IGNOU BAPCH Assignment 2023-2024 (July – January)

IGNOU BAPCH Assignments 2024 - IGNOU BAPCH Assignment Question Paper has been uploaded by the university for its current session 2024. The students of the BAPCH program can now download the Assignment Questions from this page. Candidates have to compulsory download and submit these assignments with the solutions to the university to get permission for attending the Term End Exam of the IGNOU BAPCH Program.

We also inform all BAPCH students that the assignment questions for each of the courses of the IGNOU BAPCH program are available for download from here. You have to prepare each of BAPCH assignment separately so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily understand and identify the course code of each subject.

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Program Code IGNOU BAPCH
Name of the Program Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology
Session 2024
Applicable For TEE June 2024 & December 2024
Category IGNOU Assignment 2024

List of IGNOU BAPCH Assignment 2024

Each of the Assignment questions will have different marks and the same will be printed on each question. Candidates should write the solutions to all questions according to the instructions given in the IGNOU BAPCH Assignment Question Paper. The BAPCH students have to submit the Assignments for each course to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. The candidates have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

IGNOU BAPCH Assignment Submission Last Date for 2024

Here is the Last Date for Submission of the IGNOU BAPCH Assignment to appear in the Upcoming Term End Exam June 2024 or December 2024.

For TEE June 2024 15th May 2024 (Extended)
For TEE December 2024 30th September 2024

Where to Submit IGNOU BAPCH Assignments?

If you have completely solved your assignment then you have to submit your IGNOU BAPCH Assignments to the coordinator of the study centre which is allotted to you at the time of admission. Don’t forget to get a receipt for the submission of BAPCH Assignments.

After preparing the solution for your BAPCH Assignment, you have to submit IGNOU Assignments to the coordinator of the study centre which was allotted to you at the time of taking admission. Moreover, Don't forget to get a receipt for the submission of BAPCH Assignments.

59 thoughts on “IGNOU BAPCH Assignment 2023-2024 (July – January)”

  1. hello, just enrolled for BAPCH in august 2023
    hopefully the ignou team will put up necessary information online for everyone to see .
    can we students contact via email for study related information?

  2. Each subject has an assignment, and you should complete every assignment and submit it to your study center coordinator according to its deadline.
    if you any further doubts contact study center or mail them. They will response in 48 hours. Consider mail method if you want any useful information.

    1. I have admitted to this BAPCH in January 2023
      how do you know what are the Ist semester Questions for the Assignment

    2. hello!
      do we write the assignment on single lined file paper or single lined book?
      do they return the exercise book or keep it with them?
      sorry for disturbing you though.
      just enrolled august 2023
      thanking you

  3. Yeah, I’m the same course. And I’m also confused that how many assignments we need to submit in 1st year?

  4. HIi, I have taken the admission in the month of July 2022 for BAPCH. Can anyone tell how many assignments we need to complete in the 1st year? if anyone do know, kindly help… or tell any other method to connect

    Deepika V.K.

  5. hello, my name is om shiv , bapch Jul 2020 batch.
    as far as i know assignment for jun 21 were to be submitted before 31st may 21 & 1st year TEE exams were cancelled alltogether ,marks will be given on basis of 2ndyear TEE exams.
    moving forward i dont have any info regarding this year.
    anyone knowing anything kindly contact me leaving you my email id

    reading all your comments i think we student should connect together to help facilitate info. better

    1. I’m enrolled in July 2021 batch of bapch ……
      I’m in my 2nd semester now ….
      can anyone guide me for the assignments ?
      idk anything

  6. Hi i took admission in BAPCH druing Jan session 2021, which paper to submitted ! Totally confused, last date on their website id 30th sept and i am not even sure of the question Paper. Please help!

  7. Did anyone enroll BAPCH in June 2021 admission batch? If so, where to download June 2021 – Jan 2022 assignments? Kindly answer this dear blog poster.

