IGNOU Courses List 2024: Fee Structure, UG, PG, Diploma, Certificate

IGNOU Courses List 2024 – Indira Gandhi National Open University offers more than 300 courses through an open distance learning method and about 44 courses through an online method. IGNOU offers various courses under Bachelor, Master, Diploma, and Certificate level. IGNOU Courses are not just offered across Pan India but are also offered through the selected overseas countries. The university provides online as well as distance education to all candidates however the university is more focused on distance courses at the moment.

There are lakhs of candidates now enrolling in IGNOU every year and getting awarded various degree certificates at IGNOU Convocation. Gradually, candidates are now joining IGNOU to complete the various degree and certificate courses via distance education. There are a number of courses offered by IGNOU to which a student can take admission after completion of 10+2 or its equivalent. Furthermore, the university also offers many courses after graduation so students can explore the list of offered courses to choose the best course for their further study..

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IGNOU Courses List 2024

IGNOU offers courses in various fields and disciplines so that students can easily take admitted to the university and can complete their studies through distance learning successfully. Now, more and more candidates are getting their admission done in their interesting course of IGNOU to complete their studies with distance education. IGNOU has an objective to teach every student for their interesting subjects and courses. IGNOU constantly working on expanding the list of courses so that students can take admission and complete their studies in the interesting field in which they want to make their careers.

IGNOU Courses

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Candidates have a choice to get Admission to IGNOU in the January or July session for any of the interested programs. All candidates have the option to apply online if they don’t want to visit the IGNOU centre. We also recommend exploring IGNOU Prospectus in which you will get to know the latest academic programs offered by IGNOU University with their course structure.

IGNU has already covered the majority of courses in the list to provide maximum opportunities to all candidates. Candidates can find brief details of each course like eligibility, selection process, fees, and more things. Therefore, Candidates have to just click and start exploring our latest courses list to find out the best program for their further studies.

IGNOU Bachelor Degree Courses List 2024

IGNOU Bachelor’s Degree is the next step after completion of the Higher Secondary Examination or HSC from your state board or CBSE. As per the latest trends, the majority of students want to get admission to Bachelor’s Degree to continue their further studies after completion of higher secondary education. Bachelor’s Degree is a major and required degree certification to earn a Post Graduate Degree or Master’s Degree in the future.

Bachelor’s Degree is an Undergraduate level degree course in which its minimum duration is 3 years while its maximum duration is 6 years. There are two levels of bachelor’s degree available in IGNOU; honours (Major in IGNOU) and non-honours. For an honors degree, Candidates can specialize in a particular discipline (i.e. Hindi) while in the non-honours degree, candidates have to study selected courses from each discipline. Generally, 12th standard and 10th with a Diploma are considered for admission to a bachelor’s degree program.

Course Code Course Name Click To
BAAHD Bachelor of Arts (Applied Hindi) Know More
BAASK Bachelor of Arts (Applied Sanskrit) Know More
BAAUD Bachelor of Arts in Applied Urdu Know More
BAECH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics Know More
BAEGH Bachelor of Arts English (Honours) Know More
BAFSM Bachelor of Arts (Facility and Services Management) Know More
BAG Bachelor of Arts Know More
BAGS Bachelor of Arts (Gender Studies) Know More
BAHDH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Hindi Know More
BAHIH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) History Know More
BAJDM Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Digital Media) Know More
BAPAH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Public Administration Know More
BAPCH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology Know More
BAPFHMH Bachelor of Performing Arts – Hindustani Music (Honours) Know More
BAPSH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Political Science Know More
BASKH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sanskrit Know More
BASOH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sociology Know More
BAUDH Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Urdu Know More
BAVMSME Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Know More
BAVTM Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management Know More
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration Know More
BBARIL Bachelor of Business Administration (Retailing) Know More
BBASM Bachelor of Business Administration (Services Management) Know More
BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications Know More
BCom A&F Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance Know More
BCOMG Bachelor of Commerce Know More
BLIS Bachelor of Library and Information Science Know More
BSCAEY Bachelor of Science (Applied Science – Energy) Know More
BSCANH Bachelor of Science (Honours) Anthropology Know More
BSCBCH Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biochemistry Know More
BSCG Bachelor of Science Know More
BSWG Bachelor of Social Work Know More
BTS Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies) Know More

IGNOU Master Degree Courses List 2024

IGNOU Master’s Degree is a post-graduation level program and its minimum duration is 2 years while its maximum duration is 4 years so candidates have to complete their degree in the given time duration.

