IGNOU MCA Syllabus

IGNOU MCA Syllabus – Candidates can find the latest session Syllabus Structure for MCA Programme from here. IGNOU New MCA Syllabus is available with credit system in which each of the courses is given appropriate credit. IGNOU has implemented a credit system in MCA courses which is useful for course selection at the time of taking admission and for re registration.

MCA Candidates have to choose their required credit courses every semester or at every year to complete their MCA (Master of Computer Applications) Programme. There are many courses available for MCA course selection in which some of as a compulsory course and some of as an optional course.

MCA Revised Syllabus:

Course Code Name of Course Credits

First Semester

MCS-211 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 4
MCS-212 Discrete Mathematics 4
MCS-213 Software Engineering 4
MCS-214 Professional Skills and Ethics 2
MCS-215 Security and Cyber Laws 2
MCSL-216 DAA and Web Design Lab 2
MCSL-217 Software Engineering Lab 2

Second Semester

MCS-218 Data Communication and Computer Networks 4
MCS-219 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 4
MCS-220 Web Technologies 4
MCS-221 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 4
MCSL-222 OOAD and Web Technologies Lab 2
MCSL-223 Computer Network and Data Mining Lab 2

Third Semester

MCS-224 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 4
MCS-225 Accountancy and Financial Management 4
MCS-226 Data Science and Big Data 4
MCS-227 Cloud Computing and IoT 4
MCSL-228 AI and Machine Learning Lab 2
MCSL-229 Cloud and Data Science Lab 2

Fourth Semester

MCS-230 Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision 4
MCS-231 Mobile Computing 4
MCSP-232 Project 12
Total Credits 80
Number of Theory Courses 15
Number of Practical Courses 6
Project 1

MCA Old Syllabus:

1st Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MCS-011  Problem Solving and Programming 3
 MCS-012  Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming 4
 MCS-013  Discrete Mathematics 2
 MCS-014  Systems Analysis and Design 3
 MCS-015  Communication Skills 2
 MCSL-016  Internet Concepts and Web design (Lab Course) 2
 MCSL-017  Lab (C and Assembly Language Programming) (Lab Course) 2
2nd Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MCS-021  Data and File structures 4
 MCS-022  Operating System concepts 4
 MCS-023  Introduction to Database Management Systems 3
 MCS-024  Object Oriented Technology and Java Programming 3
 MCSL-025  Lab (Data Structures using C, WINDOWS 2000, LINUX / UNIX, Java and MS? ACCESS, My SQL) 4
3rd Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MCS-031  Design and Analysis of Algorithms 4
 MCS-032  Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3
 MCS-033  Advanced Discrete Mathematics 2
 MCS-034  Software Engineering 3
 MCS-035  Accountancy and Financial Management 3
 MCSL-036  Laboratory Course (For Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Software Engineering and Accountancy and Financial Management) 3
4th Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MCS-041  Operating Systems 4
 MCS-042  Data Communication and Networks 4
 MCS-043  Advanced Database Management Systems 4
 MCS-044  Mini Project 4
 MCSL-045  UNIX and DBMS LAB 2
5th Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MCS-051  Advanced Internet Technologies 3
 MCS-053  Computer Graphics and Multimedia 4
 MCSL-054  Laboratory Course (Advanced Internet Technologies & Computer Graphics and Multimedia) 2
 MCSE-003  Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management 3
 MCSE-004  Numerical and Statistical Computing 3
 MCSE-011  Parallel Computing 3
6th Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MCSP-060  Project 16

IGNOU University is working regular to revise its Syllabus of IGNOU MCA on the basis of future scope and removes its old syllabus. IGNOU may change or update MCA Syllabus at any time they need so we work to provide latest syllabus structure to our MCA candidates for their study.

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  1. is there any choice in elective course in 5th semester mca ?? or we should prepare all of them in the term end examination??

  2. I have not completed my mca course and want to complete it. at paste I could not complete mcs12 mcs31 mcse 003 mcs3004 cs60 and want to complete it what should I do can you give me any advice

    Enrollment no is 061290610
    Rajat kumar Das

  3. I just got admission on 5th sem MCA IGNOU. I had some doubts,

    1. Is MCSE3 MCSE4 and MCSE11 (5th sem) all compulsory or shall I have to take any one only.
    2. What about new syllabus? Will it be applicable to old student’s?

    1. After completion of PGDCA (of IGNOU) join MCA_NEW(2yrs course programme). It has a better syllabus.

  4. If we have kt in old syllabus and we are in 2021 , the re exam will be from old syllabus or new syllabus.

  5. Hello, how to apply for mca_new? I am still getting old 3rd semester subjects to apply for my mca application. Can someone plz help?

  6. Hlo i have a doubt i am arts student completed ba programme this year and i did not have maths in 12th and graduation level so how can i eligible for mca now please help me

  7. I have enrolled in 2007 but not completed 2 papers- Mcsc 003 and 004 . I want to complete the papers now.Can anybody suggest a solution

  8. Enrollment number is 002458465
    Name :L.Meera
    completed my mca in the year 2004, now /iam planning to do my Phd.,
    tell my credit marks.

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