How to Get an Official Transcript from IGNOU

IGNOU Official Transcript – The Transcript is a document that is the student’s academic record contains a list of courses that you have taken, the credits you earned, the exam which you passed and grades. It is a legal document which is delivered in a sealed envelope and should not be opened by anyone except the addressee. It is needed when you plan for further study in the abroad and most of the universities are consider it for enrollment by knowing the past performance of a particular student.

IGNOU University provides the facility for the issue of official transcripts on request made by the candidates by submitting an application form to IGNOU New Delhi to the respected section.

The Registrar, 
Student Evaluation Division(SED), 
Block 12, 
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068

Download Application Form for IGNOU Official Transcript

Important Instructions:

  • Each photocopy of the certificate is chargeable
  • The students are required to enclose the same number of legible photocopies of both sides of the statement of Marks-sheet/Grade Card/Provisional Certificate and Degree Certificate etc. issued to them, as the number of transcripts is required
  • Demand draft of required fees should be reached to this Division prior to 60 days or earlier from the expiry of the same demand draft for the smooth transaction with the bank.
  • If the candidate has applied for Official Transcript and wants to collect it personally from the Section Officer, Exam.-III Section of SED, Block-12, Room No.-10, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 (India) then He/She is required to mention such information & Mobile No. under Point No.10
  • IGNOU University has been dispatching the “Official-Transcripts” under sealed envelope through Indian Speed Post Services and the normally, the Exam-III Section of SED takes minimum 15 days for the issuance the Official Transcript after receiving the Application Form of the student at this Section but dispatching time depends on furnishing the Verification report by another section and circumstances surrounding the case
  • Candidates can inquire for the status on Telephone No. 011-29572210 and it must be made between Monday to Friday during Office hours after 15 to 25 days of receiving the Application Form at this Section

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Fees for the Issue of IGNOU Official Transcript:

  • INR 300/- per transcript for Indian Students, if the transcript is required to be sent to the candidate within India
  • INR 500/- per transcript for Indian Students, if the transcript is required to be sent to the candidate outside India
  • INR 600/- per transcript for students of SAARC countries, if the transcript is required to be sent to the candidate inside India
  • INR 1200/- per transcript for the students of SAARC Countries, if the transcript is required to be sent to the student outside of India
  • USD 60 per transcript for the students of Non-SAARC countries, if the transcript is required to be sent to the student inside India
  • USD 120 per transcript for the students of Non-SAARC countries, if the transcript is required to be sent to the student outside India

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Payment Mode – Candidates have to pay required fees through demand draft and it must be drawn in favor of IGNOU payable at New Delhi.

Imprtant Note – If candidates want to send the transcript to a particular institute other than residence address then candidates have to write the complete address of said institute, university or company so that it can reach the correct address.

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  1. I passed my MCA in 2003 and need transcript to apply MBA in USA, I am currently living in USA and could not travel to India due to my office compliance. It’s really strange that IGNOU is an international university but I did not find any online option to get my transcript from the university without visit in person, I think the IGNOU system need some advancement and provide online submit application system and payment methods for their non native students. it would help a lot. Thanks.

  2. hi, i am currently in canada and trying to apply for my transcript request from IGNOU and sent to WES but since i am not in india and i dont know anybody in india as i am from SAARC country, can anyone share the lead how i can apply? i see some ppl are saying NV documentation helps, are they still active? since i sent them email on your website but i got no response. Please share if you have any solution thank you

  3. Does IGNOU provide hard copy of the Medium of Instruction letter or just soft copy? Has anyone obtained it. Please advise.

    1. Yes Ignou provide hard copy of MOI letter. I contacted nvdocumentation, Delhi and they did all the process in 10 days and send MOI letter to my address.

  4. I have done entire process myself and sent the Transcripts to Wes Canada and US twice .
    The process is flawless and does not need any help from any agents.
    If you are taking transcripts means you can do it yourself cause you are educated enough to do it.
    In terms of time it only takes 1 hour to complete all the process to fill the form and then you can track the receiving from WES website. ( I sent it to WES using Speed post normal post which is the most economical).
    Just gets copy of your certificates and then send it with DD to IGNOU mailing address. No need to go anywhere or give any money to agents.
    I am not writing what is the process here as there are lots of You Tube videos on the same you can watch anyone of them and then do it yourself.

