IGNOU Announced to Promote UG and PG Students without TEE June 2020

IGNOU has announced to promote the students of the undergraduate and postgraduate semester without any examination this year. The university has released a notice on its official website disclosing detailed information about the promotion of students to the next level in different courses and programs.

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The Notice:

IGNOU has released a notice on 10th December 2020 on its official website stating about the promotion of the students without a formal examination.  The notice has mentioned the exemption for only the students who have registered or have re-registered in the session for 2019-2020.

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The examination was about to take place in June 2020. But due to the COVID situation, the university postponed the examination date and the students were waiting for the next date. Now, the university has taken an eminent step and has mentioned the students do not have to appear for this exam at all now. These students will be promoted to their next levels based on other factors without appearing in the exam.

The university has also mentioned some important criteria for the exemption. One such point is that the exemption from examination to get promoted is not applicable for the students who have applied for the programs of BLIS, MLIS, BED, BHM, BSC (N), BCOMAF/CAA/FCA, and BBA in Service Management, MHA, and MCOMMAFS/FT/BPCG.

Undergraduate Programs:

Students who are in the session of July 2019 and are in the 1st year or the programs BSC, BCOM, BA, BBA in Retail, BSW, BAVTM, and BTS will be offered the facility of getting promoted without appearing for the exam.

Again in the same session, the 2nd-semester students from the programs of BSC, BCOM, BA, BBA in Retail, BSW, and BTS will be offered a promotion to the next level without any official examination.

Students of the program BCA who have got enrolled in January 2020 will be also granted promotion without any examination. The exemption is offered for the students in 1st – 5th semester.

In such a situation, it becomes crucial to find out a way to score the students. So, the authorities have mentioned in the notice that the students will be provided marks on the basis of the previous or the later semester examinations. For example, if the student is exempted from appearing for the examination for 1st year, the marks will be provided based on the marks obtained in the 2nd year. Similarly, if the student is not appearing for the 2nd year exam, the marks will be provided based on the 1st year marks.

Postgraduate Programs:

Students who have got registered on July 19 in the 1st year of the courses MCOM, MHD, MAH, MAPC, MPA, MGPS, MSCDFSM/CFT, MSW & MSWC, MADE, MTTM, MAVDS, MAGD, MAJMC, MEG, MPS, MSO, MEC, MAAN, MARD, MAEDU, MAAE, MAPY, MAWGS, and MATS shall be exempted from appearing in the examination and will be promoted to the next level. These students will get marks in their 1st year later on based on the marks that they score in their 2nd-year examinations.

Similarly, students who have got registered in January 2020 for the programs of MBA, MSCMACS (1st & 3rd semester), and MCA will not have to appear for the exam to get promoted this year.

For the MBA students, the exemption of not appearing in the exam is restricted again to just 5 courses. For the students of MBA (B&F), this restriction is just for four courses.

The university has also declared that if any student does not wish to entertain the exemption can surely apply for the examination that will get conducted by February 2021. The notice has also reminded the students that there can be other changes in the schedule of examinations later on if the situation of COVID persists ahead. So, the students should keep a track of the notices and announcements on the official website of IGNOU now and then.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is it applicable for final year & semester students as well?

No. The final year or semester examination was already conducted in September & October 2020.

Q2. Do I need to follow any procedure to get benifit of promotion?

No. You don’t need to follow any process of it.

Q3. Is it applicable for TEE December 2020 session as well.

No. It is limited to TEE June 2020 only.

Q4. Is it applicable for other courses like Certificate and Diploma courses?

No. It is limited to UG & PG courses.

117 thoughts on “IGNOU Announced to Promote UG and PG Students without TEE June 2020”

  1. I have registered in 1st year MCOM in july 2019 which were to be held in june 2020 and got delayed nd now is going to be held in feb 2021 but i have done re-registration of final year in dec 2020, will i be promoted or not??

  2. I got my re registration for second year in July 2019,But due to rising cases of covid 19 could not appear for the July 2020 tee. so will I be promoted?
    My course is mapy.

