IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal (awarded Degree/Diploma in 33rd Convocation)

IGNOU Online Registration for Degree Delivery Portal – IGNOU has come up with a portal lately for online registration for degree delivery portal for those students who have not received their original certifications yet. Students can visit the official website of IGNOU to know more details about the registration and get the registration done on time so that they can apply for their original certifications soon.

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Each year lakhs of students get registered in IGNOU for different programs and get certified from the university. In such a situation, while most of the students get their certification, there are also some others who do not receive the certifications for several possible reasons. If you are such a student who has completed your course but have not yet received your certification, you should apply for the online registration and get your original certificate at the earliest.

It is quite logical that having a certificate for your program is required so that you can show it on your resume for your career options. Do not worry if your certificate from IGNOU has not come up yet. Just apply on the online registration for the certificate so that you can get it this time for sure.

IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal

IGNOU arranged for its 33rd convocation on the 17th of February in the year 2020. During this convocation, students who have completed their degree and diploma during December 2018 and June 2019 were awarded their certifications. The certifications of the students passing out in Bachelors, Masters, Postgraduate Diploma, and Diploma were sent to the respective Regional Centres of the students. Now the Regional Centres have either awarded the students through a convocation event or have sent the certificates to the students through the post.

There were also some certificates that were directly sent to the students from the Headquarters of IGNOU. These were certificates of the students who have completed their Certificate Programme or Post Graduate Certification Programme.

But it has been noticed that many of the students have not yet received their certifications even when they have completed their degrees and diplomas by the mentioned tenure of December 2018 and June 2019. Such students can now apply through online registration on the website of IGNOU to receive their deserved certificates.

Instructions for Online Registration

IGNOU has mentioned several instructions that the students have to follow while applying online for the online registration of their certification.

  • Only those students can apply for this online registration process who have completed their program by December 2018 or June 2019.
  • Students have to apply only through this online registration format to receive their certification.
  • Students who wish to get certification for their Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Diploma, ad Post Graduate Diploma have to submit a fee for the certificate (if not paid earlier). This fee is not applicable for the students who are applying for the certification in Certificate Programme and PG Certificate Programme.
  • Students should first collect information about their certification at their respective Regional Centres before applying for the certification.
  • Students who have questions regarding the certificates of Post Graduate courses and Certificate Programmes can send their queries to the IGNOU headquarters directly through email at convocation@ignou.ac.in.

Steps to Register for Portal

If you are someone who has not received your certification yet, you should immediately apply online for the certification. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to apply for the registration process of the certification.

Step – 1 – Visit the portal https://sedservices.ignou.ac.in/idms/ and tick the box at the end of the page after going through all the instructions, and click on the option of I Agree and Proceed.

Step – 2 – On the same page at the bottom, you will have to select from the programme for which you want the certification like Degree/Diploma or Certificate.

Step – 3 – As you select the programme type, you will be taken to another page.

Step – 4 – Here, you have to click on the “New Student Registration” to get your registration done first.

Step – 5 – As you click on Registration, you will come upon another page where you have to provide your details such as enrolment number and other details to get yourself registered.

Step – 6 – After the registration is done, you need to login by offering your enrolment number and password.

Step – 7 – After you have logged in, you have to provide the important details that are asked on the page.

Step – 8 – Now you have to upload the required documents such as your IGNOU ID card, and grade card in JPG format that should not be of size more than 100 KB.

Step – 9 – If you are a student of Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Diploma Programmes, or Post Graduate Diploma Programmes, you also have to make a fee payment next (if not paid earlier).

Step – 10 – After completing all the procedures, do not forget to take a print of the acknowledgment of the registration.

Payment for Online Registration

IGNOU has stated clearly two categories. The students who are looking for certificates in Certificate Programmes and Post Graduate Certificate Programmes do not have to pay any kind of fee for the online registration. But other students who have not received their certificates in Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Diploma Programmes, and Post Graduate Diploma Programmes need to apply with fee payment of Rs. 600/-.

Students can make the fee payment through different online modes such as the debit card or credit card of any bank. Also, you can make payment through the option of internet banking.

The registration will get completed only after you have made this fee payment. Make sure that you take a print of the acknowledgment as proof that you have made the payment towards IGNOU and have got registration done for your certificate.

After you have completed the registration, soon you will get notified about the next convocation where you will get your certification. While for some programs, the certificates will be distributed in a convocation event, for some other programs, the authorities will send the certificates directly to the candidates through the post.

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