IGNOU BCom A&F Assignments 2019-20

IGNOU BCom A&F Assignment July 2019 – January 2020 – IGNOU University has uploaded its current session Assignment of BCom A&F Programme for the session year 2019-20. Students of BCom A&F Programme can now download Assignment questions from this page. Candidates have to compulsory download those assignments to get a permit of attending Term End Exam of IGNOU BCom A&F Programme.

We also advise you to all BCom A&F programme that after downloading you will get the assignments of each course of your BCom A&F programme. You have to create every assignment in separate so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily check your Assignment.

Programme Code: BCom A&F

Programme Name: Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance

Session: July 2019 – January 2020

List of IGNOU BCom A&F Assignment 2019-20

Each question has different marking and it will be printed on each question. Candidates must write the solution of all questions which written in BCom A&F assignment file. IGNOU BCom A&F Students have to submit each course’s assignments to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. You have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

IGNOU BCom A&F Assignment Submission Last Date for 2019-20:

For June 2020 Exam: 15th March 2020

For Dec 2020 Exam: 15th September 2020

Where to submit BCom A&F Assignments?

If you have completely solved your assignment you have to submit their IGNOU Assignment to the coordinator of the study centre which allotted to you at the time of admission. And also get a receipt for submission of BCom A&F Assignments.

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  1. Dear sir , i have enrolled for b.com a&f there are 2 assignments which are missing on this column i.e BEGF-101 & BSHF-101 so kindly update that . Thanking you

    1. sir i too have enrolled for B.com A&F, and not aware about anything please share information regarding submission date and submission procedures. please mail me all the information on mail address provided . also examination information please mail

    2. I’ve got them downloaded from BDP assignments (as given in brackets) after respective courses. BSHF 101

    3. Bro I have small doubt how did u write
      I want some clarity where u get the answers & small request u send me one pic of our assignment I want to check it once

  2. Dear Sir, i have enrolled for b.com a&f (july 2016 session) , one assignment is missing in this list which is BEGF1.
    Kindly upload this.
    also sir i have few queries, one is that where are these assignments available in ignou website ? (even after login to student login id these assignments are not available )
    and another one is that all the assignment have to be submitted mandatory or there is choice from the 6 paper for B.com A&F

    1. IGNOU BEGF-101 Assignment is already available in the list and all are compulsory to be submitted at Study Centre before last date. And we also tell you that all assignments are 100% valid and collected from IGNOU University.

  3. Dear Sir, the due date for submission as you mentioned here is 30th June, whereas in assignment downloaded from here, some subjects are specifying the due date as 15th March and some of them as 31st March, can you please kindly confirm?

    1. We request you to please consider date printed on assignments of each course. Because different subject have different last date of submissions.

      1. For all subjects the last date for submission is 30th Sept I just called them and confirmed.
        Please dont post unreliable answer.

  4. i have applied for bcom a&f jan2017 section but my enrollment no. still not received and books received. can you help me?

    1. Can we register Bcom A and F with passing ipcc group 1 and then after registration if i pass group 2.Will they help complete my bcom in 1 year ? Plz reply me dear

  5. Sir I have enrolled for bcom a&f. I hv opted for ECO 1, ECO 2, FEG 1 , FEG 2, EEC 11. In dis module I m able to find only FEG 1 and FEG 2. ECO 1 And ECO 2 are available in bcom slot and EEC 11 is not yet updated. Can I download the assignment ECO 1 and ECO 2 assignment in module Bcom? Pls guide me

  6. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I wish to know what size of sheets can we use to write Tutor Marked Assignments. Can we use regular A4 size sheets or any other sheets?

  7. I had attended bcomAF examination in december 2016. I have scored pass marks in all subjects in term end examination. However, I got failed in ECO13 assignment.

    My query is whether I should appear again in examination or I have to just resubmit that assignment. Do I have to pay any fee for assignment? Also if I resubmit my assignment, will my result be postponed?
    Looking forward for your response.

  8. Sir,
    I didn’t receive the books of AED 01 till now, how can i submit the assignments before march 15th of this year.please suggest me; can i post a complaint? As it’s not my mistake and because of their negligence my attempt postpones.

  9. Sir,
    I m new in ignou.nd me dont knw how to submit nd get assigmnt.plz help me sir.nd nobody pick the cll on study cnter.i dont get proper information.plz hlp me

  10. Dear Sir,

    I don’t know to start Assignments. Kindly give guidelines so that it will helpful for me. I thing we should take A4 papers for assignments and each paper one side will give empty and one side we should write. Whether we can give binding for the papers. Kindly help me sir.