Let’s talk about its eligibility then the common eligibility of a Master’s Degree program is a Bachelor’s Degree program from a recognized institution. The eligibility criteria will vary in each course so candidates have to check their interested program’s eligibility criteria before applying for any of the course from IGNOU.

Course Code Course Name Click To
MAAE Master of Arts (Adult Education) Know More
MAAN Master of Arts (Anthropology) Know More
MAARB Master of Arts (Arabic) Know More
MACS Master of Science (Mathematics with Application in Computer Science) Know More
MACSR Master of Arts (Corporate Social Responsibility) Know More
MADE Master of Arts (Distance Education) Know More
MADJ Master of Arts (Development Journalism) Know More
MADP Master of Arts (Drawing and Painting) Know More
MADVS Master of Arts (Development Studies) Know More
MAEDU Master of Arts (Education) Know More
MAEOH Master of Arts (Environmental and Occupational Health) Know More
MAER Master of Arts (Entrepreneurship) Know More
MAEVS Master of Arts (Environmental Studies) Know More
MAFCS Master of Arts (Folklore and Culture Studies) Know More
MAFL Master of Arts (French) Know More
MAGD Master of Arts (Gender and Development Studies) Know More
MAGPS Master of Arts (Gandhi and Peace Studies) Know More
MAH Master of Arts (History) Know More
MAHN Master of Arts (Hindu Studies) Know More
MAHV Master of Arts (Hindi Vyavsayik Lekhan) Know More
MAJDM Master of Arts (Journalism and Digital Media) Know More
MAJEM Master of Arts (Journalism and Electronic Media) Know More
MAJMC Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) Know More
MAJY Master of Arts (Jyotish) Know More
MAMIDI Master of Arts Migration and Diaspora Know More
MAPC Master of Arts (Psychology) Know More
MAPY Master of Arts (Philosophy) Know More
MARD Master of Arts (Rural Development) Know More
MARUS Master of Arts (Russian) Know More
MASS Master of Arts (Sustainability Science) Know More
MATS Master of Arts (Translation Studies) Know More
MAUD Master of Arts (Urdu) Know More
MAUS Master of Arts (Urban Studies) Know More
MAVS Master of Arts (Vedic Studies) Know More
MAWGS Master of Arts (Women and Gender Studies) Know More
MBA Master of Business Administration Know More
MBAFM Master of Business Administration – Financial Management Know More
MBAHM Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management Know More
MBAMM Master of Business Administration – Marketing Management Know More
MBAOM Master of Business Administration – Operations Management Know More
MBF Master of Business Administration (Banking and Finance) Know More
MCA Master of Computer Applications Know More
MCom Master of Commerce Know More
MCom F&T Master of Commerce in Finance & Taxation Know More
MEC Master of Arts (Economics) Know More
MEG Master of Arts (English) Know More
MHD Master of Arts (Hindi) Know More
MLIS Master of Library and Information Sciences Know More
MPA Master of Arts (Public Administration) Know More
MPS Master of Arts (Political Science) Know More
MSc Analytical Chemistry Master of Science (Analytical Chemistry) Know More
MSc Biochemistry Master of Science (Biochemistry) Know More
MSc Chemistry Master of Science (Chemistry) Know More
MSc Geography Master of Science (Geography) Know More
MSc Geoinformatics Master of Science (Geoinformatics) Know More
MSc Physics Master of Science (Physics) Know More
MSc Zoology Master of Science (Zoology) Know More
MSCAST Master of Science (Applied Statistics) Know More
MSCCFT Master of Science (Counselling and Family Therapy) Know More
MSCDFSM Master of Science (Food Nutrition) Know More
MSCENV Master of Science (Environmental Science) Know More
MSCFSQM Master of Science in Food Safety and Quality Management Know More
MSCIS Master of Science (Information Security) Know More
MSCRWEE Master of Science (Renewable Energy and Environment) Know More
MSK Master of Arts (Sanskrit) Know More
MSO Master of Arts (Sociology) Know More
MSW Master of Social Work Know More
MSWC Master of Social Work (Counselling) Know More
MTTM Master of Tourism and Travel Management Know More

IGNOU Diploma Courses List 2024

IGNOU Diploma Courses are specially designed for those candidates who have recently completed their 10 + 2 standard from a respective state board or central board of India. The minimum time duration to complete a diploma course is 1 year and the maximum time duration of up to 3 years. Candidates have to complete their selected course within the given time frame to get their diploma certificate from IGNOU University to start their further studies or a job.