    1. exactly that’s my point brother i want to also know about this….i re-registered for bcom 2nd year in july 2019 and, i didn’t gave exam
      for jun 2020 tee, so should i give dec 2020 tee or leave it .

  3. I am student of MS DFSM
    Practical examination of 2nd year is didn’t conducted due to covid than our promotion is accrued or not??

  4. I took admission in MP(MBA) in Jan 2020, Out of 5 courses I have appeared for exam for 3 courses and 2 are pending for that I have filled the examination form and also for rest 5 courses of Semester-2 which is supposed to happen in Feb 2021. I have not re-registered yet for Jan 2021.
    Am I eligible to get promoted???
    Or do i need to give June 2020 pending exams???
    Kindly reply

  5. I am a student of ignou admission jan 2020 in BA english honours course at the University.. This is my first year. I want to know i also promoted in second year or i appear in exam. Please revert me as soon as possible.

  6. I registered in MCA 2018 and completed all subjects escape of 5th Semester’s few subjects and fill up exam forms for June 2020..So, this promotion applies to the 5th semester’s subjects..? Have I any procedure for promotion of MCA 5th semester?

  7. I took admission in july 2016 in MA economics (MEC), but my one paper(mec03) is not clear till now & 2nd year and 1st year is clear in 2018-2017. After that, I paid the fee but not get the exam in june & dec, 2019 and for june,2020 exam- i filed the subject & paid then,
    Will I be promoted or not??

  8. I have taken admission in MCOM in july 2019 for which exams were going to be held in june 2020 and i filled the examination form which are now going to be held in feb 2021 but i have done re-registration in dec 2020, will i be promoted or not??

  9. I took admission in july 2016 in MA economics (MEC), but my one paper(mec03) is not clear till now & my 1st & 2nd year is clear in 2017 & 2018. I paid the fee but not get the exam in june & dec, 2019. For june,2020 exam- i filed the subject & paid the fee but the exam not given by me, s
    Will I be promoted or not??

  10. I want to ask that IGNOU will promote in the backs also and if a student fail in the previous semester then how the IGNOU promote the student.

  11. I am student of BA Second year. I filled exam form TEE JUNE 2020. I have just filled the December 2020 TEE form as well. Do I still have the option to be promoted??

    1. Plz mujhe v btaye June TEE 2020 ke form fill krne ke baad first December 2020 ke form fill krne pr kya hum promote ho skte h ya nhi

  12. Sir,
    I am student of BA Second year, I have second year registration in July 2019. I have filled exam form TEE June 2020 and two paper back in 1st year exam. will I be promoted or not?

  13. I’m a student of MEG . I took admission in January-2019. But I couldn’t appear on January 2020 due to some personal problem. Will I be promoted???

  14. Hloo sir, with due respect i want to know from yourself that why university has not given promotion to January 2019 existing students…is this not unfair with the said students

    1. I am student registered in July 2019 .Applied for examination June 2020 but COVID 19 postponed. I again reapplied where a control number provided on dated 8/12/2020 for February 2021 examination. But on dated 10 /12/2020 mass promotion circular I want to prefer Mass promotion.Am I eligible for mass promotion or not.please Mail

  15. I am session of 2018. BTS.
    I cleared my BTS 1st year June 2019. It include assingment too everything written exam n everything
    Where I need to appear 2nd year June 2020.
    Due to pandemic exam is in February 2020.
    Now I submitted my assignment and project everything of 2nd year
    Even I got mark’s too.
    Even I took re registration for 3rd year BTS .
    So now what will be the criteria for me. ?
    ABT promotion of the year.

  16. I want to know I am bca 4th semester i have re-registered in january 2020 and appear the exam in june 2020. so i have promoted or not. I also want to know back exam is cleared or not with these exams

  17. I was admitted in the first year Mcom 2019 July session, I have not re-registered for the second year yet . I hope to re-register in the January session , so can i get a promotion?

    1. those studemts who are having back in their end term semester,they also would be promoted from giving 2nd year exmas im IGNOU?

  18. I took admission in BLIS in 2016 .
    But till now i was unable to submit any assignments or give any exam.
    Now i have paid the exam form with fees ….
    Will i b promoted if i pass my TEE 2020.
    Plz clarify .

