IGNOU BAPAH Syllabus 2024

IGNOU BAPAH Syllabus 2024 - Here, Candidates will be able to find the latest syllabus structure for the IGNOU BAPAH program with all subjects list. IGNOU BAPAH Syllabus Structure is available with a credit system in which each of the courses is given appropriate credit. IGNOU has implemented a credit system in BAPAH courses which is useful for course selection at the time of taking admission and for re-registration.

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IGNOU BAPAH Candidates have to earn a required number of credits every semester or every year to complete and qualify for BAPAH passing certificate. The selection of the courses can be made at the time of taking fresh admission or re-registration for the subsequent year or semester for the BAPAH program. There are many courses available for IGNOU BAPAH course selection out of which some are compulsory courses and some of are elective courses.

IGNOU BAPAH Syllabus 2024 Highlights

Name of the Program Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Public Administration
Exam System Semester
Total Credits 148

BAPAH students will have the option to choose the course of their choice from the elective courses (if exists) while there are no choices and options available for compulsory or core courses.

IGNOU BAPAH Current Syllabus 2024

CC (6 Credit) DSE  (6 Credit) AECC (4 Credit) SEC (4 Credit) (Choose any one) GE (6 Credit) (Choose any one) Credits
First Semester
BPAC-101 BEVAE-181 BSKG-171 22
BPAC-102 BPYG-171
Second Semester
BPAC-103 BEGAE-182   BSKG-172 22
BPAC-104 OR BPAG-172
  BHDAE-182 BPCG-172
Third Semester
BPAC-105   BANS-183 BPAG-173 28
BPAC-106 BPCS-183 BPCG-173
BPAC-107 BPCS-185 BSOG-173
  BHDS-183 BHDG-173
BEGS-183 & 185 BEGG-173
BCHS-183 BSKG-173
Fourth Semester
BPAC-108     BPAS-184 BPAG-174 28
BPAC-109 BANS-184 BPCG-174
BPAC-110 BECS-184 BPCG-176
  BPCS-184 & 186 BEGG-174
Fifth Semester
BPAC-111 BPAE-141       24
BPAC-112 BPAE-143
Sixth Semester
BPAC-113 BPAE-142       24
BPAC-114 BPAE-144
Total Credits 148

IGNOU BAPAH Credit System

As we all know, IGNOU has implemented a credit system in the BAPAH program in which the candidates have to earn a total of 148 credits to obtain the IGNOU BAPAH certificate. Therefore, each of the BAPAH courses will have an appropriate number of credits that you will earn only after you complete the particular subject. The BAPAH candidates can get to know about the total number of credits that they need to earn to become eligible for the IGNOU BAPAH degree certificate.

IGNOU University is working regularly to revise the BAPAH Syllabus Structure to fulfill the current demands as well as to keep connected with the latest curriculum that helps students to achieve their goals as per the latest trends. IGNOU has the right to change and update the IGNOU BAPAH Syllabus at any session to offer only the latest course structure. We also work hard for IGNOU BAPAH students to provide an updated syllabus structure to them which will help them for their studies.

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