IGNOU BDP Assignments July 2018- January 2019 (New)

IGNOU BDP Assignments July 2018 – January 2019– IGNOU University has uploaded their current session Assignment of BDP Programme for the session year 2018-19. Students of BDP Programme can now download Assignment questions from this page. Candidates have to compulsory download those assignments to get permit of attending Term End Exam of IGNOU BDP Programme.

We also advice you to all BDP programme that after downloading you will get each courses assignments of your BDP programme. You have to create every assignment in separate so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily check your Assignment.

Programme Code: BDP

Programme Name: Bachelors Degree Programme

Session: July 2018- January 2019

IGNOU BDP Assignments 2018-19: (Uploading)

Foundation Courses:

IGNOU BDP Assignment 2017-18: (Past Session)

Political Science (2017-18):

EPS-03 English Hindi
EPS-06 English Hindi
EPS-07 English Hindi
EPS-08 English Hindi
EPS-09 English Hindi
EPS-11 English Hindi
EPS-15 English Hindi
BPSE-212 English Hindi

Sociology (2017-18):

ESO-11 English Hindi
ESO-12 English Hindi
ESO-13 English Hindi
ESO-14 English Hindi
ESO-15 English Hindi
ESO-16 English Hindi

Public Administration (2017-18):

EPA-001 English Hindi
BPAE-102 English Hindi
EPA-003 English Hindi
EPA-004 English Hindi
EPA-005 English Hindi
EPA-006 English Hindi
BPAE-104 English Hindi

History (2017-18):

EHI-01 English Hindi
EHI-02 English Hindi
EHI-03 English Hindi
EHI-04 English Hindi
EHI-05 English Hindi
EHI-06 English Hindi
EHI-07 English Hindi

Economic (2017-18):

EEC-06 English Hindi
EEC-07/BECE-107 as below as below
EEC-10 English Hindi
EEC-11 English Hindi
EEC-12 English Hindi
EEC-13 English Hindi
EEC-14 English Hindi
BECE 002 English Hindi
BECE 15 English Hindi
BECE 016 English Hindi
BECE 107/EEC-07 English Hindi
BECE-214 English Hindi

Rural Development (2017-18):

BRDE-101 English Hindi

Foundation Courses 2017-2018:

Electives in Philosophy (July 2017- January 2018):

Political Science (July 2017 – January 2018):

EPS-03 English Hindi
EPS-06 English Hindi
EPS-07 English Hindi
EPS-08 English Hindi
EPS-09 English Hindi
EPS-11 English Hindi
EPS-15 English Hindi
BPSE-212 English Hindi

English: (July 2017 – Jan 2018):

Hindi: (July 2017-January 2018)

CTE 2017-18:

Psychology (BPC July 2017- Jan 2018):

Urdu (2017-18):

Nutrition for the Community:

Organizing Child Care Services:

Each question has different marking and it will be printed on each questions. Candidates must write solution of all questions which written in BDP assignment file. BDP Students have to submit each course’s assignments to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. You have to submit it before due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

BDP Assignments submission Dates for 2017-18:

For Dec 2018 Exam: 30th September 2018

For June 2019 Exam: 31st March 2019

Where to submit BDP Assignments?

If you have completely solved your assignment you have to submit their IGNOU Assignments to coordinator of study centre which allotted to you at the time of admission. And also get receipt for submission of BDP Assignments.

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      1. Hi … I am also doing english honours BDP (IGNOU) …1st year. Will you please help me?

        Piease inform :…

        Will I have to submit all 5 assignments before first semistar of BDP 1st year english honours under IGNOU?

  1. hi sir / madam I am a student of BA 1st semester July 2017. I could not find the assignment of BSWE 004 –Introduction to family education. …kindly please help me to find my assignment of this particular subject.

  2. Hi All, Can someone quickly answer my question. last year May i didnt attend my 2nd year exams which i am planning to write now in Dec 2017. the assigments i should be submitting are 2017-18 or 2016-17 ? Can someone clarify, Tahnks in advance.

  3. Sir , I have passed a paper (ehd-2)just 36 mark.but I want to apply again improvement from fill up.can I apply it? And please send the apply link.

  4. Sir, I have taken up admission for BA English first year in Jul 2017. I want to know the forecast dates of final examination which will probably be held in june 2018. So that I can plan my leave accordingly. I am a defence serving personnel, kindly help me in this regard. I will be highly grateful to you.

  5. Sir, with due respect I, Nirmal Biswas, want to inform you that I have taken up admission in BA first year in July 2017 and allotted registration No is 17858655. I have to submit Assignments before 31 March 2018. However, I got books of two subjects only namely BSHF 101 & FEG 01 till date. Kindly dispatch books of balance subjects so that I may able to complete my Assignments with desired standard. I will be highly grateful to you for this act of kindness. Thanking you, Sir.

  6. Sir with due respect I Bashir Ahmad wani pursing ba 2nd with enrollment no 166132692 I want to know that assignment questions paper of FST1 is not finding any where in Ignou website so if possible then pls provide me it’s​your most kindness

  7. With due respect, I would like to bring to your notice that text books of BEGE 101 & BEGE 102 have not been received till date. Kindly let me know whether I will get the books from IGNOU or I have to obtain under own arrangements/resources .

  8. I need phe5, fst1, bphl103, phe4 and mte1 and che2 assignments(2017-18). Cause it was unavailable.though I Try my best. Please help me.

    Please upload assignments and materials of these two.. its a further request.. didnt get it even aafter you send this link

  10. Hi.
    I am a 2nd year student pursuing BA majors in psychology. Are there any assignments for bpcl 7 and bpcl 8? Has the list for academic counselors for the same subjects been published? If yes, kindly share the link for it.

  11. Bhai political science and English ka study metarial Abhi tak Nai aaya. Kya karu Koi bta sakta h. For BA 1st year.

  12. How much more time for the FST-01 assignment to be uploaded..?
    Its the only one from the foundational courses which is not available as yet.


  14. hello Sir. I am BA III year student and I wish to write my Exam at Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, Bongaigaon, so I need the EXAM CENTRE CODE NUMBER OF Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, plz….., sir…UPLOAD IT…I WILL VERY GREATFUL TO YOU…….THANKS.

  15. Sir, I would like to inform you that I am a student of BA 3rd semester and my subjects are ACC1, BSWE4, ESO15, BECE107 and I haven’t got yet study materials, I went to IGNOU Shillong Regional Center but the Center didn’t provide study materials and the Center said to me to send mail to registrarmpdd@ignou.ac.in but I didn’t get any reply, so what shall I do any suggestion.

  16. BDP English 1 st year(2017-18) BEGF 101 Assignment is not found to download ….. is it not uploaded so far????
    Please help ….. assignment will have to be submitted on 29/04/18.

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