Do Companies accept Distance & Online Degrees?

Do Companies accept Distance & Online Degrees? This is one such major question that many candidates who are aiming for a good job have today. There are so many candidates who have not got the opportunity to complete their studies at a regular college and so have achieved a degree from a distance-learning university. Also, there are some such candidates who wish to pursue their higher education parallel to their ongoing job. Hence, such candidates go for online courses.

With increasing demand, the number of universities and institutes offering such online degrees has also increased. But, the question is whether these distance learning and online degrees are acceptable by companies or not.

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There are some decisions made regarding this by the Indian Educational authorities and there are several points based on which it can be pointed that whether companies accept distance learning and online degrees or not.

Do Companies accept Distance Online Degree

The Announcement made by UGC:

Most companies in India reject applications from freshers who have pursued degrees from online or distance-learning universities. But the law says something else about this topic. The University Grants Commission of UGC is the authority in India that has already announced lately that all the online and distance-learning universities will be considered the same as the regular universities with just one condition that the universities should be UGC recognized. Thus, it is not a rule that companies do not accept distance and online degrees. In fact, it is an independent choice of the companies that even after the announcement by UGC, they will consider the students who are coming from distance-learning universities or not.

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Importance of Some Universities:

Similar to regular universities, there are some distance-learning education universities that hold special importance in the field. Thus, while UGC has ordered everyone to consider distance learning similar to regular, companies prefer to prioritize students coming from some important distance-learning universities such as IGNOU, Symbiosis, Amity University, Sikkim Manipal University, Annamalai University, and similar others in India.

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This means if there are two candidates among which one is from the above-mentioned universities and the other one is from a university that does not rank in the top 10 distance-learning universities in India, then most companies will hire the candidate coming from the above-mentioned universities such as IGNOU, Symbiosis, and others.

Shifting Trends:

One most important shifts in trends is that major companies do not even bother with the kind of university you pursued your degrees from if you are skilled in your work. Yes, it does not matter to them whether you have completed your education from the best regular college in the country or an online university that is not even listed in the top best distance-learning education universities in the country. Such companies just check the marks that you have attained and interview you based on your practical skills. If the recruiters find you suitable for the position based on your personality and skills, they will hire you anyway and the collection of college certificates just remains a formality.

Thus, there is no specific answer to the question of whether companies accept distance and online degrees or not. But yes, in most cases, major multinational companies will accept your application even if you have pursued your degree from a distance learning or online university.

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