IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date 2024 (Re-Extended)

IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date 2024 is out for students who will appear in the June 2024 Term End Examination. The Last Date for Submission of IGNOU Assignment for TEE June 2024 is 31st May 2024. This last date is for all students who have joined the university in semester-wise courses or annual courses. Students should not miss on this last date to avoid any further delay in their course completion.

Students who complete and submit their assignments on time enjoy several benefits. Such students are free from assignment stress and can focus on exam preparation better. Also, timely completion of assignments means that you have invested proper time while doing the assignment, and the chances of fetching higher marks increase.

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If you also wish to avail the benefits and importance of assignments, then you should submit them on time. Students who have enrolled for the January 2024 session in the semester-type program will appear for exams in June 2024. IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date for TEE June 2024 is 31st May 2024.

IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date

IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date 2024

Students have started enrolling for the January 2024 session. So, IGNOU has announced the last dates for registration and assignment submission. The last date for assignment submission is 31st May 2024.

  • For Semester Programs

Students who got registered in the July 2023 cycle will appear in the TEE December 2023. These students should have completed and submitted their assignments by 30th September 2023. Similarly, students who are enrolled in the January 2024 session will appear in TEE June 2024 for which they will have to submit their assignments by 31st May 2024.

  • For Annual Programs

Also, IGNOU offers several annual courses in diverse programs. So, if a candidate has enrolled in an annual program in July 2023 and has to appear in the final exam in June 2024, then they also need to submit the assignments by 31st May 2024.

You must adhere to the last date for assignments to complete one milestone. If you miss the deadline, you will have to rewrite the assignment again in the next cycle, which will be again after 6 months. Also, assignments are a summary of the whole book. So, completing the assignment dedicatedly will also help in exam preparation too.

IGNOU Assignment Questions 2024

Students need to download the assignment question papers online from the IGNOU official portal.

Step – 1 – Visit the assignment link at the IGNOU portal at https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/.

Step – 2 – Select your level and click.

Step – 3 – Select your program and then your course.

Step – 4 – Next, select your session and then select your year.

Step – 5 – Soon, the assignments will appear on the screen.

Step – 6 – Download the assignments and take a print.

The assignments should be written using a blue or black pen only. There should be a cover page for each assignment stating the program, course, subject, candidate name, and enrolment number.

IGNOU Assignment Submission Methods in 2024

There are two ways to submit the IGNOU assignments.

  • Offline Assignment Submission

Students who wish to submit assignments offline can visit their respective study centers and submit the assignments. The assignments should be written on A4 size papers and bound together. The assignment should have a cover page that should have the student name, enrollment number, regional center code, subject code, and name, program, course, and session.

  • Online Assignment Submission

For online submission, there are two ways of assignment submission.

  • Online Submission on Portal: Students who wish to submit assignments online through portal should follow this procedure:

Step – 1 – Visit the official IGNOU portal at http://ignou.ac.in and go to your Regional center.

Step – 2 – IGNOU will display the Google Form link for assignment submission at the appropriate time in the News and Events section.

Step – 3 – Click the link to open and register yourself with your name, enrolment number, and other necessary details

Step – 4 – Upload the documents one by one carefully matching the subject code

Step – 5 – When all the uploads are done, submit the assignments.

  • Online Submission through Email: Sometimes the university may ask the students to send the assignments through email to avoid litigation and other issues. In this case, the students will have to carefully arrange the assignment with the cover page and email it to the respective regional email addresses. Students can get regional email addresses from the respective Regional IGNOU Portal.

Tip to Prepare IGNOU Assignments 2024

It is crucial to prepare the IGNOU assignment properly because that will help in exam preparations too. Here are some important tips that can help in preparing IGNOU assignments better.

  • Go through the questions carefully first to understand them properly.
  • Research each question carefully to get the right information. You can take references from the IGNOU modules and also other online web pages. You can even get help from the study center coordinators if the question is confusing or you are not getting its answer.
  • Start writing much before time from the deadline so that you do not have to rush at the last moment.
  • Maintain your pace so that you do not mess with your handwriting.
  • Once your assignment is complete, make a cover page for each subject.
  • The cover page will be the first page of the assignment and will include your name, enrolment number, regional center code, program name & code, course name & code, and subject name & code.
  • Go through the entire assignment thoroughly several times before submitting it to skip any errors.

Assignments are a great way to fetch at least 30% marks on your exam. So, you should be careful while preparing your assignments. Also, you should submit the assignment on time and should pass them to pass in that particular subject. So, you should provide extreme attention while preparing your IGNOU assignments.

IGNOU Assignment Weighted in 2024

Assignments are a crucial part in IGNOU examinations because they carry 30% of the exam grading. IGNOU offers one assignment per subject that the student should complete and submit on time mandatorily.

The assignments are usually handwritten by maintaining the proper format that is mentioned in the IGNOU assignment notice. The total passing mark of the assignments is 40% in each assignment. If someone fails to avail the minimum passing score, then the person has to write and submit the assignment again in the next cycle to pass in that particular subject as a whole.

IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date 2024: FAQs

Q1. What is the last date to submit assignments in IGNOU 2024?

Answer: The last date to submit assignments in IGNOU 2024 is 31st May 2024 for TEE June 2024.

Q2. Can I submit assignments after the due date in IGNOU?

Answer: If you do not submit the assignments by the mentioned date, then you will have to rewrite them again in the next session after 6 months. But if IGNOU extends the submission date, then you can submit the assignments after the current due date.

Q3. Can I submit an assignment after the IGNOU exam?

Answer: If you have missed IGNOU assignment submission last date, you can still appear in your exam. But you will have to rewrite your pending assignment in the next session.

Q4. What is the late assignment submission fee in IGNOU?

Answer: IGNOU does not charge any assignment submission late fee. The only punishment is that you have to rewrite the assignment once again and submit it in the next cycle after 6 months.

Q5. What happens if you miss an assignment deadline?

Answer: If you miss the assignment submission date, then you will have to rewrite the assignment again in the next session after 6 months.

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