 8 days before and i have got the study material in month of December… And they have told to submit the ts-1 on 15 april 2018.. Howz it possible… Totally confused

  17. Dec jan and jun july sessions dono ke assignment ques same hote hai na, leaving ts1 and ts2 as they r major subjects
    Please clear this confusion as i enrolled in 2017 jun july session but could not complete my exams in 2018 dec, so now i wish to do it by submitting 2019 assignments.. and giving exams in dec 2019.
    What would you advice?

  18. The uploaded assignments for BTS 2019 are only TS1 & TS2, when will the other subjects be uploaded? BSHF 101. BEGF 101, FEG 102??

  19. Hi I’m Deepak I’ve given first year exam in 2018 December. Now I want to give exam on December so do I need to summit assignment in April or other date?

  20. I registered in BTS in Jan 2019 but for June tee exam …exam form shows only 3 subjects to appear and ts 1 and ts2 is not there….is I am eligible for June 2019 exam or not……

  21. hlw i m Bikash Imphal and i m studying bts july session 2018 and i have confuse about the assignment . can u share the points.Thank u.

  22. Hi, This is David. Can I submit all assignments at one goal. I’ve TS04 was to be submitted on 15th April and I did not know about. All the remaining assignment is to be submitted on 15th October. Is it possible that I can submit my assignment (TS04) on 15th October ?

  23. Hi, i m Roushan . Student of BTS-2019 with Hindi Medium. My study center is GLA College, Medininagar, Palamau.
    I am attending my class.
    According to syllabus, I have got five Subjects
    English will be in English but rest of three subjects are in Hindi medium (which i have chose).
    How can i prepare Assignment all of the Subjects?
    Plz help me !

    1. Hi….Good morning
      Please bro some help me too find BTS first year assignment solution
      I have also need solution in hindi but it’s not got
      So please help me

  24. I want to know if the optional subjects selected like BEGE103 and others have assignments to be written , if yes, can i know where it can be downloaded for the current session as I am not able to get the assignment .

  25. I wanted to know if the assignment for July session. Is same as the Jan session?? Do students have different assignment to do? Is it different assignments of july seesikn and January session?

  26. I am searching for my 2nd semester BTS assignment question paper. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one in the assignment list provided by IGNOU. I am preparing for Year-end exams for my 2nd semester.

  27. Hi,I’m sonu Kumari,bts student,July 2019 session .mujhe FEG2 k assignment nai mil kaha se download kru. Plz suggest me.

  28. Hi,

    I had enrolled in BTS 2017 June session but I did submit any assignments or appeared for any exams .I am planning to submit all
    my assignments in April 2020 .So do I need to submit assignments of latest session for all the years ?


  29. HI
    I have enroll for BTS JUNE 19,i can see TS1 & TS2 assignments online,but I have not received books for the same .
    Also could you let me know whats is exact date for all assignments.

  30. Hi
    I have enroll for BTS JANUARY 20.
    I can’t see any assignments in hindi medium of : TS1, TS2, BSHF-101, BHDF-101 in ignou assignments.
    I can’t see BEGF101 (English) assignment.
    AS SOON AS POSSIBLE plz. upload all assigments in 2020.

  31. sir
    i have taken admission in january session 2020 in BTS i want to know the assignment process which subjects for june session to be done and what subject assignment to be submitted

  32. Hi rakesh here, and i am a BTS student and I’ve to submit my final year project which is PTS – 6.
    Can you please tell me the process of submitting the project these days.

    Thank you,
    Rakesh Sharma

  33. respected sir,
    I have taken admission in bts course in july 2019 and i am confused which assignment i should submit to you as there is for 2019 and 2020 both available.

  34. Hi, Mungyathei here,and I’m a BTS student
    I enrolled last year 2019 session but I have yet to submit any assignments since last year till now so do I have to submit last year assignments or this year assignments please reply

    1. Bro same concern here
      I admitted in 2018 but still I am never submitted single assignments for any year but now I wanted to submit all year assignments in one go so what to do and what assignment choose to submit is it for constantly year or I can choose for this year only
      Please help on this

  35. Dear Sir/maam
    I took admission in BTS April 2021 when have to submit my assignments and want to know the time of exam please help me out

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