IGNOU Passing Marks Out of 100, 70, 50 for Exam & Assignments

IGNOU Passing Marks for Theory, Practical & Assignments – Many of the candidates are confused about the minimum or passing marks in IGNOU to get qualify for the selected programme. After taking admission to IGNOU, every student wants to clarify about required marks to pass the theory as well as the practical paper of the term-end examination.

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IGNOU Passing Marks 2023

We just want to clarify about passing marks which does not mean that you just prepared to get minimum marks in the exam so study hard to get maximum marks in IGNOU Term End Exam.

The passing marks vary in theory papers as well as assignments and its also different for Master’s Degree courses and all other courses offered by IGNOU. Here we have made it simpler to know the exact marks you need to complete your programme from IGNOU.

IGNOU Passing Marks

IGNOU Passing Marks for Assignment

If you want to pass out in the IGNOU Assignments then the candidate must have 40 marks out of total of 100 marks. The required marks will be the same for all academic courses of IGNOU. If the candidate failed to get minimum marks in IGNOU Assignment then they need to submit the particular assignment again to IGNOU.

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IGNOU Passing Marks for Term End Exam (TEE)

  • If you want to pass out the theory or practical papers of the Master’s Degree Programme then you must have a minimum of 40 marks out of 100 marks to get quality.
  • For the bachelor’s degree and all other programmes, the required passing mark is 40 (Increased from Earlier 35) out of 100 in TEE.

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IGNOU Passing Marks Out of 70 & 50

If the question paper is having 70 total marks then candidates have to achieve a minimum of 25 marks out of the total in the examination. If papers have a total of 50 marks then candidates have to get a minimum of 20 marks to pass out in the bachelor’s degree exam and a minimum of 20 marks to pass out in the master’s degree exam.

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We hope that you got the information about the required passing marks you needed to get qualify for the IGNOU Term end examination. If you are confused with the Passing Marks in IGNOU even after the reading of a lot of articles then let us know your query by writing and commenting here.

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  1. Hai, Ignou recently changed D grade to pass in MBA course on September 16, 2023. Grade card also been updated . Can anyone provide the latest notification of Ignou Grade Card?

  2. Jin logo n june m exams diye h or unke 35 marks h 100 m se or ye notification ab aya h marks ka to kya vo fail h ya pass h ??unhe dubara paper dena pdega kya

  3. hello
    my assignment status is not updated yet but i got my term end result. so my assignments are submitted or not what to do now

  4. Sir my assignment has been submitted i got the revising but the site is not showing nor showing the status so what to do now

  5. I got Grade D in term end Dec 2022 un mbahm course.. but in grade card it is showing that not completed.. kindly clear the decision..

  6. Dear sir,
    i would like to known about the results of the Assingment in MPS. SO kindly updated the result send me results as soon as possible. i do always work hard. Hard work is giving good results but in my case it is being divergent.

  7. Dear sir,
    How can i find out the results of assignment in MPS , So please kindly send the me your response within 2 days

  8. this is wrong decision of increasing minimum passing marks to 40% we the People’s working together and reading is very difficult to getting more Marks and to pass please kindly consider our request and please follow the earlier method of passing marks

  9. i am try to submit exam fees some failed paper of second yrs bcomg.on date 30.04.2023 but it is not submit through online , pls tell how to submit after last date 30.04.23

  10. i am try to submit exam fees some failed paper on date 30.04.2023but it is not submit through online , pls tell how to submit after last date 30.04.23

  11. If suppose we submit the assignment but we are unable to give term end exam then we have to submit again all assignments or the Marks will br carried forward?

  12. Hey there!!
    I have joined BCA course from ignou. But the study centre which I choose has been deactivated, how may I submit my assignments?

  13. Hi My Name is nikita Khullar
    In My MBA course,on grade card i see I got C grade in assignment and D grade in theory, then why it is showing incomplete on grade card?