  11. Dear sir,
    I enrolled for B.COM A&F in January 2017 and my exams. Will be in 2018 ,
    1.when I should submit assignments ,
    2.is there only 1 assignment for whole the course ?
    3.what are the topics for assignments

  12. dear sir,
    i have selected these papers for B.COM 1st year JAN 2017 i.e. BHDE101, BHDF101, BSHF101,ECO1, ECO2, FHD2 but i coudn’t find assignments except two papers (ECO1 & ECO2) ……..what i have to do please suggest me…….

  13. Sir, I have enrolled for B.com(A&F) Course.My attempt is in December-2017.So,could you Please tell me when will the assignments gets Started? The Due Date for Submission of my Assignments.

  14. Can anyone help? I had registered in July 2012 for bcom a&f but couldn’t take up exams or write assignments till date. Should I re register or just start writing assignments? Or what is the right thing ?

  15. Dear sir,
    I have registered in July 2015 ,however I have not submitted assignments till date. Am I permitted to submit the assignment for 2017 or is there any other procedure i have to undergo?

    I have completed my articleship as per ICAI requirements and my subjects are
    AED 1

    Any information on the same would be helpful.
    Thank you.

  16. I joined become af in Dec 2016.i attempted IPCC in may2017.iam writing bcom af exam in Dec 2017.how many papers can I attempt and when should I submit assignment?

  17. Sir I didn’t get my admission letter yet ..I am not able to confirm my subjects .I got the message in my mobile that I have get admission in b.com Jan 20¹7

  18. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I applied for B.COM AF in Dec 2017 i.e., for JAN 2018 exams
    My Query is How many assignments i should submit because on assignments download section I’m able to see
    only 2 assignments .
    Whether I should submit assignments for all subjects ?
    If yes please provide the updated link for JAN 2018 Exams & what is the due date for submission ?
    Whether study centre will provide any booklet or else we should write in A4 papers?

  19. i have regd myself for january 2016 session but due to articleship i was unable to appear in exam and the assignment as well.

    But now i am going for dec’2017 examination.

    Question-1. Are these assignments applicable on me or i have to download of the same year in which i was enrolled?
    Question-2 Last date to submit the assignment.

  20. Dear Helpdesk,
    I have registered in IGNOU on JULY 2015 and my admission is valid till 2021. So, can I submit my assignment now and appear for the Dec 2017 exam? Also, what is meant by JAN 2017, session?

    Please help.

    Tsering Gurung

  21. Sir, i have applied for bcom A &F earlier in july 2016 session nd i couldnt give exam in june 2017 , so can i give exam in dec 2017, so for that which assignment should i submit and till when it should be submitted?
    Thnks in advance.

  22. Dear Sir,
    Are the assignments for BEGF-1 & BEGF-101 are same??
    And I would like to confirm that these assignments are valid for Dec-2017 exam??
    Please provide the needful answer.

  23. Dear Sir
    The above assignment has BEGF 101 but my selected subject is BEGF 1 are they both same.
    i’v registered in Jan 2017 are the above assignments applicable for me.

  24. I have applied for registration in Dec 2015 accordingly suggest me the session applicable on me whether it is 2016-17 or 17-18.

  25. I have applied for registration for B. COM (A & F) IN DEC 2016 So please provide me the assignment link as soon as possible and also other related information which i should know

  26. Dear sir,
    My bcomaf exam is due in dec 17 so by which date i will be required to submit my bcomaf exam form?
    i am from ca background and i am registered for bcom on feb 2017. and where wil i have to submit my assignments?

  27. Dear Sir,
    I enrolled for B.Com A & F, in june 2017, i would like to know that, when MY exams will be held for above said course. As in Dec 2017, or in June 2018.

    Also provide me procedure, if any, with details.

    Thank you

  28. Sir/madam,
    When would assignment paper of bhdf 101 get upload or available? I need to submit it before 30st of this month.

  29. Sir I enrolled myself in June 2016 and now wish to appear for Dec 2017 exams. Please guide me whether I have to prepare assignments for the papers given for year 2017-18 or the year 2016-17

  30. Sir I enrolled myself in June 2016 and now wish to appear for Dec 2017 exams. Please guide me whether I have to prepare assignments for the papers given for year 2017-18 or the year 2016-17

  31. Dear sir,

    Due date for submission of my eco-13 and aed-1 are 15 sept 17. but my study centre opens on sunday only.Last time i went was on 13 th of sept and it was not open and coming sunday falls on 17 th sept. So now what shall be the consequences please clarify?
    Wil i be able to write my exam on Dec 17.