  19. Hello I have already applied for Feb 2021 Tee and paid for the exams. Will it be adjusted against next set of exams or should I take the TEE.

  20. I am meg student 2018 to 2019 session.I have cleared my part 1 and my part 2 exam was supposed to start from June 2020.But due to covid it was postponed to September.I could not attend my exam on September due to the ongoing covid situation .Can I fall under the promoted group or I do have to give my exam on February.. please reply back soon.Thank you

  21. Sir, i am a student of m a polItical science session june 2019 but i have filled up examination form in march 18 2020 to appear june 2020 exam but exam was not held. Will i promote or not?

  22. Sir, I want to choose the promotion for MSO July 2019 session. But do I still Need to pay the examination fees?

  23. sir i am student of jan 2019 session i am eligible for promoted and also fill up examination form for first semester

  24. I m old student of meg cleared all subjects except meg 1,I got re-registered in 2017 n paid exam fee too for June 2020 but due to covid19 exams got postponed. Is there any chance of my promotion.I passed 2 yr all subjects,do I need to pay 2 yr fees of registration even though I passed

  25. I’m a student of MEG, if I don’t want to be promoted to the 2 years without any exam, how could I apply for the exam of February? ( I filled my form for exam on 29 th June) Please let me know.

  26. I took admission in MEC in July 2018, but couldn’t appear for TEE in July 2019. Later I fill TEE form for June 2020 which got postponed. I re registered for 2nd year in Dec 2019 and filled TEE form in Dec 2020 in which exams will be conduct in feb 2021. Will i be promoted or not?

    1. I’m BA 1st year student of June 2018. but I could not appear the examination of 2019 cause the pandemic. But I re-registered July 2019 in 2nd year. Any one please can u tell me .I’m illegible for promote yes or not. if I promoted 1st year or 2nd year.

  27. I am a student of BAG JUNE 2019-20 session, I submitted all my assignments in my study centre and I don’t why due to what reason no assignment status is showing, Will I still get promoted even if my assignments are not submitted. I have re-registered for the 2020-21 session already.

    1. Hey Subham, I am also from same batch. Did submit my exam form in december. Do you have any clue, what if I want to get promoted instead of giving my exams in feb now.

  28. Hi dear all. I am a 2019 registered MTTM candidate. I am eligible till now, that’s okay. But, for the June TEE 2020, I submitted assignment and registered for 6 subjects. I was thinking of submitting other 6 subjects in later year. But today I’m planning to submit my rest 6 subjects tomorrow itself… So now, am I also eligible for the promotion scheme?

  29. My details: 2019 regn. MTTM. First year. Not sat for Tee june exam.
    Am I eligible for promotion? By when should I submit all my pending assignment of 1st year?

  30. Hi. I am mcom student. I took admission in January 2019. I gave my 1st year 3 subjects in December 2019. And for next 3subjects i filled form for june 2020 exam. Will i be promoted??

    1. I am 2019 registered candidate in 2nd year of BA and I have already submitted my assignments. As I have back subject for my previous 1st semester examination I would like to know whether iam eligible for the promotion scheme

  31. I am 2019 registered candidate in 2nd year of BA and I have already submitted my assignments. As I have back subject for my previous 1st semester examination I would like to know whether i am eligible for the promotion scheme

  32. I am registered in BA in june session in 2018 and filled exam form timely but due to illness I could not appear my term end exam in june in 2019.But I had re registered 2nd year and had done again registered exam form for 2nd year also which would be held in june 2020 but due to corona exam was rescheduled in sept.with a special case which was only for final year student in PG or UG or 1 year course as so on.Unfortunately I did not even appear my 1st and 2nd year exam.I had submitted all my assignment and got my assinment mark now.Here is I want to confirm whether I be promoted or not promoted my 1st and 2nd year exam. in BA course.
    So kindly suggest me. Let’s clarify me.

  33. I have done my BA 2nd year admission in the year 2019, and also submitted the assignment on June 2020.I have paid the examination fee for 2nd year as well.Will I be promoted? Do I need to fill any promotion form?

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