IGNOU DMT Syllabus

IGNOU DMT Syllabus – Candidates can find latest session Syllabus Structure for DMT Programme from here. IGNOU New DMT Syllabus is available with credit system in which each of the courses is given appropriate credit. IGNOU has implemented credit system in DMT courses which is useful for course selection at the time of taking admission and for re registration.

DMT Candidates have to choose their required credit courses at every semester or at every year to complete their DMT (Diploma in Meat Technology) Programme. There are many courses available for DMT course selection in which some of as a compulsory course and some of as an optional course.

DMT Current Syllabus:

Course Code Course Name Credits
BPVI-021 Fundamental of Food and Meat Science 4
BPVI-022 Meat Animals and Abattoir Practices 4
BPVI-023 Fresh Meat Technology 4
BPVI-024 Processed Meat Technology 4
BPVI-025 Meat Packaging and Quality Assurance 4
BPVI-026 Poultry Products Technology 4
BPVI-027 Utilization of Animal By-Products 4
BPVI-028 Marketing and Entrepreneurship 4

IGNOU University is working regular to revise its Syllabus of IGNOU DMT on the basis of future scope and removes its old syllabus. IGNOU may change or update DMT Syllabus at any time they need so we work to provide latest syllabus structure to our DMT candidates for their study.

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