IGNOU BA in English Syllabus

IGNOU BA in English Syllabus Structure – Find Current and Latest Syllabus Structure of BA in English Programme here. You can check each and every course which you will have to study in Bachelor of Arts (English) programme. Now IGNOU has implemented credit system in BA in English Syllabus. So each and every course has different credits, you can check it all.

IGNOU BA in English Candidates can find their Syllabus by semester wise or annual wise which currently follow by university. So that you can get BA in English syllabus information easily and we write simply so that you can understand each structure.

BA in English Latest Syllabus Structure:

First Year    
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 FEG-01  Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2  4
 FHS-01  Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences  8
 FST-01  Foundation Course in Science and Technology  8
 BHDF-01  Foundation Course in Hindi  4
 FHS-1  Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences  4
 FEG-02  Foundation Course in English  4
   Any one of the following Courses:  4
 FGB-01  Foundation Course in Bengali  4
 FGT 1  Foundation Course in Gujarati  4
 FKD-1  Foundation Course in Kannada  4
 FML-1  Foundation Course in Malayalam  4
 FMT-1  Foundation Course in Marathi  4
 FOR-1  Foundation Course in Oriya  4
 FPB-1  Foundation Course in Punjabi  4
 FTM-1  Foundation Course in Tamil  4
 FTG-1  Foundation Course in Telugu  4
 FUD-1  Foundation Course in Urdu  4
Second Year    
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 BEGE-101  From Language to Literature  8
 EEG-02  The Structure of Modern English  8
 EEG-03  Communication Skills in English  8
 EEG-04  English for Practical Purposes  8
 EEG-05  Understanding Prose  8
 EEG-06  Understanding Poetry  8
 EEG-08  Reading the Novel  8
Third Year    
Course Code     Course Name Credits 
 EEG-07  Understanding Drama  8
 AFW-(E)  Feature Writing  4
 AWR-(E)  Writing for Radio  4
 ATR 01  Translation / Anuvaad  8
 AWR-(H)  Radio Lekhan (Hindi)  4

University use latest IGNOU Syllabus in their faculty of BA in English and it removes old syllabus if need. IGNOU may change or update BA in English Syllabus at any time they want so we work to provide latest syllabus structure to our BA in English Candidates for their study.

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  1. sir,
    I pass BPP examination in July 2017 session. I wish to continue my study. When I applied for graduation course BA (English) in latest .
    Thank U

  2. I have taken two economics courses(16 credits) along with Foundation course in English-1&2 (8 credits). Do economic courses still make a difference in making my programme into BA English?

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