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IGNOU BAEGH Study Materials/Books – If you come to this page to download each collection of BAEGH Study Material so you come to the right place. Here you will get everything for which you have come here. We have downloaded all available Study Materials of BAEGH to our System and it is ready and available for all BAEGH Students.

We provide all study materials to IGNOU BAEGH students free of cost and it can download easily and without registration need.

List of Available IGNOU BAEGH Study Material:

Core Courses
First Semester Click To
BEGC-101 Indian Classical Literature Download
BEGC-102 European Classical Literature Download
Second Semester Click To
BEGC-103 Indian Writing in English Download
BEGC-104 British and Drama 14th-17th Century Download
Third Semester Click To
BEGC-105 American Literature Download
BEGC-106 Popular Literature Download
BEGC-107 British Poetry and Drama :17th and 18th Centuries Download
Fourth Semester Click To
BEGC-108 British Literature: 18th Century Download
BEGC-109 British Romantic Literature Download
BEGC-110 British Literature: 19th Century Download
Fifth Semester Click To
BEGC-111 Women’s Writing Download
BEGC-112 British Literature: Early Twentieth Century Download
Sixth Semester Click To
BEGC-113 Modern European Drama Download
BEGC-114 Postcolonial Literatures Download
Generic Elective Courses
BEGG-171 Media and Communication Skills Download
Discipline Specific Elective Courses
BEGE-141 Understanding Prose Download
BEGE-143 Understanding Poetry Download
BEGE-144 Understanding the Novel Download
BEGE-145 Soft Skills Download

Is it required to Download BAEGH Materials?

To attend IGNOU BAEGH TEE Examination, it is necessary to first submit your Assignments to IGNOU and it is possible from IGNOU Study Material. You can solve your BAEGH Assignments using Books/Materials. Not only Assignments, but you can use it for preparation for the Examination and you can get good marks in your Annual Exams with a good grade.

47 thoughts on “IGNOU BAEGH Study Material”

  1. Hi Team,

    I have applied for BA honored this year however i have not received the Book till now kinldy confirm when will i get it

  2. please provide my study materials , assignments ,and identity card as soon as possible.

  3. sir i’ve applied for july session its november now i havent received my study material yet kindly send my study material

  4. Hi i also just applied the Application just recently on 28 feb 2022 ,please send me all BAEGH 1st semester book in soft copy one by email ,please ,thank you

  5. I’m a Baegh studet( Jul 2021 bach ) plz send me my dear seniors that, what are our first year syllabus and subjects… Plz…
    I didn’t get any information yet

  6. Hello I have taken my admission in September 2021, I haven’t received my study material yet and can someone help me out with the assignment thing, when do you have to submit it.

  7. Dear sir my fresh admission confirmation message was arrived on 4th October 21 but session is July 21 so when I submit assignment in study centre books not got yet also.

  8. What is the syllabus For BAEGH 20-21 1st year? and is the assignment submission only happening for sem-1 on 30th April 2021?
    Please help

  9. Hello friends,

    I have applied for BAEGH course in Sept 2020. I am unable to get any question paper formats. Is there anyone here who could help? It will be much appreciated.

  10. I’ve got my study material but I’m still unable to use IGNOU student app because it says my Enrollment number doesn’t exist???? How is it possible??
    And like all the other students I also don’t know when do I have to submit my assignments and examination dates. So pls do something.

  11. When will I get my books . I take admission on 30th dec 2020 . When will I submit my assignment and when 1st year exam will be conducted.

  12. How to know which session I am July or Jan and when will the exam will be held according to my session..
    Kindly change the study material in pdf form…. please zip format is not suitable for everybody’s device..

  13. Respected Authorities,
    I have registered for July 2020 BAEGH, and have received my admit card. But whenever I input my enrolment number anywhere, like on the ignou app or any portal, it shows that it doesn’t exist. (2003462285)
    I tried contacting my study center [LSC CODE: 1607, Coordinator: DR.S.B.ZADE] But I ave not received any response nor the Coordinator cooperates, and the place is always shut in the working hours nor anyone answers the Phone.
    I haven’t received my books nor any instructions from the un_cooperative coordinator.
    Its almost been 4 months I’ve registered with ignou and not a single response from this so called prestigious peoples university.
    please see to this as I’m not the only student facing this problem.

    1. Hey Preet ! The same thing has happened in my case too. Although my enrollment number has been generated, I am still not able to make use of it anywhere ( even the IGNOU student app). I have not received a single email on my registered email ID and non of the contact numbers work. i have also registered for BAEGH (July 2020).

    2. Hey I have applied for the same course
      I had a question
      How many exams you have in June 2020 /subject and how many assignments did you submit?

    1. I took admission in Jan 21.
      Haven’t received my books yet, and Exam dates are approaching. Please send my study material ASAP.

  14. I took the admission in July 2020 and its September now and the exam dates are also approaching but I haven’t received my study material.

    Kindly take this on priority and send my study material ASAP.

    For further discussion, please drop a mail.

    1. Hey I haven’t recieved my books yet. it’s been four months now. Can you please do something about it? Am I gonna get my books or not?

  15. Although, there’s sufficient relaxation due to covid-19 pandemic, so please send me soon as possible my study materials. My enrollment no is-2000432883 (BAEGH).Otherwise how’d I face examination. Please be something kind to me.

  16. Namely Debasish Mondal ,English Hons,BA ,1st year,I have Taken admission on January,But still now I am unable to receive me all study mettirials
    And unable to reaches any information for study in ignou ।।। Please send me details according to my query।

  17. When will I have to submit my assignment? I’ve taken admission in Ignou on 1st January 2020, in BAEGH (honours), 1st part /semester /year, my enrolment no. is:-2000432883, although I haven’t gotten any message in favouring of assignment submission in my e-mail Id /device (mobile phone ) and still now I couldn’t get any study material, please kindly help me.

    1. You have to submit your assignment till end of the September or in your assignments there will be date, when to submit your assignment.

    2. Hi I’m ipsita … I have taken admission on July 2020.
      Im little confused about assignment.. BA ENGLISH HONours

    3. Dear i have also taken admission in july 2020..We have to submit our assignment till end of the march and our exam will be held on june 2020😇

    4. dear I didn’t get my study material till now. Can you please help me? Where could I contact for this matter. I mailed many time but didn’t get any response

    5. Did you paid for materials at the time of admission, confirm it first , if you have paid 15% money from your admission fee then materials will be in your house by speed post . Please visit your nearly post office for your materials

    6. Did you get the assignment for BA ENGLISH HONOURS for sesion july 2020. If yes then please contact me urgently

    7. Hi I’m Intekhab I have taken admission on July 2020 in BAEGH (honours) my enrolment no is 2003928440 but still I haven’t received my book yet its march 2021 now please help me when will I get my book .

  18. Please send me my full study material and Identity card that I’ve taken admission on 1st January 2020,BAEGH (honours ),1st part/semester/year, Enrolment no.-2000432883. Please send in my e-mail Id.

    1. I want my study material as well as I want to know about how to and what assignments I’m supposed to submit. January 2021 session 1st year.

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