    1. Hi, I have applied for my BA transcript through speed post. Have attached all the required documents.
      Its been more than 15 working days I have not received my transcript. I tried to calling them but got no response.

      Can someone please help.

  5. I have contacted Online Transcripts Delhi at for IGNOU transcript and they have did my entire process within 15days time. They also provide service if you want the IGNOU transcript within 1 week. They are providing entire process of Immigration hence they have good knowledge about the entire process too.

  6. i am pursuing my bba from ignou and i wanna pursue my bachelor degree in Germany basically 13 year of education is required for getting admission in German university, my 1st year will be complete soon and i want my transcript for applying in German universities what’s gonna be the process for getting transcript after 1 year of degree.

  7. Any online facility available for official transcript directly send to WES for ECA by Ignou official with pay of required charge online. Pl. Update me anybody knows this process.

  8. Sir I have complete the B. Ed. under enrollment 184402425 Session June 2020 but have not received the degree certificate till date.I have to produce the degree to higher authorities for further information. So your good self is humbly requested to send the degree certificate by post as per my requested adress as early as possible.

  9. It’s been 8 months I am still waiting for my transcripts to be sent to WES. But never get any response from IGNOU either by phone or email.

  10. Respected Sir/ Madam,
    I Nikhil Meghnath Chature student of IHM- Ahmedabad and i successfully completed my term end examination from Indira gandhi national open university in December 2015.My college code is BHM-5001and my IGNOU enrollment no -128288378 and NCHMCT no-121214.This is to inform you that I did not get the mail regarding the convocation ceremony. Could you please help me out regarding getting my degree certificate?

  11. I need to apply for my MBA official transcripts for my employer at USA. I am in USA . Can it be done online? How much it is charged? How can we do it ?

  12. Hello All,
    Hopefully my experience can solve your doubt about transcript. I have sent an application form along with draft to IGNOU on 2nd May,21. After a month time, I posted a message on twitter asking for status of transcript. On 7th of July , I received transcript , hurray! I didnt go to Delhi or called them as there was not need to take follow up. Bottom line is there is not need to worry about or in need to take help of third party to get transcript for you. IGNOU does a very good job. You will get your transcript in 2 months time.

  13. I applied the Transcript for WES. Almost 1 month completed. I didn’t get any information from University.I tried to contact university but no one respond to call. How can I know they send or not?

    1. I also applied for transcript for ICAS, but there is no contact no. Getting to know status of it and when shall I get it.

  14. Hi can some one provide me contact no of NV DOCUMENTATION (Transcript service provider)

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My wife completed MCA in 2008 from IGNOU. Currently we are living in UK and visa is due for renewal soon. As a process to renew my wife visa, one of the required document is academic transcript and letter from IGNOU confirming the medium of instruction for the degree was English.

    Can you please advise how should my wife request this and what is the processing time for the same?

    Let me know if you need any other details.

    Await your reply at the earliest.


    1. Hi Sid,
      I am in same situation.

      Did you get answer for it? And did it work for you?

    2. Hi Sid, I’m also looking for same documents, did you get any answer for it, especially about medium of instruction letter.
      Please advise.

    3. Yes I am also looking for IGNOU Medium of Instruction letter.. there is no obtion to download.. if any one know how to get IGNOU Medium of Instruction letter than please Wats app me

  16. I never thought that getting Transcripts from Indian university will be so easy and hassle free. You can get your IGNOU Transcript with the help of a service provider called NV DOCUMENTATION, DWARKA, if you are not able to visit University. They do all your legwork on behalf of you and will share the receipt with u and after that provide tracking no. In my case I ordered for 1 transcript to Mr. Puneet for WES evaluation and he gave me two transcripts in the same price (no extra charges for other). one he sent to WES canada and second to my local address. I had never heard of NV DOCUMENTATION, DWARKA before, just found them via Google. Just go ahead as Mr Puneet is aware of all the process and intricacies that may happen and would sort out all at his own level

  17. Hello All,
    Would like to give my feedback on the service of N V DOCUMENTATION gave ,its remarkable, I was just struggling to find someone in India to go and do it on my behalf as I am in Dubai. Just got the number from GOOGLE and ping him in Watsup and with little interaction on watsup I made up my mind to give it a try from him, and he just did it in a given time frame. Would like to recommend as he is taking guarantee if it rejects, he will send again with no charges, his confidence level will make make you go with him.
    Thanks Puneet.

