What are the Best Career Options after 12th? A Complete Guide

What are the Best Career Options after 12th? – Today, there is a pool of opportunities to take a dive into. Most importantly, today students do not have to compromise their interests and can opt for any career option that they have dreamt of. But even though there are so many options to talk about, the question still remains the same at the end of the day for many students. What are the career options after the 12th? If you are someone who is also confused and is looking for answers, this article is absolutely for you.

Do you remember the time how earlier parents used to force kids to get pursue higher education just in the Science stream? The scenario is quite different today because students can decide on their own and can choose from a wide number of career options available.

Of course, joining any Government job is the most commonly desired choice. But apart from applying for Government jobs, there are many other career opportunities that you can go for depending upon the stream that you have actually selected. If you are someone who is about to pass 12th and is looking for the right career opportunity, here are some potential options to go for.

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What are the Career Options after 12th?

Career Options after 12th Science

There are several career options that you can choose from if you have opted for the Science stream.

  • Doctor

Each year the healthcare industry welcomes many fresh students who want to proceed in the career of medicine. If you wish to proceed in the healthcare sector, you need to make sure that you have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in your Class 12th. Also, you will have to clear the medical entrance exams such as NEET, AIIMS, and others so that you can seek admission to the best medical colleges. When you have opted for medical, either you can go for MBBS or can choose from different specializations such as dentistry, ophthalmic, and others.

  • ¬†Nurse

Apart from being a doctor, there are many individuals who wish to get into the career of being a nurse. A nurse is an extremely important person in any hospital. Whether it is about monitoring the health conditions of a patient or preparing the patient for a particular treatment or surgery, all these activities come under the responsibility of a professional nurse. To become a nurse, you have to pursue BSc after 12th and then have to choose nursing as your specialization.

  • Pharmacist

A lot of people get confused about different career options that are related to medical such as many people may confuse a doctor with a pharmacist. A doctor is someone who deals with the diseases of the patients while a pharmacist is someone who specializes in medicines. A pharmacist needs to have a thorough knowledge of all the compositions and medicines available in the market. Someone who wishes to get a career as a pharmacist will have to study B.Pharma after completing Class 12th in the Science stream.

  • Engineering

The next most famous career option after the medical field in the science stream is engineering. In order to pursue a career in engineering, you will have to get Mathematics surely in Class 12th along with Science subjects. After you have completed your Class 12th, you will have to appear for entrance tests such as the most common JEE. Then, students can take admitted to different engineering colleges according to the ranking gained in the entrance test. Similar to medical, students pursuing engineering also can choose their respective specializations such as mechanical, electrical, computer, and others.

  • Biomedical Engineer

Over the past few years, there are many new career options that have come up for the students in the Science stream such as Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical Engineering is a completely new field that solely depends upon technology. A Biomedical Engineer comes up with different technologies, devices, medicines, or equipment that are helpful in improving overall human health. Biomedical Engineering students can have a salary package between 3 LPA to 10 LPA.

  • Architecture

Students selecting the Science stream can go for some creative career opportunities also such as being an architect. You can opt for B.Arch to become an architect and have a salary package starting from Rs. 4 lakhs per annum.

  • Data Scientist

Data is an important element today and so data science has become an important career today. It is the responsibility of an expert data scientist to study different data, analyze them, and bring out an understanding that can be helpful in taking major decisions. If you want to become a data scientist, then you will have to pursue B.tech or any other IT degree.

  • Agricultural Scientist

A lot of students prefer to make their career in agriculture. Agricultural Scientists are those who study agricultural elements such as methods of food production and farming to come up with better ideas and solutions. Students who wish to do something in agricultural science need to choose from a wide range of specializations such as Agri-Botany, Agri-Chemistry, Agri-Biotechnology, Agri-Economic, and Social Forestry.

  • Pilot

Becoming a pilot is another great career that anyone can have in the Science stream. To become a pilot, you need to acquire a pilot license that you can do after qualifying for the NDA exam. Flying or navigating an airplane or a helicopter is a matter of huge responsibility. Hence, there are a lot of challenges that you need to face such as passing several medical tests, acquiring certifications such as DGCA, and so on.

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Career Options after 12th Commerce

While students studying in the Science stream have so many career options, there are also so many options available today for those individuals who are pursuing commerce after Class 12th.

  • Chartered Accountant

One of the most commonly famous career opportunities under the Commerce stream is Chartered Accountancy or CA. To pursue the course of CA, students need to apply for getting admission to the one and only ICAI. Once you have completed your course, you can start practicing a number of career options among which some of the common ones are that of a financial officer, an auditor, a tax consultant, or even an advisor.

