IGNOU MAH Syllabus

IGNOU MAH Syllabus Structure – Find Current and Latest Syllabus Structure of MAH Programme here. You can check each and every course which you will have to study in MAH – Master of Arts (History) programme. Now IGNOU has implemented credit system in MAH Syllabus. So each and every course has different credits, you can check it all.

IGNOU MAH Candidates can find their Syllabus by semester wise or annual wise which currently follow by university. So that you can get MAH syllabus information easily and we write simply so that you can understand each structure.

MAH Latest Syllabus Structure:

1st Year  
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 MHI-01  Ancient and Medieval Societies  8
 MHI-02  Modern World  8
 MHI-03  Historiography  8
 MHI-04  Political Structures in India  8
2nd Year  
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 MHI-05  History of Indian Economy  8
 MHI-06  Evolution of Social Structures in India through the Ages  8
 MHI-08  History of Ecology and Environment: India  8
 MPSE-003  Western Political Thought  4
 MPSE-004  Social and Political Thought in Modern India  4

University use latest IGNOU Syllabus in their faculty of MAH and it removes old syllabus if need. IGNOU may change or update MAH Syllabus at any time they want so we work to provide latest syllabus structure to our MAH Candidates for their study.

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