IGNOU MA Education (MAEDU) Assignment 2024 (January & July)

IGNOU MAEDU Assignments 2024 - IGNOU MAEDU Assignment Question Paper has been uploaded by the university for its current session 2024. The students of the MAEDU program can now download the Assignment Questions from this page. Candidates have to compulsory download and submit these assignments with the solutions to the university to get permission for attending the Term End Exam of the IGNOU MAEDU Program.

We also inform all MAEDU students that the assignment questions for each of the courses of the IGNOU MAEDU program are available for download from here. You have to prepare each of MAEDU assignment separately so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily understand and identify the course code of each subject.

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Program Code IGNOU MAEDU
Name of the Program Master of Arts (Education)
Session 2024
Applicable For TEE June 2024 & December 2024
Category IGNOU Assignment 2024

List of IGNOU MAEDU Assignment 2024

Each of the Assignment questions will have different marks and the same will be printed on each question. Candidates should write the solutions to all questions according to the instructions given in the IGNOU MAEDU Assignment Question Paper. The MAEDU students have to submit the Assignments for each course to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. The candidates have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

IGNOU MAEDU Assignment Submission Last Date for 2024

Here is the Last Date for Submission of the IGNOU MAEDU Assignment to appear in the Upcoming Term End Exam June 2024 or December 2024.

For TEE June 2024 15th May 2024 (Extended)
For TEE December 2024 30th September 2024

Where to Submit IGNOU MAEDU Assignments?

If you have completely solved your assignment then you have to submit your IGNOU MAEDU Assignments to the coordinator of the study centre which is allotted to you at the time of admission. Don’t forget to get a receipt for the submission of MAEDU Assignments.

After preparing the solution for your MAEDU Assignment, you have to submit IGNOU Assignments to the coordinator of the study centre which was allotted to you at the time of taking admission. Moreover, Don't forget to get a receipt for the submission of MAEDU Assignments.

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  1. I am a student of 1 year of MAEDU ,July session 2023 .sir/ma’am I got a confusion about assignment from where can I get the question and when is the last date for submission.

  2. I am a student of 2nd year of MA Education (MAEDU)-2023 and was opted “EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY” in SPECIALIZED AREA. So, I want to know which assignments I have to complete as there are two types of Assignments on this field one is Revised and another is unrevised. So, which one I have to submit, please inform me. Thank you.

  3. I took admission in MAEDU in July 2022. Please tell me please when did I can submit my 1st year assignment….. Please tell me the exact date 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Respected sir, I Have registered MAEDU for july session 2022 but, I don’t get any Study material and also what about assignment Session july 2022- 2023

  5. Respected dear sir, I have registered for july session 2022 and not getting enrollment number. So, please tell me what to do next.

  6. Sir i have joined 2018 January session For MAEDU so i have not get the Marksheet till now. please help me

  7. I have enrolled in July 2021 cycle and will give exams in June 2022. So I have a confusion that which batch assignment I have to make. There are 2 – one is of Session: January 2021 – July 2021 and another one is of Session: January 2022 – July 2022

    1. I have this same problem like you but still didn’t get any reply.what to do…I have cleared the admission fees for 2nd year also but still no assignments updated. I am so confused what to do

  8. I have enrolled for July 2021 cycle and attending exam in June 2022. I am having a confusion that which batch I need to write .


  10. Sir/Madam
    I took admission for MAEDU in September 2021 and I want to know the details of assignments and exam. I didn’t received any mail from the university or study centre regarding the same .Received the study materials for first semester .Am I supposed to submit the assignments on or before December 2021?


  12. Sir/Ma’am

    I just wanted to ask when is the last date to submit for MA edu assignment 1st year July 2021 I just got my enrollment number yesterday …..

  13. Sir/ Ma’am
    I took admission in MAEDU in July 2019 and submitted first year assignment in 2020. Please tell me which year assignment topics should I prepare for MAEDU second year, is it January 2020 & July 2020 or January 2021 & July 2021. Please confirm on mail. Thanks

  14. Sir/Madam when will be the last date of submission for January 2021 session MAEDU and I haven’t received my study materials also… Please let us know do we have to submit the assignment online or ofline?

  15. I have enrolled MA EDU in 2020 July session,till now I don’t get any information or any mail from institute. even I don’t know my enrollment number also.how can I get information from IGNOU.

