IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023 (December)

IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023 (December) – Candidates can calculate their percentage after getting complete results and a grade card from IGNOU University. The percentage is calculated on the basis of the Theory Examination and Assignment Marks. Both are compulsory in IGNOU to complete your program and become eligible to earn a degree certificate from the university.

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If a student has appeared in all examinations and got their complete IGNOU Grade Card or Result online from University then they can proceed to calculate their percentage by the below formula. Our instructions and guidelines will help you to find the exact percentage you achieved in your examination.

IGNOU percentage is calculated on the basis of Assignment marks and Theory marks obtained in the Term End Exam. Generally, the method is applicable to almost all courses offered by IGNOU.

IGNOU Percentage Calculator

Assignments (30% weighted): Candidates have to compulsorily submit their IGNOU Assignment to the coordinator of the study center every semester or year.

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Term End Examination (70% Weighted): IGNOU conducts Term End Examination twice a year in June and December. Candidates can appear in any of the session exams after the submission of assignments.

How to Calculate IGNOU Percentage?

We have made a complete example and formula to calculate your percentage of each exam conducted by IGNOU. This formula will be the same for the final examination of your selected program.

Obtained Marks A B
Subjects Assignments Theory 30% of Assignments 70% of the Theory Total (A+B)
A 60 64 18 44.8 62.8
B 65 56 19.5 39.2 58.7
C 70 59 21 41.3 62.3
D 76 45 22.8 31.5 54.3
E 71 52 21.3 36.4 57.7
Total 295.8
Percentage 59.16%

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Grades System for percentage: Students will have to consider the below grading system which is given on the basis of the percentage you get in your examination.

Grade Percentage
A 80% and Above
B 60% to 79.9%
C 50% to 59.9%
D 40% to 49.9%
E Below 40%

The letter grading system is used for grading your assignment marks and theory marks. Following is the list of grades with remarks:

Grade Remarks
A Excellent
B Very Good
C Good
D Satisfactory
E Unsatisfactory

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IGNOU Students will have to obtain at least a “D” Grade in both assignments and term-end examinations for qualifying a course. However, the overall average should be at least a “C” grade for the successful completion of a program from IGNOU.

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  1. sir
    my enrollment no is 189689365 , i have submitted my ms 100 project in the month of april 2023 but still the grades have not been uploaded . Can you please guide me about the status of the same as well as my current percentage

  2. I have A grade in Assignment and D grade in Theory in a Subject , Is the total result of the subject pass or fail ??

  3. i Just passed all my BA exams in June 2022, but i didnt receive any degree or any type of provisional degree. Now i want to admission in new programm 2023 but it need BA degree. Pl help me out
    My enrolment Number is 181204856

  4. Do we need to pass separately in both assignment and term end exam or we have to get aggregate marks in order to pass. Please Clarify

  5. I got A grade in assignment of two papers and D grade in theory in same paper MMPC05 & MMPC07.
    the status shows not completed what will be the result

    1. hi, myself Diler Singh. I want to clear your doubt. pls download the management prospectus and go to page no. 11 there u will it is clearly mentioned that u need to score atleast C grade in both i.e. assignment as well as theory. If anyhow u score D grade in anyone it will always show in ur grade card as incomplete. please do check.

  6. I have not complete MNRE 16, Dec 2021,so how can I take exam for term end exam,pl suggest me to sit for coming term end exam

  7. Same problem…. I got A in assignment and D in theory but the grade card shows not completed…..I am also confused

  8. Sir Ma’am,
    I am Abraham. i am 1st Semester student in MBA & my enrollment No is 2107149890. i got A in assignment & D in term end theory but the status in grade card it shows not completed. D grade = 40-49%. Can some explain the reason behind.

  9. I have completed B.ed in June 2021. I recieved grade card. But it’s like
    How can I calculate my grade.
    Enrollment no 199674648

  10. I submitted my online assingment in december but my marks is not updated pls help me my roll no. Is 168297641

  11. Hello sir

    I have got 63 in theory and 46 in Assignment. Am i passes in this subject? Pls reply

    Course – MCOM

  12. I have passed BA (EHI) in the year of dec 19. but I did not get marksheet and provisional certificate till the time.
    What we can do sr .plz update the same sr.