    1. I’m from the same batch you’re in your second semester now right?
      can you guide for the assignments of 2nd semester

    1. Hey, i have enrolled for the same course. Can you please clear some of my doubts. Please contact!

  8. I m registered for jul 20 bapch course, me too confuse about assignment & tee, pls inform if any one know about it.

    1. Hey, actually I have also applied for July 20 bapch course and have completed the assignment so do we have to submit it before April 30, coz it’s locked down here n my study centre is far …Also when are term ends exam supposed to be conducted? Anyone with any info pls guide me….

    2. I am also a student of BAPCH July 2020 session. I have submitted my 101,102,103,104 Assignments to my alloted study centre via courier. Though the last date of submission has been extended now because of covid but as earlier it was 31st March I submitted at that date. I called and asked my Study centre for the exam link of first term they have advised to keep a track of it on the official IGNOU website. Given the situation the exam might postponed but no further guidelines have been given by the University so I would advise you all to keep in contact with your study centre and keep checking and emailing the official website of our university. Even I was trying to find a contact between my fellow students but since lockdown was announced no face to face counselling session has been scheduled. Also if anyone knows anything about practicals please do let me know there are two practicals of the first course introduction to psychology.

    3. Hey Nikita Khakurdikar,
      i am also a student of BAPCH july 2020 session. i am so confused in assignment process,practicals and exam related information. can you please guide me.

    4. Hey Hi, Nikita, I’m also from July 2020 batch & have no clue about what sort of assignments to do or anything regarding our exam. Out of all the comments, I read here, it seemed like you had the most idea of what’s going on. So plz as a fellow batchmate can you guide me. And can we students form some sort of group so we can help each other out if anyone has some leads.

    5. Hey Nikita!
      I just want to know that when will June 2021 exam going to happen? or the exam already had happened.
      Please let me know please please🙏

    6. Hey Bhavana Jha,
      I have enrolled in the same course. I want to ask one thing that we need to do assignments of all the 8 subjects?

  9. Hey I’m also registered myself in July 2020 session but i don’t understand about the assignment’s and please kindly inform me, if u know about anything.

  10. Hi, I have registered myself for BAPCH July 2020 session. Can anyone please let me know which if we have to do the same assignment as January session, when is the last date of submission and when will the exam be held?

  11. Hello guys,
    I have as well registered myself for BAPCH June 2020 session. And as far as I know, the examination will be conducted around July 2021 for all 8 papers. However, assignments are to be submitted between January 21-February 21.
    Assignment questions for each program are supposed to be published on webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/, but there is no update for BAPCH June 2020 session. Also, I can not find the previous year’s question papers.
    Anyone with any update/information, please respond!

    1. Hi
      I too registered for the same course July 2020. Can someone please guide me about which assignments to do and the submission dates?

    2. hey riya! i am a bit confused too regarding the same, would it be possible for you to connect on any other platform?

  12. I just have a conversation with the ignou center. They are saying you will get the question paper by February. If we get the question paper in feb then, when will we submit the assignment ?? Also, may i have any student’s number who enrolled for BAPCH July 2020, much help would it be.

    1. Hello even I have taken admission in July 2020 session being in defense I’m not being able to manage my time for queries . can u guide me

  13. I took admission in July 2020 session, do we have to do the same assignments? And can we give December 2020 term end exams?

  14. I called to the Study Centre regarding the assignment, whether it’s same or not. They answered me, no final decision has been taken so far, admission is still open, we will let you know only after the admission is closed.

  15. Good evening, I am Mitanshi, I took admission in BAPCH July session 2020. I want to know whether we have to submit the same assignments?

  16. my name is birundha. i m enrolled BA Hons Psychology course in july 2020 session. is ignou release assignent for BAPCH july session 2020. please clear my doubt if yes means, please send the assignment i dont know which and which session assignment want to do. please

    thanking you.

    1. i have the same question
      i am really confused
      did you find any answer
      please let me know too

    1. hi jahnabi das. im also BAPCH july session, if u know the detail about the courses , assignment and when we want to give a 1st semester exam. please say to me, i dont know anythink about it.

    2. Registered for July 20, where is the assignment link,
      Found only Assignment details given for Jan,

    3. Hi Jahnabi! were your doubts cleared???
      i have a few questions too! can you contact me?

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