  16. Sir,I have enrolled myself in MAEDU in August,2020.
    Which assignment should i do and when is the last date of submission ?Please help.

  17. Sir,
    I have taken admission in MAEDU in August 2020. So I want to ask which assignment should I download… Is it the same questions of assignment for January session and July session of 2020??

  18. I’v attempted maedu 1 year tee. Result is awaited. Which assignment shall i write for tee for 2 year in dec 2019?

  19. मै गुलशन कुमार एम ए ईडीयू दवितीय वरष मे हू मेरे विषय MAE 1,MAE 2 MAE 3 MAE 4 हैमुझे SOLWED ASSIGNMENT JAN 2019 20 की भेज दो

  20. Sir i am enrolled in MA edu. Programm in July 2017.I have not given first year exam and not submitted any Assignment due to some problem.So I request you please guide me to complete this.Please reply me as soon as possible .

  21. I admitted in MAEDU in July, 2018. Which assignments set i have to submit for term end examination to beheld on June, 2019 for 1st year

  22. Sir I m confused which year assignment to submit for June 2019 term end exam.my subjects are 31, 32 ,33, 34 .??

  23. Sir i have joined 2018 july session for M.A course. So when i will be submitted my assignment for paper-1.which assignment should i download. Please guide me further details.

    1. Sir i have joined 2018 January session For MAEDU so i have not get the Marksheet till now. please help me

  24. Sir i enrolled in MA in education in the year 2017. I submitted my first year assignment in the month of july 2018. Sir, then when will the form fillup of the exam will start?

  25. sir I enrolled jan 2015 MEDU and my paper is all clear.
    can I submit my assignment in Jan to July 2018
    plz reply

  26. Sir, I have registered for MAEDU on 30th of Jan.2018. My question is that, when I have to attend the contact classes at study centre and what is the last Date for submission of assignments ?
    Kindly do inform as soon as possible so that I shouldn’t miss the chance.

  27. Sir mai maedu ka students huu mai Dec 2017 ka exam Diya that to mujhe C grade Mila h 1st year me to mujhe total kitna Marks Mila h plz bataye help me

  28. Hi,
    i have enrolled for M.A Edu july 2017 when is the last date for assignment submission, and can you you please guide me on when the exams are scheduled. Kindly help

    1. Hi
      I went through the assignment list and I find 3 topics for each subject. My doubt here is should we write assignments for all the 3 topics or any one topic ?

  29. I hav not completed full assignment tomorrow i hav to submit wht will i do … can i submit after 4 days with late fee
    …. plzzz reply

  30. I have enrolled for MA Edu in July 2017. Which assignments should I download? By when do I submit them? Will I be appearing for June 2018 exam?

    1. I also want to know have enrolled for MA Edu in July 2017. Which assignments should I download? By when do I submit them? Will I be appearing for June 2018 exam?

    2. Sir, l have paid my MAEDU fee on 30-03-2021, but i have not received any books.
      So kindly go through it. The Assignment submission date is coming closer.
      Thanking you sir.

  31. Sir i have Joined 2015 june session, i had submitted my assignment and in mes-42 & mes-43 the grade card status says not completed, for that again i going to submit my assignment on these two paper, so i have doubt which year assignment submit 2017 or 2018

  32. I have taken admission in July2017. Am I supposed to submit Jan2018 – July2018 assignment or the previous one Jan 2017-July 2018 ?

    1. I have taken admission in maedu in august 2017.Am i supposed to submit january2018-july 2018 assignments or the previous one january 2017-july 2018?

  33. Sir I am a student of MAEDU 2016 JANUARY SESSION admission. But I could not able to gave exam or submit assignment in 2016 but I gave 2017 December term end exam and submit 2017 first year assignment in November late. But now most of my frnds assignment status has shown but not mine. Why sir. Was my assignment papers question year 2017 first year was correctna??

  34. Sir, I’ve enrolled in july’16session.now I want to complete two-year assignments work. Which session assignment will I do?

  35. Sir/Madam, I have enrolled myself for the MA in EDU first year programme for the year 2017-18. I need assignment questions for the same. Please help.

  36. Dear Sir,
    I have enrolled my self in july and i got my books. Kindly suggest me which year assignment i have to do and what is the last date for it?

  37. Sir. I am confuse which assignments have to submit for dec 2017 exams. My subjects are mes 101,102,103 and 104. Pls send me the question of assignments.

    1. Can you tell which assignments to prepare, if admission is taken in July 2022

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