  • Cost and Management Accountant

ICWAI is the place from where you need to get a degree in Cost and Management Accountants after completing your Class 12th in commerce stream. Once you have qualified for a degree in cost and management accountancy, a broad number of opportunities open in front of you that are beyond general accounting. Some of the specializations that you can choose after this course are cost auditing, cost consulting, certification, and many others.

  • Company Secretary

A lot of people aim at becoming a company secretary that offers them a great salary package of 4LPA to 20LPA. In order to get such a lucrative opportunity, you will have to get a degree in Company Secretary or CS course from a reputed institute. When you become a Company Secretary, you have to take responsibility for a number of things such as taking care of the regulatory functions and becoming a legal advisor for the firm.

  • MBA

Business Administration is a major course that a number of students are opting for today after Class 12th to avail several career opportunities. There are some individuals who pursue a BBA of 3 years after Class 12th after which they can get direct admission to an MBA degree. On the other hand, there are some other individuals who complete their graduation in B.Com and then appear for entrance tests such as CAT to get admission in the MBA course from some of the reputed Business Schools of the country. You can choose to specialize in different sectors for your MBA course such as Human Resources, Marketing, Event Management, and so on.

  • Economics

While a major chunk of society may underestimate students pursuing a degree in Economics, there are a lot of scopes available today for such students who have chosen Economics as their subject after Class 12th. Some of the special opportunities such as a stockbroker, merchandiser, and similar others are especially for those who have attained a degree in Economics. Also, students who have Economics have an upper hand over others in the preparation of exams such as the IAS and IPS.

Career Options after 12th Arts

Indian parents often consider the Arts to be the last option to go for. But trends have changed and this stream has been offering some of the most attractive and lucrative career opportunities to individuals today.

  • Law

If you are fascinated with the law and order and wish to take a dive into this world of black coats and white collars, then you should definitely go ahead with the LLB course after your Class 12th. While it takes an immense amount of dedication and practice to become a successful lawyer but once you have cracked your first case, you definitely have a great career ahead.

  • Fashion or Interior Designer

The next amazing career that an Arts student has is that of designing. It can be fashion designing as well as designing the interiors of houses. If you wish to get entry into the world of fashion and glamour, then you can pursue the Fashion Designing course from one of the top Fashion Designing institutes available. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to becoming an interior designer, you need to pursue a degree in Bachelors in Interior Designing.

  • Mass Communication

Mass Communication attracts a lot of Arts students each year to get admission in different specializations such as Journalism, Writing, Film making, photography, and so on. Noticing the demand, now there are ample universities offering mass communication courses to students who have just passed Class 12th.

  • Hotel Management

Hotel Management has been there for quite some time now and for many years a lot of students prepare to get admission to the top Hotel Management colleges. Once you have passed the course, you can apply for an internship in some of the top hotels like Marriot, Taj, and others to kick start your career.

  • Teaching

It is said that being a teacher is something that comes as a blessing. If you are also someone who wishes to become a teacher, you can pursue B.Ed and either appear for the exams for Government Teaching jobs or may appear in interviews for Private schools. But in order to get your B.Ed degree, you have to first complete your Bachelor in Arts degree after Class 12th.

Current Trending Career Option

Apart from the above-mentioned options, there are some amazing opportunities that are currently trending, mostly in the field of digital marketing.

We are living in a digital world currently. Hence, digital marketing is also a fantastic career option that students can have today. Once you complete your Class 12th, you can seek admission to a digital marketing course to choose from a wide number of specializations offered such as SEO, web designing, content creation, and others.

While these are some of the common career options that students aim for, the list does not just ends here. There are so many other options that you can go for such as becoming a Scientist, an Astronaut, an Artist, or a Cabin Crew.

If you compare the current time with the past, you will find that there are so many options available today that individuals may at times get confused. In such a case, if you do not have anything fixed in your mind yet, you can always get help from the career counselors just after Class 12th to grab hold of the right courses for a bright career ahead.

Career Options after 12th: FAQs

Q1. Which is the best career option after 12th?
Answer: There is now an enormous number of career opportunities available depending upon the stream that you select such as a Doctor, Engineer, CA, Lawyer, Teacher, and many more.

Q2. Which stream is best known for a great career option?
Answer: Still Today, the Science stream is said to be the king of all streams by seeing the great opportunities after completing education in its popular fields like Medical & Engineering. But there is no competition among the streams as different streams offer equally important career opportunities.

Q3. How to select the best career option after 12th?
Answer: If you are confused regarding the selection of a particular field, you can always get advice from a career counselor or choose your career according to your interest.

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