IGNOU BAG Assignments 2019-20

IGNOU BAG Assignments July 2019 – Jan 2020 – IGNOU University has uploaded its current session Assignment of BAG Programme for the session year 2019-20. Students of BAG Programme can now download Assignment questions from this page. Candidates have to compulsory download those assignments to get a permit of attending Term End Exam of BAG Programme.

We also advise you to all BAG programme that after downloading you will get the assignments for each course of your BAG programme. You have to create every assignment in separate so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily check your Assignment.

Programme Code: BAG

Programme Name: Bachelor of Arts (General) (CBCS)

Session: July 2019 – January 2020

List of IGNOU BAG Assignment 2019-20

Each question has different marking and it will be printed on each question. Candidates must write the solution of all questions which written in BAG assignment file. IGNOU BAG Students have to submit each subject’s assignment to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. You have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

IGNOU BAG Assignment Submission Last Date for 2019-20:

For June 2020 Exam: 31st March 2020

For Dec 2020 Exam: 30th September 2020

Where to submit BAG Assignments?

If you have completely solved your assignment then you have to submit their IGNOU Assignment to the coordinator of the study centre which allotted to you at the time of admission. Don’t forget to get a receipt for submission of BAG Assignments.

52 thoughts on “IGNOU BAG Assignments 2019-20”

  1. Hello Team IGNOU,

    From the 4 assignments of Semester1, only 2 have been uploaded. I am still waiting for BPCC-131 and BEVAI -181.

        1. Hello Ignou team…
          I m also unable to find my assignments of BAG course code BEGLA136,BHDC132,BEGC132nd BEGAE182…..plzzzzz it’s humble request upload it…

    1. All the exams for the 8 subjects in BAG programme have to be written in the month of July right? (For the July 2019-20 batch)

  2. i haven’t got the study material for bag program. july 2019 session. please help me. when classes going to start and when can i get my study material. its been more then 2mnths, I havnt got any contact from ignou center…
    enrolment no. 196649979.

    1. don’t worry and stay calm,new course is taking more than expected time.Between u r not alone we all are facing the same situation,keep checking this site

  3. are these assignments from ignou website bcoz i cant find BAG assignments on official ignou site. from where this site has got?? guys…any comments??

  4. what is your regional centre ? Ur study material dispatch will send you soon… because now IGNOU system has changed. Now course. Now all courses number have been changed..

  5. Mujhe bhi abhi tak (BEVAE-181) sub. Ka assignment nhi mila hai
    Plz upload kar dijiye
    Or kab tak me upload hoga bta dijiye

  6. Hi,team ignou.I want to tell you that I couldn’t find BAG(BEVAE 181).Please upload this assignment shortly.I hòpe you will help me soon.

  7. I dint get the assignment of BPSC 132, BSOC 132 & BEGAE 182… please reply me sir did ignou uploaded it or not???

  8. HELLO


  9. Sir, I have not found 04 assignment (BHDLA136, BPAC132, BHDC132 & BHDAE182) OF BAG . PL Upload all assignment for submit.

  10. BEGLA-136 ,BPCC-132,BSOC-132,BEGAE-182 plzz put these assignment and plzz make it clear when to submit the assignment those who took admission on sep 2019?when is last date of submitting assignment?

  11. Sir/ madam
    Only 2 subject my assignment upload in website
    But my subject 3 not available assignment upload in website plz upload my all subjects assignment
    Thank you

  12. Last date of submission of assignment is 31st March for July – 2019 session. I still do not got the books. How will I make assignments?

  13. I didn’t get assignment BHDLA136 , BPSC132 , BSOC132, BHDAE182…
    Last date of submission of assignment is 31st March… please provide as soon as possible..

    1. Hi, Even I am facing the same issue here… For June 2020 TEE we have to write all 8 subjects. I have received only 4 books till now.. Ignou has released only 4 assignment for 4 subjects. Where is other 4?
      I am totally confused. Should I have to write only 4 or all 8 subjects in June? If I have to write only 4, then we all have wasted all our precious 6 months. What is the use of taking admission in July 2019-20 course… Ignou please help us.. Release clarification please

  14. Hello ignou team. I couldn’t find the BAG assignment of Bhic 132., BECC 132 ,BEGLA 136 ,BEGAE 182. Please upload it..it’s already January 2020 we have to submit on March 2020.please help..How can we write the assignments at the last moment if you will upload late…

  15. Sir I am unable to find my assignments – course code BEGC131 ,BHDC131 ,BEGLA135, BEVAE181
    in English . please send in my email as far as possible.

  16. Hlo
    Sir mere abhi half assignment aaye h or half four assignment nahi aaye h so please help and upload pending assignment.
    Thank you
    Your student

  17. It’s January already and neither all subjects assignments are available nor the study materials. From where do students should study. Less than 5 months are left for end term examination.

  18. Hlw sir ,
    I want see my BPSC132,BHIC132,BEGLA136,BEGAE182, assignment questions paper plzzz help me sir………

    Thank you sir..
    Your faithfully
    Dipti Behera

  19. I need the following assignments urgently as submission dates are coming closer :

    1. BECC-1132
    2. BEGAE-182
    3. BMTC-132
    4. BEGLA-136

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