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IGNOU MEG Study Material & Books – Here, Candidates will be able to download a soft copy of IGNOU MEG Study Material. It will be helpful for those students who opt for online books for MEG instead of printed ones. Moreover, if you lost your MEG books then you can also download the same online to continue your study with soft materials. Here, We have uploaded books for All MEG Courses that can be downloaded by all students.

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IGNOU MEG Study Material is compatible with the latest syllabus and applicable for the upcoming TEE June 2024 and December 2024 in terms of creating of MEG Assignments as well as writing the Term end examinations. Furthermore, IGNOU MCA All Study Materials are uploaded here will be available for download for free of cost. So it can be easily accessible for all MCA students without need of registration.

Applicable for IGNOU MEG Program
Format of Books PDF
Category IGNOU Study Material 2024

List of IGNOU MEG Study Material

First Year
MEG-05 Literary Criticism and Theory Download
Second Year
Compulsory (Choosy any one)
MEG-04 Aspects of Language Download
MEG-15 Comparative Literature : Theory and Practice Download
Optional Courses
MEG-01 British Poetry Download
MEG-02 British Drama Download
MEG-03 British Novel Download
MEG-06 American Literature Download
MEG-07 Indian English Literature Download
MEG-08 New Literatures in English Download
MEG-09 Australian Literature Download
MEG-10 English Studies in India Download
MEG-11 American Novel Download
MEG-12 A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature Download
MEG-13 Writings From The Margins Download
MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation Download
MEG-16 Indian Folk Literature Download
MEG-17 American Drama Download
MEG-18 American Poetry Download
MEG-19 The Australian Novel Download

Why Should I Use IGNOU MEG eBooks?

The soft copies of IGNOU MEG study materials having various advantages during your academic journey with the university. It will be helpful to you for the preparation of the IGNOU MEG Assignment as you have to write the solution with its help.

Furthermore, you can also use MEG Books for the preparation for the IGNOU Term End Examination which will help you to achieve good marks and grades. The one of the most benefit of having MCA Online Study Material is it can be downloaded and studied from anywhere or at any time.

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    1. Aspects of language paper should not be made compulsory….only due to this linguistics paper, I couldn’t complete MEG

  1. MEG 5 is in first year or second year. because in the prospectus it is given in the 2nd year. please confirm..

  2. Please send study material for Meg 3 and Meg 4 immediate Naresh Chandra Srivastava Allahabad

  3. When we will get our study matrial s from the study centre? when the class will start?
    I took admission 2018 January session,at Jagannath kisore college, Purulia.

  4. Please Send My MEG-1 ,Meg-4,MEG-3 & MEG-2 study material to my Address. As soon as possible. Otherwise how can I complete my Assignnent within September & Submit to my study centre for appearing final 1st year Examination. Its my earnest request. Thanking You.

    1. MEG 13 अगर मिला हो तो मुझे भी चाहीए कहा पे मिलेगा?

  5. I am going to register for MA eng for july cycle 2018, should i start studying from these study material? Will there be any change in syllabus this year or will it be the same as 2017??


  7. kindly update study material and assignment for MEG15 because i have selected this course as a option for 2nd year of MA programme. thanks.

  8. I am Suchana Biswas. My enrollment no 180968245. I am a student of M.A. of January session.I have not receieve my study materials. If exam will start in December how can l take preparation for exam? Please help me. Specially meg 3&4. Kindly send these soon.

  9. Kindly post MEG 15 study material. It has been newly added but the website doesn’t show anything about comparative literature and Indian folk literature (Meg 15 and 16 respectively). Also the assignment questions for the above mentioned subjects have also been not updated yet. Please help.

  10. Please post me meg 01,02,03,04 study materials…
    books… Agr koi second year me ho to apne first year ka books mere address par send Kare.. Please 😢mujhe apne first year ka book abhi tak nahi Mila hai

  11. I took admission in jan 2020. I didn’t receive my study material yet and I am hearing that first I will have to submit the assignment thereafter I will receive my study material. plz let me know should I submit assignment first.

  12. I have enrolled in meg session Jan 2020. Shall we get the study material after the lockdown.

  13. Please check MEG 2 British Drama’s study material for The Alchemist. Waiting for Godot’s three units and Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist’s fourth and fifth units are put together under The Alchemist study material.

    1. I am planning to get fresh admission for MEG, July 2021.
      Can any one tell me, when will the admission start?

  14. Dear sir / mam,
    I have not received my enrollment number.
    And not received Books. I got admission 12 /9 2020.
    Please do the needful.
    Thank YOU VERY MUCH.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam

    I had taken admission in MEG-July 2021.But only MEG-01 (British Poetry) books received others books are yet not receive.Please kindly send those.

  16. Sir/mam please please help me in getting MEG 17 : American drama 1 pdf of books .I didn’t find it anywhere here .please tell how can we get it .tell us as soon as possible. Thank you hope you ll tell us.

    Today is 8-2 -2022

  17. Could you please upload MEG-13 Writings from the Margins. I am able to find the material, If I search specifically. However, in the above list the same is missing. The Admin may please note and provide the link in this page.

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