IGNOU PGDIBO Syllabus – Candidates can find latest session Syllabus Structure for PGDIBO Programme from here. IGNOU New PGDIBO Syllabus is available with credit system in which each of the courses is given appropriate credit. IGNOU has implemented credit system in PGDIBO courses which is useful for course selection at the time of taking admission and for re registration.

PGDIBO Candidates have to choose their required credit courses at every semester or at every year to complete their PGDIBO (Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations) Programme. There are many courses available for PGDIBO course selection in which some of as a compulsory course and some of as an optional course.

PGDIBO Current Syllabus:

Course Code    Course Name Credits
 IBO-1  International Business Environment 1
 IBO-2  International Marketing Management 1
 IBO-3  India’s Foreign Trade 1
 IBO-4  Export-Import Procedures and Documentation 1
 IBO-5  International Marketing Logistica 1
 IBO-6  International Business Finance 1

IGNOU University is working regular to revise its Syllabus of IGNOU PGDIBO on the basis of future scope and removes its old syllabus. IGNOU may change or update PGDIBO Syllabus at any time they need so we work to provide latest syllabus structure to our PGDIBO candidates for their study.

13 thoughts on “IGNOU PGDIBO Syllabus”

  1. I have taken January 2018 batch in pgdibo. Total 6 subjects can i give 3 subjects in june term and rest 3 in December.

    1. Hi! I have joined this year in Hyderabad. Do you have old material? I want old study material, can pay for it.

  2. I have recently got admission in PGDIBO course
    I want to ask that can I appear for all six subjects in December?? If yes, then by September 30 I need to submit all the assignments?? Plz guide me regarding this..!!

    1. i have also enrolled in jan 2019 pgdibo. I am still researching about the course details but as far as i have uncovered, i think there is only 1 long sem . we have 6 assignments , 1 for each subject that carries 30% weightage and are required to be submitted before mid sept at the regional center. passing these will make us eligible for exams which will conducted in dec in the regional center . results come by feb . that is all that i know as of yet . i think they will let us know in detail at the introductory class which will be held in march at the regional center.

  3. Hi, I want to opt for this course. Could anyone please help me with the course detail and last date of registration.

  4. Hi Sir

    I have enrolled this course on september 2019. Still I have not received any course material. Also I have not received any intimation
    about classes, Tests and Materials. I am keep chasing the local study centre

    Please advise


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