Candidates can choose their preferred diploma course according to their interest and their future studies. Some of the courses offered are based on the 10th standard while some of the courses require to have graduation degree. Choose the right course for your study to make your career and future brighter.

Course Code Course Name Click To
DAFE Diploma in HIV and Family Education Know More
DAPMER Diploma in Apparel Merchandising Know More
DAPMERA Diploma in Apparel Merchandising – Applied Know More
DAQ Diploma in Aquaculture Know More
DBPOFA Diploma in Business Process Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Know More
DCCN Diploma in Critical Care Nursing Know More
DCE Diploma in Creative Writing in English Know More
DDT Diploma in Dairy Technology Know More
DECE Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education Know More
DEVMT Diploma in Event Management Know More
DHORT Diploma in Horticulture Know More
DIPP Diploma in Paralegal Practice Know More
DIRIL Diploma in Retailing Know More
DMOP Diploma in Modern Office Practice Know More
DMT Diploma in Meat Technology Know More
DNA Diploma in Nursing Administration Know More
DNHE Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education Know More
DPLAD Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration and Development Know More
DPVE Diploma in Value Education Know More
DSCDM Diploma in Smart City Development and Management Know More
DTG Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language Know More
DTH Diploma in Theatre Arts Know More
DTS Diploma in Tourism Studies Know More
DUL Diploma in Urdu Language Know More
DVAPFV Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables Know More
DWED Diploma in Women‘s Empowerment and Development Know More
DWM Diploma in Watershed Management Know More

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma Courses List 2024

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma program is generally done after completion of graduation. A Post Graduate Diploma is a short time course then a master’s degree program. The only difference between a master’s degree and a post-graduate diploma is that a PG Diploma does not include a dissertation in its syllabus so you just need to submit the required assignments and appear in the theory exam to get a certification.

PG Diploma is the best option for those candidates who want to complete their post-graduation study in a short time rather than enrolling in 2 years master’s degree program.  For most PGD courses, candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent qualification are eligible to take admission. The minimum duration of a post-graduate diploma is 1 year and the maximum time duration is 4 years. PG Diploma is a perfect choice to enhance your career and for those who want to expand their knowledge.

Course Code Course Name Click To
PGDAB Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness Know More
PGDAC Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry Know More
PGDAIC Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Integrated Communication Know More
PGDAML Post Graduate Diploma in American Literature Know More
PGDAPP Post Graduate Diploma in Audio Programme Production Know More
PGDAST Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics Know More
PGDAW Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Welfare Know More
PGDBLT Post Graduate Diploma in British Literature Know More
PGDBP Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing Know More
PGDCA Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications Know More
PGDCFT Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy Know More
PGDCJ Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice Know More
PGDCOUN Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work Counselling Know More
PGDCSR Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility Know More
PGDDC Post Graduate Diploma in Development Communication Know More
PGDDE Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education Know More
PGDDM Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management Know More
PGDDVS Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies Know More
PGDECFE Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood and Foundational Stage Education Know More
PGDEMA Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration Know More
PGDEME Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Media Know More
PGDEML Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management & Law Know More
PGDEOH Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health Know More
PGDESD Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development Know More
PGDET Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology Know More
PGDEVS Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies Know More
PGDFCS Post Graduate Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies Know More
PGDFM Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management Know More
PGDFSQM Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management Know More
PGDGI Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics Know More
PGDGM Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine Know More
PGDGPS Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies Know More
PGDHE Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education Know More
PGDHHM Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management Know More
PGDHIVM Post Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine Know More
PGDHRM Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Know More
PGDIBO Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations Know More
PGDIDM Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Know More
PGDINDS Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety Know More
PGDIPR Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Know More
PGDIS Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security Know More
PGDISM Post Graduate Diploma in Services Management Know More
PGDLAN Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking Know More
PGDMCH Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health Know More
PGDMH Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Know More
PGDMIDI Post Graduate Diploma in Migration and Diaspora Know More
PGDMM Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management Know More
PGDNLEG Post Graduate Diploma in New Literatures in English Know More
PGDNOV Post Graduate Diploma in The Novel Know More
PGDOM Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management Know More
PGDPFHS Post Graduate Diploma in Population and Family Health Studies Know More
PGDPPED Post Graduate Diploma in Pre Primary Education Know More
PGDPSM Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales Management Know More
PGDRD Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development Know More
PGDSHST Post Graduate Diploma in Sindhi-Hindi-Sindhi Translation Know More
PGDSLM Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management Know More
PGDSS Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science Know More
PGDT Post Graduate Diploma in Translation Know More
PGDUPDL Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development Know More
PGDVS Post Graduate Diploma in Vastu Shastra Know More
PGDWGS Post Graduate Diploma in Women‘s & Gender Studies Know More
PGDWI Post Graduate Diploma in Writings from India Know More
PGDWM Post Graduate Diploma in Writings from the Margins Know More
PGJMC Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Know More
PGSKT Post Graduate Diploma in Sanskrit Sahitya mein Vigyan Know More

IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate Courses List 2024

Post Graduate Certificate program can be done after a graduation degree. Usually, candidates with a bachelor’s degree can do any postgraduate certificate course from IGNOU. Postgraduate certificate courses are shorter and have a minimum time duration of 6 months and a maximum time duration is 2 years.

PG Certificate is the best option to advance your qualification as well as beneficial for those candidates who have a less time for study or want to do other related certificate courses in the same field. Apart from a short duration, the PG certificate also has a short syllabus structure. The cost enroll in a postgraduate certificate is usually lower than other level courses.

Course Code Course Name Click To
PGCCL Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law Know More
PGCPP Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice Know More
PGCCC Post Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Know More
PGCGI Post Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics Know More
ACPDM Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management Know More
PGCAP Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy Know More
PGCAR Post Graduate Certificate in Anuvaad evam Rupantaran mein Snatakottar Pramanpatra Know More
PGCBHT Post Graduate Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation Know More
PGCGPS Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies Know More
PGCIATIVI Post Graduate Certificate in Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually Impaired Know More
PGCINDS Post Graduate Certificate in Industrial Safety Know More
PGCIPWS Post Graduate Certificate in Inventory Planning and Warehousing for Engineers Know More
PGCMDM Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE Disasters Know More
PGCMHT Post Graduate Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi Translation Know More

IGNOU Certificate Courses List 2024

IGNOU Certificate Courses are short-term courses. Many of the certificate courses are offered based on a matric passed or 10th passed from a recognized board. It can be completed with a minimum duration of 6 months while its maximum time duration is 2 years. The course structure is short as well and its fee also affordable so that any candidates can take admission to their interested program.

Furthermore, Certificate Courses help you to quickly change your careers. For example, if you are currently working as an accountant and you want to qualify for the job of a retail clerk then certificate courses in a related discipline can help you to qualify for a job of retail clerk.