  32. Dear sir, i enrolled myself in july2016 BCOM A&F, so now i want to appear for dec 2017 exam, so which assignment do i have to submit 2016-17 or 2017 -18 given above??

  33. Dear sir
    I registerd for b.com a&f . My attempt is comes in December 2017 , what’s the last date for submission of assighnment whether 15 Sep or 30 Sep
    Kindly please comment

  34. Dear Helpdesk,
    I have registered in IGNOU on JULY 2015 and my admission is valid till 2021. So, can I submit my assignment now and appear for the Dec 2017 exam? Also, which year assignment i have to submit? Is it 2015-16 assignment or latest 2017-18 assignment?

    Please help.

    Jeevan Lalchan

  35. hi, can someone help me with the procedire to get the centre changed, i have registered for bcomaf in the delhi-1 centre but now i have shifted to jaipur.

  36. Respected sir,

    I am Karthik putrevu enrolled for BOCM A&F with IGNOU in January 2017 and I wish to appear in December 2017 exam, are the above assignments relevant for being eligible for December 2017 exams.

  37. hello sir this is sumit ranjan

    i have not submitted assignment yet . can i submit the assignment of before due nov 15 2017 .. for filling the exm form .

  38. Sir, i am going to give exams for bcom A&F in may 2018, is this the final set of assignments to submit to appear for exams ?

  39. Sir, i will be giving exam for B. Com A&F in june 2018. For that i cannot find assignment related to FST1. How to get the questions for same?

  40. I have appeared on june 2016 exams all the assignments have been submitted before the due date, and i have cleared the exam as well but in the grade card on assignment marks for EEG-04 is shown incomplete. what is the solution to this problem ?

  41. Dear Sir,

    Assignments for FST- 01, FHD – 02, BHDF – 101 for July 2018 exams are not available above. Can you please help for the same by forwarding them.

  42. FST 1 is available for year 2016-17. Please clarify on it. whether to Consider the same or new assignment will be uploaded?

  43. I have registered bcom a&f on july 2016 I haven’t submitted assignments so far which are relevant assignments to be submitted
    My courses are
    Sir is there any late submission fee for assignments

  44. Dear Sir,
    I have not received study materials for two subjects (BEGE-104 and AED-01) to write their tutor marked assignments. The study material isn’t available online as well. Kindly advise.

    Thank you.

  45. Sir i have got only 2 assignment papers for b.com that is BEGF-101 and BSHF-101.
    Is there any more assignments for b.com 1st year pls reply

  46. Sir ,
    I have registered for Bcom A & F , July 2018 . While checking for assistant in the Ignou site , it is shown that subjects like ,” AED-1,ECO-12, & ECO -13 ” is required to be submitted. But later when I got my textbooks​ , i found 3 more assignment question for ” BEGF 101, FEG 2, FST 1″. My query is that, is I need to submit assignments​ for All these 6 subjects. kindly reply me as soon as possible.

  47. Hello, Team
    I have found the missing assignments for the subjects on this website and I have also downloaded assignments from this website (https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/) too.
    The above website provides assignments for Audit, Export documentations and Business Environment and the rest of an assignments I found here, So my question is that whether this website is valid for the IGNOU assignments?

  48. Hi Ignou Helpdesk. I have registered for December 2018 session in bcom A&F. Request you to please tell which assignments do I need to prepare?

  49. I have submitted assignment for June 2018 examination within due date. but due to some reasons I could not appear for exam and I have not filled examination form either. please let me know do I need to do assignment again??

  50. Dear Sir,

    I have to appear for Dec 2018 B com (A&F) Exams. I have not received any assignments with my books, please do tell from where can I get the assignments because when i download from IGNOU website only 3 assignments are available whereas some friends of mine have prepared 6 assignments.

  51. Dear sir,
    I have registered for January 2018 cycle … can I download above assignments and submit for this Dec 2018 TEE. I have doubt because. .. the above are not available in ignou.ac.in

  52. Sir I’m a bcom student I really confused about that what is the last date of submission of my bcom assignment. Can u tell me bcoz 15 sep is gone And I’m not compltd and submit my assignment so can I submit on 31 St sep

  53. Sir,
    I have enrolled for June 2019 B.Com (A and F) are these assignments applicable for me because its confusing as it mentions 2017-18 in one place and 2018-19 in the other. If possible can you please attach a link of assignments that are applicable for me in your reply comment or mail me.
    Thank you !

  54. Hi I have enrolled in July 2016 session and wanted to appear for Dec 2018 term end exams , so I should submit Assignments 2017-18 or Assignments 2018-19 to take my exams in Dec 2018 ? please do let me know.

