IGNOU BMIT Syllabus Structure – Find Current and Latest Syllabus Structure of BMIT Programme here. You can check each and every course which you will have to study in BMIT – Bachelor / B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology programme. Now IGNOU has implemented credit system in BMIT Syllabus. So each and every course has different credits, you can check it all.

IGNOU BMIT Candidates can find their Syllabus by semester wise or annual wise which currently follow by university. So that you can get BMIT syllabus information easily and we write simply so that you can understand each structure.

BMIT Latest Syllabus Structure:

First Year  
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 BAHI031  Basics of Radiological Physics  8
 BAHI032  Radiographic Imaging  8
 BOS001  Communicative English  4
 BOS 002  Computer Skills  4
 BOS0 03  Basic Human Science  8
Second Year  
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 BAHI 036  Hospital practice & Care of patient  8
 BAHI0 51  Basic Physics of Radiological Equipment-I  8
 BA HI053  Radiographic Technique for Routine Procedures  8
 BAHI0 54  Care of Patients for Radio Diagnostic Procedures  8
Third Year  
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 BAHI055  Radiographic Technique for Special Procedures  8
 BAHI056  Advance Physics of Radiological Equipment – II  8
 BAHI057  Quality Assurance and Radiation Protection in Radiology  8
 BAHI 044  Administration and Management  8
Fourth Year  
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 BAHI046  Teaching methods  8
 BAHI 045  Basics of Research Methodology and Biostatistics  8
 BAHL061  Internship/dissertation  16

University use latest IGNOU Syllabus in their faculty of BMIT and it removes old syllabus if need. IGNOU may change or update BMIT Syllabus at any time they want so we work to provide latest syllabus structure to our BMIT Candidates for their study.

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