Sick Leave Application for School & Office: Format, Samples & How To Guide

Application for Sick Leave: Leave Letter for School & Office – If you are an employee at some office, you are paid for the days you are working and providing service to the company. After some stipulated time of a year in case of probation, the employees are entitled to different leaves such as sick leave, casual leave, and others. When you avail of these leaves, you are entitled to get a day’s off from work without any pay cut. But to do so, you will have to apply for sick leave in advance or at the earliest so that the urgent tasks of the office under your responsibility can be taken care of by someone else.

Similarly, when you are a student at school or college, you can take a day off for various reasons, especially when your health conditions are not right. When a child is at school or college, it is the responsibility of the educational institution they take proper care of the kids. Hence, it becomes essential that you inform the school or college when you are taking leave.

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Application for Sick Leave

Whether you are applying for an office sick letter or a school/ college sick application, it is essential to follow a proper format. The difference between office sick leave and school/ college sick leave is that you need to provide a leave application before going on leave and students can provide a leave application after coming from the leave.

Application for Sick Leave Leave Letter

How To Write a Sick Leave Application?

Here is a format that you should follow while writing any sick application letter.

  • Addressing:

You need to start the application letter by mentioning the person to whom you are addressing the letter such as the principal, the class teacher, the manager, the supervisor, or others.

  • Subject Line:

You need to give a one-liner subject that will offer a hint of the content of the application.

  • Salutation:

In order to offer respect to the person you are addressing in the letter, it is essential to use the right salutations such as sir or madam.

  • Introduction:

Introduce yourself first in the application letter to the person who are you are addressing. It is not always possible that the person will recognize you by name. So, it is essential to offer a brief introductory detail about yourself.

  • Body:

The body should contain some explanation about why you are taking the leave and some specific details such as the number of days you will be on leave.

  • Conclusion:

Conclude by placing a request for the leave in a polite and humble way. Also, you can mention about any records that you are attaching with the letter.

  • Gratitude:

Obviously, you will thank the person for granting your leave. When you are writing an application letter, you need to provide gratitude in advance. Some of the elements that you can use are:

  • Thank you in advance
  • Thanks and regards
  • Thanking you

Make sure that you always end the letter with gratitude.

  • Signature:

Once the application letter is complete and you have thanked the person in advance, you need to close it finally with your signature. It is always better that you show your respect towards the person while adding your signature by adding elements such as:

  • Yours sincerely
  • Yours faithfully

Finally, the application letter is all set and ready to be sent.

Things to Consider in a Sick Leave Application

When you are creating a sick application letter for an office, school, or college, you must make sure to include some essential elements.

  • For School or College

Application for school or college should have these elements.

  • The tone of the application should be polite
  • The reason for the leave should be absolutely crisp
  • Make sure that the letter is absolute to the point and does not go lengthy
  • Go through the letter several times to correct any grammatical error or other mistakes
  • If you are writing the letter on behalf of the student, you need to provide the relationship in the letter

Whether an application letter is being written by a student or a student’s guardian, it is important to get these elements in the letter.

  • For Office

A sick leave application letter for an office should have these elements.

  • Address the correct person to whom you are writing the letter
  • Mention crisply the cause of the leave
  • Mention the number of leaves that you have and the quantity that you wish to take
  • Do not forget to mention any alternative contact details where the office staff can contact you in the case of any work emergency

Considering these elements offer clarity to the application and also increases the efficiency of the application on the person to whom you are addressing.

Sick Leave Application Samples for School or College

While the format of the sick application letter is universal for schools and colleges, there are different samples that one can follow.

Sample 1: Sick Application Letter to the School Principal

The Principal
(School Name and Address)

Subject Line: Application for sick leave from school

Dear (Sir or Madam)

With due regard, this application is to inform you that my daughter (student name), who studies in Class (class) of your school (school name) will be unable to attend school for a few days due to health reasons. She is currently hospitalized and doctors have suggested keeping her hospitalized for at least 3 days. 

Hence, I am requesting you grant my daughter a leave of (number of days) days from (start date) till (end-date). For more reference, I am also attaching the medical records along with this application. 

Thank you 

Yours Sincerely,
Guardian’s Name

Sample 2: Sick Leave Application Letter to the Class Teacher

The Class Teacher
(Class Name, School Name, and Address)

Subject Line: Application for sick leave from school

Dear (Miss, Sir, Mam)

With utmost request, I wish to state that my son (student name) from your class (Class and School) is suffering from viral fever and has been advised by the doctor to rest for (number of days) days. So, I request you to allow my son to get leave from school from (start date) to (end-date). 

I will be obliged for the permission granted and I assure you that (student name) will start continuing school as soon as he gets better. 

Thank you
Yours Sincerely,
Guardian Name and Signature

Sample 3: Sick Leave Application to the College Principal

The Principal
(College name and address)

Subject Line: Application for sick leave from college

Dear (Sir/ Ma’am)

Most respectfully, I request a leave of a few days as I am suffering from dengue. Currently, I am hospitalized and doctors have assured to discharge me within a week or so. So, I request you to grant me leave from (start date) till (end-date) for which I will be highly obliged to you. 

Thank you.

Yours Obediently,
Student Name
Class and Roll Number

Sick Leave Application Samples for Office

Similar to school and college leave application formal, there is also a universal leave application format for office. Here are some of the samples to check out.

Sample 1: Sick Leave Application from Teacher to School/ College Principal

The Principal
(School/ College Name)

Subject Line: Application for Sick Leave from College

This is to bring to your kind notice that I have met with an accident and have been admitted to hospital yesterday. The doctors have prescribed a rest of at least 1 week and hence I request you leave from (start date) to (end-date).

So, I will be thankful to you if you grant me a leave of (number of days) days. I am trying my best to join back school/ college at the earliest so that the students do not have to suffer in my absence. 

Please consider my gratitude.

Yours Faithfully,
(Applicant Name)

Sample 2: Sick Leave Application to Manager

The Manager,
(Company Name)

Subject Line: Application for sick leave

I wish to inform you that I am not well for a couple of days and have met with my doctor yesterday and found out that I am suffering from an intense stomach infection. My medication has started and the doctor has estimated that I will be able to join back the office after a week or so. Thus, I request you grant me sick leave from (start date) to (end-date) from my available sick leaves. 

I understand how my absence can cause trouble in the office, so I will try my best to join back at the earliest. I will be available over my personal number (phone number) for any assistance. 

I am attaching all the necessary medical records for better reference. 

Thank you for considering my request.

Yours Faithfully,
(Employee Name)

Sample 3: Sick Leave Application to Supervisor

The Supervisor,
(Company Name)

Subject Line: Application for sick leave

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I will not be able to attend the office for a few days because I have been injured in an accident and have broken my hand. I am currently under medical supervision and I am unable to mention the number of days for which I may have to take leave. 

I apologize for the situation and I will try my best to return back to work at the earliest. I am attaching my medical reports and prescriptions from the doctor to explain my case better. 

I understand the severity of the situation and so I will be available on my phone number and emails regularly. 

Thanks and Regards

(Employee Name and Code)


Taking a leave from work or studies is something that everyone is entitled to. But when you are taking a leave from work, you should make sure that nobody else at the workplace is getting troubled because of your absence. Similarly, when the school or college authorities take the responsibility for the students, it is also the responsibility of the students and their guardians to know about their know bouts when they are taking a leave.

Presenting a properly created sick leave application is all that is needed in both cases. A well-formatted and properly written sick leave application letter helps in offering a proper picture of your absence reason and also helps the authorities in taking the right decisions, if and when required.

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