IGNOU Credit Transfer 2024: Application Form, Fees, and Status

IGNOU Credit Transfer – Are you willing to take admission to IGNOU only for the benefit of distance learning that it offers? Well, then like many other candidates, you are also not aware of some other benefits of studying at IGNOU. One such benefit that you should know about is the credit transfer scheme.

Yes, many students who have passed from IGNOU or are even studying currently may not be aware of this scheme of the university.

IGNOU Credit Transfer 2024

If you are a student of IGNOU, it will be quite beneficial for you to understand and make use of the credit transfer scheme. Not just the students, even if you are thinking of taking admission in the university, you can make use of this credit transfer scheme for your benefit.

So, finally what is the credit transfer scheme of IGNOU?

IGNOU Credit Transfer

It is the process where you can use up the credits that you have earned in some other universities to take admission to IGNOU. This means if you have pursued a course from some other university and wish to pursue a related course in IGNOU, you do not have to appear for a few of the exams in IGNOU. This is the external credit transfer scheme. Similar to this, the university also offers the facility of internal credit scheme to the students.

Of course, there are some regulations and restrictions also provided by the university that you should follow while making use of this credit transfer scheme of IGNOU.

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IGNOU Internal Credit Transfer

As mentioned earlier, IGNOU offers its students the facility of internal credit transfer. This is basically a process through which the students can transfer the earned credits of a semester to another semester or course. In short, the internal credit transfer work inside IGNOU university only. The internal credit transfer will be beneficial for those students who already have completed the same subjects earlier in the previous course of IGNOU and students have no need to do or study the same course again in another degree program that is offered by IGNOU. For such cases, the university offers the students the facility of transferring credits and completing the course.

  • The Application Form:

The application form for the internal credit transfer can be availed from the official website of IGNOU itself. Here are the steps following which you can avail of the option of credit transfer.

Step – 1 – Visit the official IGNOU website at www.ignou.ac.in.

Step – 2 – On the tab available on the homepage, you will find the option of Student Support that you have selected.

Step – 3 – As you select the option of Student Support, you will find a drop-down menu from which you have to select the option of Downloads.

Step – 4 – Now a new page will open up and here you have to select the option of Credit Transfer Scheme provided in the list at the right.

Step – 5 – A list of programs will appear for the credit transfer scheme. Select the right program from here.

Step – 6 – As you select the program from the list, another page will open up in another tab.

Step – 7 – The page that opens up in another tab is the application form for the credit transfer scheme for the selected program. Download this form and follow the instructions mentioned on the form to submit it.

  • The Procedure:

Once you have downloaded the form, you have to fill it up and have to send it to the official address of IGNOU that is at:

The Registrar,
Student Registration Division,
Block No. 1 & 3, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068
  • Fees

Also, you have to make a demand draft for IGNOU, New Delhi. The charge for Internal Credit Transfer is Rs. 500 per course. The fee cost can be different in different cases too such as Rs. 1200 for credits more than 4 if you are taking a fresh admission in the first year but it is against the 1st semester and 2nd semester courses that were leftover from the older registration.

The transfer of internal credits can take place just once in one academic year. After the merger, the students will be provided a duration of 1 year to complete the leftover courses.

IGNOU External Credit Transfer

IGNOU External Credit Transfer is something that has attracted majorly some of the students to join IGNOU. If someone has pursued a coursed in some university and wishes to pursue some related course from IGNOU, the candidate can transfer credit from the earlier university to IGNOU. In such a situation, the candidate does not have to appear in an examination of the courses that were equal in his or her earlier university.

  • The Application Form:

Downloading the external credit form is similar to the internal credit form download. You can follow these steps.

Step – 1 – Visit the IGNOU official website at www.ignou.ac.in.

Step – 2 – On the homepage, you will find the option of Student Support which will have a dropdown menu.

Step – 3 – From the dropdown menu of Student Support, you have to click the option Downloads.

Step – 4 – As you click on Downloads, you will come to a page with a tab or list on the left side of the page.

Step – 5 – From the list, click on the option of credit transfer scheme.

Step – 6 – Clicking on the credit transfer scheme, a new page will appear with Internal Credit Scheme on the top and External Credit Scheme at the bottom.

Step – 7 – On this page, from under the option of External Credit Scheme, you have to click on the option that matches your requirement.

