Over 76% of students preferred online exams over the offline exams at the doorstep of TEE Dec 2020: IGNOU Exam Survey 2021

New Delhi, February 1, 2021: Over 76% of students are preferred to choose the online method during the COVID-19 pandemic to appear in the upcoming Term-end exam Dec 2020 in the month of Feb 2021, according to the IGNOU exam survey 2021.

The IGNOU Exam Survey 2021 was conducted from January 7, 2021, to January 28, 2021, and witnessed a total of 3010 participants answer 10 questions.

IGNOUHelp has also analyzed that how online classes and lockdown affect the studies of IGNOU students.

Online vs Offline Exam: Given the pandemic situation, as per the survey, a total of 76.26% admitted to preferring online exams while the rest still found offline modes suitable.

Re-schedule of Exam: Since exams were also re-scheduled, it had a majority of 59.33 % satisfied with them, but the remaining 40.67% were not satisfied.

Further Postponement of Exam: 2020 was very close to being a zero year, however, it did not. None the less, when quizzed on the reaction upon further delay in the exams, a majority of 63.37 % believe that their degree will be affected/delayed while the remaining are fine by it.

Study during a pandemic: Though everyone was staying home and studying from the comfort of their houses, not everyone had it easy. As per the survey, 65.35 % found it difficult to prepare for their exams during COVID-19 while 27.8 % found it easy. The remaining, however, found it extremely easy to get through.

Reduction in Exam syllabus: As for the syllabus reduction, the survey revealed that a total of 83.46 % want it while the remaining, about 400 plus students, don’t.

Type of Exam: Meanwhile, questions asked in the examination have varied for everyone, but maximum students feel they should be MCQ-based (51.55 %), 19.34% believe they should be subjective and the rest are fine by either of them.

Effect on Online Exam: Meanwhile, online exams have been in fact received with a mixed response and as per the online survey, about 70.22% of the total feel that they may negatively affect the results.

Cons of Online Exam:  In addition, as for fraudulent activities during the exams, about 60.44% feel that online exams minimize them while 39.56% feel otherwise.

The future of examinations: Many have been constantly saying how online examinations might soon take over after all, however, a majority of students of 52.39% feel that they are both important depending on the situation. Over 31.33%, on the other hand, feel that they might take over after all while 16.28% feel it is close to impossible for that to happen.

The real experience of Exam: Finally, the survey also positively inferred that online/remote exams are better than those offline at the centre with a ratio of 59.73% versus 40.27% respectively.

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