IGNOU MTTM Syllabus – Candidates can find the latest session Syllabus Structure for MTTM Programme from here. IGNOU New MTTM Syllabus is available with a credit system in which each of the courses is given appropriate credit. IGNOU has implemented a credit system in MTTM courses which is useful for course selection at the time of taking admission and for re-registration.

MTTM Candidates have to choose their required credit courses every semester or every year to complete their MTTM (Master of Tourism & Travel Management) Programme. There are many courses available for MTTM course selection in which some of as a compulsory course and some as an optional course.

MTTM Current Syllabus:

First Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MTTM-1  Management Functions And Behaviour In Tourism 4
 MTTM-2  Human Resource Planning And Development In Tourism 4
 MTTM-3  Managing Personnel In Tourism 4
 MTTM-4  Information Management And Information Systems In India 4
Second Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MTTM-5  Accounting Finance And Working Capital For Tourism Managers 4
 MTTM-6  Marketing For Tourism Managers 4
 MTTM-7  Sales And Product Management In Tourism 4
 MTTM-8  Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism 4
Third Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MTTM-9  Understanding Tourism Markets 4
 MTTM-10  Tourism Impacts 4
 MTTM-11  Tourism Planning And Development 4
 MTTM-16  Dissertation 8
Fourth Semester  
Course Code    Course Name Credits
 MTTM-12  Tourism Products: Design and Development 4
 MTTM-13  Tourism Operations 4
 MTTM-14  Tourist Transport Operations (Road Transport) 4
 MTTM-115  Meeting, Incentives, Conferences And Expositions (MICE) 4

MTTM Additional Syllabus for Category-2 Students:

Course Code Name of Course Credits
TS-01 Foundation Course in Tourism 8
TS-02 Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies 8
TS-03 Management in Tourism 8
TS-06 Tourism Marketing 8
Total Credits 32

IGNOU University is working regular to revise its Syllabus of IGNOU MTTM on the basis of future scope and removes its old syllabus. IGNOU may change or update MTTM Syllabus at any time they need so we work to provide latest syllabus structure to our MTTM candidates for their study.

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    1. hello Vijay this is dimpal actually I am pursuing mttm and I am totally confused that what to do and how to do so please help me

    2. somewhere i stuck wd MTTM
      i got study material, but 4 books are from MTTM and other books are of MBA and of Acccounting AND Management..
      i had try to contact centre but didnt get any response..
      i request kindly to you all please send me MTTM 1yr syllabus, so that i can start my prepration.

  1. when we are going to receive the study material of MTTM. The regional center people are saying they haven’t received from head quarters…&MTTM Delhi CO Ordinator is not receiving any calls after 6pm & before 9am phone is always busy

  2. no update from anyone, not getting any reverts from regional office also, no information on syllabus, books are not coming, no information on assignments and how to do and deposit them, no information about exams and last date for depositing of assignments is showing 30th Sept???

  3. I am receiving whole lot of books. But what is syllabus and time table for exams. study center not taking calls.
    Please can somebody guide.

    1. HI PREETI .

  4. My exam date is different in hall ticket from the date which is mentioned in the date sheet released by ignou which one is correct, Hall ticket exam date or the online date sheet?

  5. After July 15 is it possible to get admission for MTTM in IGNOU 2018 batch? Reply please am willing to pay late fees

  6. Hello…..I am pursuing mttm from ignou ….but need to know is there any project need to submit …..pls advise me…..

  7. Confused whether MTTM is semester based or annual based for june 2019 term end exam, if semester based then what will be the dates for assignment submission and for exam? Anybody plz clear my confusion!!!

  8. I have 4 additional subjects (category 2 subjects) in MTTM . can I give exam for all the 4 additional subjects with main 4 subjects in the first semester ??? Which mean 8 subjects in total in the 1st sem …
    Please can somebody tell as early as possible…

    1. Hi megha can u share your number. I am in the same category not able to. Understand anything

    2. Hello tanvi this is my first year in mttm i’m catagory-2 student if you help me in any kind of information about this course..

    3. Hi are you a student who got exemption from 1st year Term End Exams? If yes, did your 1st year marks (along with TS subjects) get updated on the basis of 2nd year exams?

  9. Sir,
    I send my MTTM 16 (dissertation) synopsis to the registrar by Mistakelly ….. I snd the original copy to ignou registrar….. Actually it should be send to the programme co-ordinator but by Mistakelly I send it to the Registrar…..

    1. hi dear..i am the student of MTTM 2nd yr and i dont knw about project can u pls help me ?

  10. It’s shame for ignou department that datesheet had been printed out but yet we have not receive books or other materials…

    I am from sopore
    Collage govt degree college sopore
    Examtion centre 1210
    I have paid fee for books when during admission

  11. I need to know whether we have to fill the exam form of first semester (four subjects) only or for all the first year subjects!

  12. IGNOU must have shame, At the time of admission I paid the charges for soft copies of study material but didn’t received any sort of study material till date, whereas charges for study material were taken on the first day of admission!
    Exams are on head but there is no material sent to us.

    1. You said that you opt for soft copies then no hard copies will be sent to you if you did not opt for printed study materials. Soft copies should be downloaded from eGyankosh or IGNOUHelp.

  13. It is very unfortunate, and inconvenience from the ignou technical team, that they have not uploaded the MTTM 1st, 2nd syllabus, properly, I have been trying from last Two Hours, but couldn’t find the results, neither I have found any proper link to download the full syllabus… There is need to asses and overcome such problems… That the students may not suffer.

  14. Can anyone tell me what is the syllabus for june2021 to 2022 MTTM? Also the passing mark plz.. M so confuse right now

  15. Has any category 2 student of MTTM (who was eligible for 1st year exam exemption) received marks update on grade card for 1st year MTTM exams as well as TS 1, 2, 3 and 6 marks based on 2nd year exams? Please advise.

  16. I have taken admission in MTTM from ignou and look for guidance. Is there anyone who can help pertaining to this course. Thanks

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