Step – 8 – Now a new page will come up again that will have the form that you need to download and take a print of for filling and submitting.

  • The Procedure:

Similar to the Internal Credit Scheme, candidates who fill-up the form for External Credit Scheme needs to send it at:

The Registrar,
Student Registration Division,
Block No. 1 & 3, , Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068
  • Fees

Apart from the form, the candidates also need to send a demand draft of Rs. 250/- payable at IGNOU, New Delhi. Also, they need to send the attested copies of their marksheets from the last universities, and also the attested copies of the syllabus that they have covered in their earlier university.

After the candidates have submitted the form and the other documents, the university may take up a time duration of about 3 months or so to complete the registration process.

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IGNOU Credit Transfer Status 2024

After you have applied for the IGNOU Credit Transfer, it takes around 3 months for the university to complete the registration. But the candidates may get anxious during this time period when the transfer is pending. So, here are the steps that you can follow to check the IGNOU Credit Transfer Status.

Step – 1 – Visit the official site http://www.ignou.ac.in/.

Step – 2 – Now on the homepage, from the dropdown menu of Student Services, you have to click on the option of Student Zone.

Step – 3 – A page will come up with several options from where you need to click on the option of Admission.

Step – 4 – A new page will again appear with the option of Registration Status under which there are several options from which you need to click on the option of Credit Transfer Status.

Step – 5 – As you click on the Credit Transfer Status, you will be directed to another page from where you need to select the right option to go to the next page

Step – 6 – On this next page, you need to submit your enrolment number after which you will be able to know your status.

If you are a new student in IGNOU, make sure to check your email address now and then as you will get your enrollment number through email after a few days you have submitted the registration form.

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IGNOU Credit Transfer 2024: FAQs

Q1. What is the eligibility of a candidate appearing for External Credit Transfer?

Answer: A candidate who has pursued a course from some other university but also has completed it can apply for registration in IGNOU and can get the benefits of External Credit Transfer based on the rules provided by the university.

Q2. Is the fee for Internal Credit Transfer and External Credit Transfer different?

Answer: Yes, for the Internal Credit Transfer, the fee is Rs. 500 per course while for the External Credit Transfer, the fee is Rs. 250/- per course.

Q3. What are the criteria for candidates using the External Credit Scheme to get a degree from IGNOU?

Answer: A candidate who is using the External Credit Scheme needs to earn at least 50% of the total credits from IGNOU in order to get a degree certificate from the university.

Q4. Will the marksheet show the credit transfer?

Answer: Yes, whether it is an External Credit Transfer scheme or an Internal Credit Transfer scheme, the IGNOU Marksheet from the university will show the credits that have been transferred from the last institute or the last year.

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  1. What is the difference between Internal Credits and External Credits? Can you please cite an example to make me understand the concept clearly.

    1. Those who study previously in Ignou and eligible for credit transfer is Internal credit(Example: I completed PGDIBO in January 2022
      Want to apply for M.com Lateral Entry in 2nd year.At the time of lateral entry we have to pass all previous sujects to transfer credits.

      For External credits previous education from other universities.

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    I have completed my MSW course in 2014-2015 batch. In 1st year and 2nd year i passed all theory papers. But now i want complete my journals and dissertation.
    How many rupees i ve to pay for completing those papers. Pl send me reply. Dont send me web site. Pl tell howmany rupees?

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      Kindly inform me.

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    I want to know my internal credit transfer status.
    My program code mapc
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      I also want to apply for internal credit transfer for MAPC. Will u plz tell how much fee I have to pay?

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      My program code is also MAPC and only two subjects (MPCE 15) and (MPCE 16) are incomplete.
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  7. Sir, apart from paying credit transfer charges with new fresh admission, do we have to pay fees for all the semesters again. Meaning,
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  9. I had completed BA in 2018 and had taken the admission in 2013. Upon trying to acquire the graduation certificate,i was informed a subject was repeated twice in 1st and 3rd year and due to software error it was accepted.Therefore instead of
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  14. I did my bachelor’s in an autonomous college under MG university. But I couldn’t attempt three of my exams so am I applicable for external credit transfer? I have 110 credits out of 120.

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    or an individual draft is required .
    waiting for your prompt response.

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    1. you should take fresh admission first then u can apply internal credit transfer form

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