  55. Please Tell me which assignment is to be submitted for Dec 2018 TEE. Whether it is 2017-18 or 2018-19? and please provide BSHF 101 latest if 2018-19 session applicable.

  56. Sir! But in the ignou.ac.in website b. Com A& F assignments for 2018-19 are not available. For 2017-2018 also only 3 papers are given there, but above you have given for every subject. For 2018-19, i found that above documents are available in ignou. ac. in website under b. Com not under b. Com A & F. Is this the correct for june 2019 exams for b. Com A & F?

  57. Sir..I registered for bcom a&f in july 2016…and since i did not submit the assignment in september 2018, i was ineligible to write the exam in dec 2018.Now I am planning to write the June 2019 exam..and in order to submit the assignment before March 2019, I was confused as to which set of assignments is applicable in my case?
    List of bcom assignments for 2017- 18 OR
    List of bcom assignments for 2018 -19 (but it states the session is from july 2018 to January 2019). OR
    Will any new list of assignments be updated for that period..please reply

  58. Sir,
    Are these assignments not available on the website
    When will you update these assignments. Plz. inform me correct detail.

  59. Sir,
    I have registered for this course for May 2018 exam but due to some reasons, I was not able to give the exam.
    I want to give my exam in June 2019 so Can I give it without any trouble.
    Do I have to Fill an exam form and if yes then when is the last date?
    Do the same assignments applicable to me as written above.

  60. sir ,
    i have registered for july 2018-2019 session bcom a and f but upto now i have not received the books i contacted ignou but they told they have dispatched but we got only two subject books so kindly consider my issue

  61. Dear sir , i have enrolled for b.com a&f there are 2 assignments which are missing on this column i.e BEGF-101 & BSHF-101 so kindly update that . Thanking you

  62. Dear Sir
    I am unable to Download BHDE- 108
    Please tell me When it will be Available to Download
    You can reach me either by mail

  63. Sir
    I am CA student and doing BCOM AF from ignou.
    Till date no assignment uploaded on the Site given by ignou for Assignments. So can i consider the above listed assignments as authentic ?(my exams due in June)
    And if someone knows what all are the procedure i need to undergo for BCOM AF, kindly help since i know nothing about this (like Assignment exams Books material and other stuffs)

  64. Sir,

    I have registered for BCOM A&F via online admission. While filling the exam form for it only shows three subjects FEG2, BSHF101 and BEGF101. But I have also registered for AED1,BEGE104 and ECO13. Please let me know why these three courses are not being shown in the form.

  65. Dear sir
    Am i eligible to appear in june 2019 term end examination If my admission year is jan 2019 in BCOMAF.

  66. Dear Sir,

    I Have enrolled myself for IGNOU A&F Course Last September (2018) which makes me eligible to appear for TE Examination June 2019. However, till date I havn’t received full study material (Only 2 subjects received) because of which I was not able to complete all of my assignments. Kindly let me know..

    1) Last Day for submission of assignments for A&F Course?

    2)How & when can I get my study material, in order to complete assignments?

    Kindly Reply or revert me at my Email

    Your support is essential to us.

    Thank you.

  67. Sir, what is the last date for submission of B.com A&F assignments. i am confused. is it 15th march,2019 or 31st march,2019

  68. Dear Sir,
    on assignment section only three subject are showing,
    how will i get assignment question for other subject

  69. Good Afternoon

    I registered for Bcomaf on July 2018 & I am planning to write exam on December 2019.
    So will a new set of assignments come on September 2019 ?

  70. dear sir, I have enrolled for b.com there is one assignment which is missing on this column i.e. BECE2. So kindly update that. Thank You.

  71. Sir I am first year student of b.com a&f Jan 2019 . Sir kya muje 2018-19 wali assignment ready karni hai ya 2019-20 wali. Am very confused plz reply me on my mail I’d as soon as possible kyo k muje ye 15sep tak submit karni hai

  72. i have enroll in January 2017, but not given exam yet so now i want to appear for exam in December. 2019, so which assignment i have to write for example assignment 2018-19 or assignment 2019-20.

    please tell me as early as possible.

    thank you

  73. Dear Helpdesk,

    I have enrolled to Bcom (A&F) in Jan 17 circle, but was unable to write exams due to personal reasons.
    I want to write now i.e., in Jan 20. My queries are :
    1) Is my registration still valid, so that i can appear in Jan 20
    2) Which set of assignments i need to write 2018-19 or 2019-20

    please help in this issue.

    Thanks and regards

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