Ask IGNOU: Guide To Ask Question To IGNOU

Do you have any questions to Ask IGNOU? You came to the right place where you will be guided on how to ask IGNOU for your questions related to IGNOU University. The students who are interested into admitted to IGNOU or the students who have already been admitted to IGNOU can freely ask their questions.

Ask IGNOU: An Overview

As we all know that the IGNOU is the largest university in the World so it is obvious that many of the students are curious or have many questions that need to be solved before taking admission to IGNOU. The university offers various methods to contact IGNOU regarding any questions or queries. Students can connect with IGNOU online as well as offline which is convenient to them. The existing students can also ask questions during their academic journey with IGNOU for any queries or problems that arise.

What To Ask IGNOU?

If you are unaware of what to ask IGNOU then here is a clarification to this. The questions can be anything related to IGNOU like applications, application date, process, fees, courses, status, examination, results, and much more.

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How to Ask Questions?

There are many methods available to ask questions to IGNOU. The students can connect with IGNOU for their questions through calls, email, and the grievance portal. The students can get the contact number from the IGNOU official website or the IGNOU Regional Centre website to connect with the respected faculty or coordinator to get answers to your questions through any of the selected methods.

Expected Duration To Get a Reply

We can not say the exact time as it depends on when you ask IGNOU or what your query is about. If you ask your questions on a working day then you should expect to get an answer within 2-3 days. If you ask your question on a weekend then you should expect to get an answer in the next week.

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What if I Don’t get a Response?

If you didn’t get any answer to the call or email regarding your question then you can simply register your grievance at IGNOU iGram Portal where you will be responded to your query within the appropriate time duration.

So here we have mentioned all about Ask IGNOU like what to ask, how to ask, the expected duration of reply, and a solution if you don’t get an answer through call or email. The students are requested to connect with IGNOU only on working days to get a response from IGNOU.