IGNOU CCITSK Re Admission – If you fail to complete your CCITSK programme with prescribed max time duration then you can take re admission in CCITSK programme to complete your study. Candidates have to follow short re admission procedure for it to complete their CCITSK programme.

What is CCITSK Re-Admission?

First of all we like to introduce about CCITSK re admission facility in IGNOU University. There are many of the students who already take admission in IGNOU CCITSK before few time or year and fail to complete their study for unknown reason then they have option to take re admission for complete their remaining study with additional time period. Candidates have to pay fees for it on the basis of pro rata fees structure to take re admission in remaining year or incomplete programme of CCITSK.

Short Introduction of CCITSK:

Full Name: Certificate in Communication and IT Skills

Maximum Course Duration: 2 Years

When CCITSK Re-Admission permissible?

  • If you fail to complete your CCITSK programme in maximum time duration
  • If candidate fail to register for any year or semester
  • If candidate fail to pay full programme fees for CCITSK

When CCITSK Re-Admission Open?

Mostly Re-admission for CCITSK is open with general admission session so once admission cycle is announced by university for Jan or July session then candidates can submit their CCITSK Re Admission Form to university with requested fees and before due date.

IGNOU CCITSK Re-Admission Procedure:

If you already take decision to take re admission in CCITSK programme then you can download Re-Admission form from online through our given link. You can also collect Re admission form from nearest IGNOU Regional centre at where CCITSK programme is offered.

Click for IGNOU CCITSK Re-Admission Form

Re-Admission Fees for CCITSK Programme:

  • Rs. 4500 (Full programme fees)
  • Rs. 2250 per course

(On the basis of Pro-rata fees structure)

CCITSK Re-Admission Validity:

IGNU CCITSK Re Admission is valid up to 6 Months from the time of taking admission for remaining semester/year or course so candidates have to complete their study with given duration.

IGNOU University may change their pro rate fees for CCITSK Re Admission at anytime and students will be informed once any changes will be made in fees or its procedure.

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