  18. When I was applying for Immigration the biggest hurdle which I saw was getting transcripts from IGNOU. I got to know about NV DOCUMENTATION, DWARKA for obtaining transcripts through our consultant (Nationwide immigration services) and I am are very happy with the service provided. My experience was very satisfying and all the staff as well the owner was very courteous. We would definitely recommend as in our case there was 100 percent success rate.

  19. Hello guys,

    I did my BCA/MCA (integrated) from IGNOU. I want to apply for the transcripts. is there anybody who has applied for same?
    Please guide me

    1. In document verification they have asked me to submit semester wise/year sheets but ignou only provides consolidated marks sheet.In official transcript it is mentioned that ignou does not provide sem/year wise works as supporting document.

  20. Hello There,

    I am based in UAE and wanted to check if IGNOU would do the Transcripts directly with WES online ? Or Do i need to send the forms to them for the same to be done? Appreciate if someone who has done it recently could please share their experience on the process , Many thanks in advance Rahul

  21. Hi,

    I want to know the process in applying for my Mtech transcripts from IGNOU.
    Is it possible to apply online?


  22. Hi

    Is there anyone who has got transcripts from IGNOU during lockdown period i.e. after March-2020?

    Please share your experience and procedure followed offline/online.

    Response would be much appreciated.


  23. Since Lockdown is going on then how is the Transcripts Procedure now, Can IGNOU directly send it to the Authorised bodies ? the Soft copies. Please help.

  24. Suppose if i am applying for official transcript of degree certificate of ignou b.ed, will it contains other details or comprehensive details of the student including the name of the subjects taken etc..

    1. There is no online submission of forms.
      Currently I have filled the form and sent to IGNOU, NEW DELHI by mail.

      Still waiting for the transcripts.

  25. I don’t need transcripts, my transcripts are send to WES, but they are asking for Attested Certificates, so what is the procedure for it. Which form is need to be fill up. pls guide on this.

    Is IGNOU is not sending the attested Certificates along with Transcript.

  26. I don’t need transcripts, only need attestation of Marksheets and certificate to be submitted to WES. Pls guide on this.

    1. Have you got any leads? I want to apply online or if I can pay online for transcripts.

  27. Hello,
    Is it possible for you to send the transcripts directly to institutes like WES? if yes, please let me know the procedure.

    1. Hi
      Were you able to send your docs to WES? If yes, then can you let me know the procedure.

    2. HI. Were you successful in sending the transcript to WES? Are we required to send attested marksheets as well? Can you guide on the process please. Thanks for your response.

    3. Hi Sonia,
      Wanted to check if you have got the consolidated marklist and degree certificated attested by controller of examnations, in addition to the official transcript . As the same was seen as a requirement for WES.If yes, how was it done.

    4. Hi Rajesh, did you get the transcripts from IGNOU sent to you? Or was it sent to Wes directly? Also, how did you go about getting your transcripts? Did you do it online? Or you had to send the request via mail?
      Please advise.

    5. I got my transcripts from NV DOCUMENTATION. They are service provider with very reasonable charges. Just provide the docs and he’ll take care of everything. Totally professional. I know if I have any similar needs or my friends ask for suggestion for such service I know where I need to come without doubt.

    6. Hi, I contacted NV documentation on WhatsApp and phone ( from his website) He said that he can’t give any receipt for the amount paid to him. I am a bit hesitant to trust a person just from a phone call or whats app.
      Moreover, How Does IGNOU gives transcripts to a third person? Do they take our consent/approval before giving Transcripts to Such 3rd party providers?

    7. I just used services of “NV DOCUMENTATION, DWARKA for getting my IGNOU transcript made. The cost was very nominal (basically I would have spent same amount on cost of petrol if I would have gone there on my own). Moreover service was very prompt and I got my transcript in just 20 days. I was updated at each step via whats app….. Thanks a lot Puneet for your help.

    8. Hi Sonia
      Is Ignou operational. I spoke to NV documents…they said it is closed

    9. Hi Sonia,

      Do they help in getting Ignou authorized transcripts?
      I need my transcripts to be mailed for ny CPA credi evaluation. I have sent all required application and fees but no response from IGNOU.

    10. Yes it is , it is an easy process but you will have to visit IGNOU in Delhi. probably an hour process. you need fill in a form, pay the amount and submit the request. IGNOU does take some time but they WILL deliver the transcripts.

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