  13. What is the passing percentage that We have to get to receive in the total to the term end exam in the undergraduate program to obtain degree.

  14. Sir I have one subject mpa018 which 100 marks for practical and 50 for theory so how do I calculate my percentage

  15. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am Biplab Jana,student of B.com(General).I have cleared some subjects and some subjects are pending but I want to fill up a form of management entrance test in other university.There is asking for CGPA instead of percentage.So please tell me the full procedure how I have to calculate CGPA?

  16. My enrollment no is 180276441 PGDRD. I got D grade in one subject but it’s showing not completed.

  17. नमस्ते सर मेने D.el.ed. किया हे जून 2016 पास कर लिया हे मुझे मेरा प्राप्तांक और पूर्णानाक का पता नहीं चल पा रहा हे 1200 grand total he ya 1100 ka grand total he ya 1000 ka grand total he pls confirm kese hoga sir ji pls bataiye jara

    1. Sir mere BA 2nd ke exam ho chuke h December 2019 me or mere assignment ab May 2020 me submit kiye h online submit ho chuke hai but mujhe kese pta chalega ki wo check honge ya nahi

  18. नमस्ते सर मैंने 2015 में B.Ed पास करी है मुझे नहीं पता लग रहा है सर कि मेरे टोटल नंबर कितने है प्लीज

  19. Sir can you please tell me if the overall percentage is above 55% but one or two subjects are not cleared then will I be qualified as passed? If not then what should I do, go for improvement or re-evaluation?

  20. Good evening sir/ mam..my self Neha singh.i am a student of your university. My enrollment no is 157085686..bsc..pls tell me my percentage. pls sir

  21. I have secured 399 out off 800 marks
    But in my statement of mark it is written as 50.00%
    As a reserved candidate can i apply UGC NET.

  22. We also see Term End Exams as 50 marks paper with 2 hour duration for Graduation exam. How is that calculated? do we double the marks?

  23. Dear Sir/Mam,

    I have completed diploma in civil Engg (DCLEG) 2012 but calculate the percentage of grade card accordding me 53.95% and obtained marks 2158, total marks 4000.But 55.44% mention percentage on my Grade Card marksheet.
    Kindly help me to get my answers.

    Name- Himanshu
    Enrollment- 082993508
    Course- DCLEG

  24. Sir i was given mps 4 papers in june 2018..but i got only 2 papers result…2 papers result is not showing

  25. Sir, it is necessary to clear all subjects for pass certificate…. If we fail in two subjects, we can get the pass certificate or not.

  26. Dear Sir/Mam,

    I have re-registered for Mps 2nd year & submit the assignments and exam fee in April 2018 after thai i got to know that my exam will be held on December or January mean while i am getting very confused about Tee 2018 so please help me to know about examination that when will i need to fill exam fee again tee & in which month my exam will held.

    Kindly help me to get my answers.

    Name- Sandeep
    Enrollment- 160504760
    Course- MPS 2nd year

  27. How much weightage of practical subject is taken?for practic theory and practical marks?

    1. my enroll no is..175506718…I have completed my BA course but Subject ( ESO 16) assignment mark not yet updated..a total period of 6 year is gone..study centre is not replying…plz reply

    1. I have qualified One Subject in Bed with Grade D in theory & Assignments with C
      Over all result subject not completed
      What is process to compete this one
      Re submission of assignments or Re exam in theory

    1. Good evening Sir/Madam
      My enrollment no is 177634005 PGDRD. I need yours help regarding grade calculation. I have got in three Subjects theory exam grade c and in the subject grade B
      Assignment grade in all subject is A
      What is overall grade in PGDRD

    2. Sir 34 marks in theory of MEG13 and 80 =24 marks in assignment of this subject

  28. I submitted my meg first year 2017 December session assignment …I am waiting assignment marks ..pl help me…my enrollment no is 172381850

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