    1. HI My Name is Nagubai ps
      In My MBA Course in grade card i got C grade in assignment and D in theory then why it is showing incomplete on grade card?and in one more subject theroy grade still not updated in grade card it showing in complete.
      enrollment number 2251326431

  14. My name is Babita sahu meri assignment clear kyu nahi hua clear karo Asignment submit kar ke bi aap clear nahi kar rahe he

  15. Hi I’m partha Mukherjee students of DNHE my enrolment number is 2200488555 I have already submitted my assignment within due date in last year’s 2022 December and I have got project and theory number. But still didn’t getting assessment number i have send several mail in my study centre and regional centre status is showing under process. Somebody else can tale me how soon I get my all assignment number. Silliguri west bengal

  16. sir/madam,
    in MEG MA English in all other papers I passed with above 40 marks but in one last paper subject MEG 16 I got 33 marks. whether I am pass as grade card is not being shown.

    1. If your Paper is 50 Marks then you need minumum marks to be passed is 20, and 40 out of 100

  17. sir i have given exam of MCS 203 ( IN JULY 2022) I GOT 30 MARKS IN THEORY , SIR ME PASS HUE YEH FAIL PLS TELL .

  18. Sir I have given exams in MA in Sociology (MSO-3 & MSO-4) in Dec 2022.But the marks shown in Term end results are not satisfactory as per my preparation is concern.my question is will it be possible for me to give my MSO second year exam along with MSO first year back exams??
    Please suggest

  19. sir mera result maih BHDLA 135 KE RESULT maih pass show kr raha Hai sir magar waha 25 no show kr raha mark sheet maih sir mera code ko pass Karo BHDLA 135 MAIH pass show Karo all result maih sir ji requirements Hao sir ji

  20. The study material not yet dispatched for MAPC 2nd year
    the status also not updated , shows to reach by october 2022
    No concrete reply to mails either, RC mumbai says contact delhi
    Grieverance cell says month time, each time being raised .

    1. Write a mail to mppd with cc to VC ,i also had same issue my session was Jan2022 and i recieved the material in October ,but by mailing complaint to VC i got it within 2 weeks.

  21. Hi I’m Nikita Singh.. I am doing MA in political science Enrollment no is 2100450875 and have given exam 2022 in August.. and submitted assignment also but I am unable to found assignment status or result .. what should be done .. please update me

  22. There is no proper class for students
    but fees increased
    Pass mark increased
    and last
    No compromise in exams

  23. i had submitted my assignments for dec’22 exams in the month of October offline at my regional centre but the assignment status is not yet reflecting

  24. hiii there has been lot of confusion regarding grades in results in mba course
    D grade in result in considered pass or fail ?

    1. Check out the latest guide available for your programme. In that go through the evaluation system. Minimum marks required to pass would be mentioned there.

  25. When did IGNOU increased the passing marks of bachelor degrees to 40, is it applicable on students of third year who took admission in 2019..??

    1. muje 2019 mai first year tha tab hame mass promotion hue
      maine assignment submit kiye thea magar wo submit nhi hue hai
      ab mai agar assignment submit karoge ist year Kay tou kya muje uska exam be naye se deena hai ya usko mass promotion hue hogi….

  26. Good evening
    We are CCH CERTIFICATE students
    We r getting confusion that what is pass marks in term end theory marks please let us know …


    1. Abb online assignment submit nehi ho raha hai…..jis time covid chal raha tha uss time hin wo online karna padta tha…..abb ye nehi ho rahi …iss baat ko janle ke liye app apni regional centre se contact kare…

  28. Hi, am the student of BAG In my second year subjects (BPCC 133 & BPCC 134) I got passing marks in both Assignment as well as Term End Exams yet in Grade Card in features subject incomplete. Can any one suggest why is it like that.

    1. it will take time to update on the site your marks i had the same case but now my marks are updated on the website too
      Also you can add your query on igram.com through mail they will reply you with in 24 hours

  29. Hi,
    I am the student of MHD 1st year given my exam on July 2022 now I got only 2 subject result when will i get the 2 subject results.


    2. mam i submitted my Mhd assignments October 21 2022 online but i didn’t get any marks assignment k number kb ayenge Mhd 1st year k mene online submit kiye and mera Jan m exam bhi h Mhd ka hi to kya result m number lagkar ayenge

    3. sar mai BA student hoo mujhe pata nhi h kb assignment kb jama hoga or kha BAEGH-SAHARSHA 86005

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