Course Code Course Name Click To
ACE Appreciation Course on Environment Know More
ACISE Advanced Certificate in Information Security Know More
ACPSD Appreciation Course on Population and Sustainable Development Know More
APDF Awareness Programme on Dairy Farming Know More
CAFE Certificate in HIV and Family Education Know More
CAHC Certificate in Adolescent Health and Counseling Know More
CAHT Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking Know More
CAL Certificate in Arabic Language Know More
CAPMER Certificate in Apparel Merchandising Know More
CBKG Certificate in Bharatiya Kalaganana and Prabandha Know More
CBS Certificate in Business Skills Know More
CCH Certificate in Community Health Know More
CCITSK Certificate in Communication & IT Skills Know More
CCLBL Certificate in Co-operation, Co-operative Law & Business Laws Know More
CCOMO Certificate in Condition Monitoring Know More
CCP Certificate in Consumer Protection Know More
CCPD Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (Electrical Technicians) Know More
CCR Certificate in Community Radio Know More
CDM Certificate in Disaster Management Know More
CES Certificate in Environmental Studies Know More
CESEIVI Certificate in Early Childhood Special Education Enabling Inclusion-Visual Impairment Know More
CETM Certificate in Energy Technology and Management Know More
CFAID Certificate in First Aid Know More
CFDE Certificate in Fashion Design Know More
CFE Certificate in Functional English (Basic Level) Know More
CFL Certificate in French Language Know More
CFN Certificate in Food and Nutrition Know More
CGAS Certificate in Gender, Agriculture and Sustainable Development Know More
CGCA Certificate in Geriatric Care Assistance Know More
CGDA Certificate in General Duty Assistance Know More
CGL Certificate in German Language Know More
CGSCI Certificate in Gender and Science Know More
CGSL Certificate in Gender in Law Know More
CHBHC Certificate in Home Based Health Care Know More
CHCWM Certificate in Health Care Waste Management Know More
CHHA Certificate in Home Health Assistance Know More
CHR Certificate in Human Rights Know More
CIB Certificate in Beekeeping Know More
CIG Certificate in Guidance Know More
CIHL Certificate in International Humanitarian Law Know More
CIS Certificate in Sericulture Know More
CIT Certificate in Information Technology Know More
CJL Certificate in Japanese Language Know More
CKLC Certificate in Korean Language & Culture Know More
CLIS Certificate in Library and Information Science Know More
CLTA Certificate Programme on Life and Thought of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Know More
CMAD Certificate in Mobile Application Development Know More
CMCHN Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing Know More
CNCC Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care Know More
CNIN Certificate in Newborn and Infant Nursing Know More
CNM Certificate Programme in NGO Management Know More
COF Certificate in Organic Farming Know More
CPABN Certificate in Performing Arts Bharatanatyam Know More
CPAHM Certificate in Performing Arts Hindustani Music Know More
CPAKM Certificate in Performing Arts Karnatak Music Know More
CPATHA Certificate in Performing Arts – Theatre Arts Know More
CPDT Certificate in Professional Development of Teachers Know More
CPEL Certificate in Persian Language Know More
CPF Certificate in Poultry Farming Know More
CPHA Certificate in Phlebotomy Assistance Know More
CPLT Certificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques Know More
CPSCM Certificate in Peace Studies and Conflict Management Know More
CPVE Certificate Programme in Value Education Know More
CPY Certificate Programme in Yoga Know More
CRD Certificate in Rural Development Know More
CRUL Certificate in Russian Language Know More
CSANKALP Certificate in Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion Know More
CSCDM Certificate in Smart City Development and Management Know More
CSLC Certificate in Spanish Language & Culture Know More
CSWATT Certificate in Solid Wastes Treatment Techniques Know More
CSWCJS Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System Know More
CSWM Certificate in Solid Waste Management Know More
CTE Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language Know More
CTPM Certificate Programme in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics Know More
CTRBS Certificate in Tribal Studies Know More
CTS Certificate in Tourism Studies Know More
CUL Certificate in Urdu Language Know More
CVAA Certificate in Visual Arts – Applied Art Know More
CVAP Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting Know More
CVG Certificate in Vedic Ganit Know More
CWHM Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management Know More
SSB Certificate in (Communicative Sanskrit) Saral Sanskrit Bodh Know More

IGNOU Courses Time Duration

Every course has a different time duration which is indicated on the page of every program. Generally, IGNOU certificate courses have a short duration of time which can be completed in 6 months while bachelor’s degree courses have a long time duration with a minimum of 3 years of duration. IGNOU offers an opportunity for all students to complete degree courses with an additional certificate program. It means a candidate will get two certificates at the end of the degree course.

How To Search IGNOU Course?

You can now explore the list of courses easily by searching your interesting program from the list to make the procedure faster and simpler to know all about your program. we have categorized the list of courses to make it easier for students to find their courses from the list.

How Do I Choose a Course in IGNOU?

Candidates have to choose their field according to their current education qualifications and interests. If you already completed 10+2 then you can go for a Bachelor’s degree program. If the candidate already has a graduation or bachelor’s degree then they can start their further studies with a master’s degree. You can click any above categories in which you want to get details about all programs. We always recommend choosing the course only after discussion with a qualified person and after researching all about your course like its scope, future, etc.

If you have any doubts regarding any course of IGNOU then you can connect with the coordinator of your program to get detailed instructions about your interested program to get enrolled in IGNOU.

IGNOU Courses Lists 2024: FAQs

Q1. Can I take two courses together from IGNOU?
Answer: Yes. As per the UGC’s new guidelines, It is possible to take admission in two courses together but you should read the complete UGC guidelines before proceeding.

Q2. Is ODL and online courses the same?
Answer: IGNOU has a separate department for ODL & Online courses. You need to apply separately for any of them.

Q3. Can I do a regular degree program from IGNOU?
Answer: IGNOU is offering all its academic courses through open distance learning and online only.

Q4. Can I do one degree from IGNOU and another from a regular university?
Answer: Yes. It is possible according to the latest guidelines of UGC.

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