IGNOU DECE Project Dec 2023, Submission Last Date, Guidelines

IGNOU DECE Project December 2023, Guidelines, Submission Last Date – The IGNOU DECE project is one of the important elements for students who are pursuing DECE from IGNOU. It is a diploma course that consists of practical projects also alongside theoretical exams and assignments.

The DECE diploma course of the university consists of four courses that are DECE-1, DECE-2, DECE-3, and DECE-4. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (DECE) in its fourth course DECE-4 asks the student to take up a project task.

IGNOU DECE-04 Project 2023

The university offers a number of audio programs to the students of the IGNOU DECE-04 Project. These programs are about organizing a childcare service, setting up a childcare service, and having a conversation with the course’s editor.

There are also some video programs available under the DECE-04 project and these are about planning a crèche or a preschool, narrating stories to kids, making play materials, and spending a day with toddlers.


The students have to prepare their project based on the audio and video programs offers by the university.

Project Guidelines of IGNOU DECE

There are specific guidelines and instructions that the students need to follow in order to complete their DECE-04 project.

  • Students need to spend a duration of 30 days in a playschool and have to carry out the activities according to the manual offered to the students.
  • The candidates have to prepare an activity plan and a report based on the happenings. This has to be done again according to the project manual offered.
  • All the plans and reports have to be compiled altogether and this compilation will become the DECE-04 project file.
  • There will be a guide designated to the student under whose supervision the whole project has to be completed.
  • If you have any trouble with the guide, you can approach the counselor for further help.
  • The project will be evaluated by the guide on the sport, the principal of the school, as well as the Women’s Education Unit of IGNOU.

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How To Submit IGNOU DECE Project?

Once the whole process is completed, the project will be evaluated on the spot by the guide as well as by the principal of the respected school. After the evaluation, the student must submit the project online by registering on the IGNOU site’s DECE page.

  • Registration

To submit the DECE-04 project, the student has to get registered and login on to the IGNOU site in this way.

Step – 1 – Go to the direct submission page by clicking the link https://dece22.ignouonline.ac.in/Dec2023/.

Step – 2 – Here, go for the Register option if you still need to register on the url.

Step – 3 – On the page for registration, fill up the details of the enrolment number, email, mobile number, and your name.

Step – 4 – Also, you have to select a password here for login details.

Step – 5 – Upload your front face photo and IGNOU I Card.

Step – 6 – Accept the undertaking after reading the guidelines.

Step – 7 – Submit details to complete registration.

  • Login

If you are already a registered candidate on this page and you are trying to re-submit your edited project, then you just need to Login.

Step – 1 – You will get Login option by visiting the page https://dece22.ignouonline.ac.in/Dec2023/.

Step – 2 – On the page for Login, type the username and the password.

Step – 3 – Submit the details to login and submit your project.

IGNOU DECE Project Submission Last Date 2023

According to the manual of DECE-04, the project should be submitted before the Term-End Examination which usually happens twice in every year. The last submission date for the DECE-04 Project December 2023 is 30th November 2023. This is the last date for those who are about to re-submit the edited project.

As of now, the last date is 30th November 2023, but it depends upon the university and other factors whether the university will increase the last date or not. If such a change is made, then the students will be notified through the IGNOU portal and the changed date will be displayed on the IGNOU DECE page.

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  1. I am DECE student dec 2022 session. My project is still pending because of training. School teachers are not allowing for teacher training and study center, resional center and Deo office no one is helping me they are giving me excuses now what to do.

    1. you should talk to your relatives or neighbour/friends who teaches in school wheather he is parmanent teacher or private. He will help you .

    2. भाई मेरा भी प्रोजेक्ट जमा नहीं हुए हैं

  2. i m july 2022 student of DNHE…..what is the last date to submit my project…??
    please someone tell me!!

  3. I am july 22 student of dece programme In pahse II I upload the pdf file but after uploading the dece22credientail failuare msg display of screen. Please reply what can I do for that and how to pay rs. 500- project fee online

  4. it seems that DECE Department is always irresponsible. There are many questions from students side. Even study centres are not able to answer for project related queries. Can anyone say the best way through which our questions will be answered and properly guided?

  5. My name is Priyanka Rani from (Karnal Regional Centre)
    My Enrollment No. For DECE session July 2021-june 2022 is 2106495497.
    I Haven’t Received any letter from Ignou regarding my project DECE-4.

    Sir/Mam post office ka bhi update aa gya tha ki project delhi maidan garhi ignou centre mein phunch chuka hai !
    So,please update my project marks….it’s been 8 months I am still waiting for my result…

    It’s a humble request please update my marks on ignou grade card…. As soon as possible .

  6. I am MBA student and have already submit the synopsis for my final semester project MS100 but till the date not get project synposis approval.
    So, how to check that synopsis approve or not?
    also, what is last date for my project submission.

  7. Hello sir I am student of 2020 jan because of COVID_19 so that I was unable to submit my project DECE-4 but my assignment and Theory exams are cleared in 2020 dec and my project is still pending coz of my pregnancy so pl tell me the last date of project DECE-4

  8. hello ,I’m appearing for dece June24 exam. I haven’t finished my project work yet. Is it possible to attend exam without submitting project ? I have filled exam form and paid fees .can I submit my pfoject work later ?

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