IGNOU BTS Syllabus

IGNOU BTS Syllabus – Candidates can find latest session Syllabus Structure for BTS Programme from here. IGNOU New BTS Syllabus is available with credit system in which each of the courses is given appropriate credit. IGNOU has implemented credit system in BTS courses which is useful for course selection at the time of taking admission and for re registration.

BTS Candidates have to choose their required credit courses at every semester or at every year to complete their BTS (Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies) Programme. There are many courses available for BTS course selection in which some of as a compulsory course and some of as an optional course.

BTS Current Syllabus:

First Year

32 Credits
TS-01 Foundation Course in Tourism 8
TS-02 Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies 8
BSHF-101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences 8
BEGF-101 Foundation Course in English 4
FEG-02 Foundation Course in English-2 4


Modern Indian Language (Choose any one)
FAS-01 Foundation Course in Assamese 4
FBG-01 Foundation Course in Bengali 4
FGT-01 Foundation Course in Gujarati 4
BHDF-101 Foundation Course in Hindi 4
FKD-01 Foundation Course in Kannada 4
FML-01 Foundation Course in Malayalam 4
FMT-01 Foundation Course in Marathi 4
FOR-01 Foundation Course in Oriya 4
FPB-01 Foundation Course in Punjabi 4
FTM-01 Foundation Course in Tamil 4
FTG-01 Foundation Course in Telugu 4
FUD-01 Foundation Course in Urdu 4

Second Year

32 Credits
TS-04 Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism 8
TS-05 Ecology, Environment and Tourism 8
FST-01 Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8
PTS-04 Project on Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism 4
PTS-05 Project on Ecology, Environment and Tourism 4

Third Year

32 Credits
TS-03 Management in Tourism 8
TS-06 Tourism Marketing 8
PTS-06 Project on Tourism Marketing 4
Application Oriented Course (Choose any one )
BHDA 101 or BEGA1 Samachar Patra aur Feature Lekhan (Hindi) OR Introduction to the Media 4
BRPA 101 or BEGA102 Radio Lekhan (Hindi) OR Writing for Radio 4
AOM-01 Office Organization Management 4
ASP-01 Secretarial Practice 4
Elective Course (Choose any one)
TS-07 Human Resource Development 8
AHE-01 Human Environment (includes a 2 credit project) 8
EHI-01 Modern India : 1857-1964 8
EHI-02 India: Earliest Times to 8th Century A.D. 8
EHI-03 India: From 8th to 15th Century A.D. 8
EHI-04 India: From 16th to Mid 18th Century A.D. 8
ESO-15 Society and Religion 8
BEGE-103 Communication Skills in English 8
Total Credits 96

IGNOU University is working regular to revise its Syllabus of IGNOU BTS on the basis of future scope and removes its old syllabus. IGNOU may change or update BTS Syllabus at any time they need so we work to provide latest syllabus structure to our BTS candidates for their study.

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    1. hello
      sir please help me BTS how to prepare study
      and exam will be starts on june.
      i am not understand please help me

  1. In 1st year,we have to submit only the two assignments
    Or is there any other assignments which we have to submit
    Please reply

    1. Main v 1st year BTS 2019 july session se hu but Assignment ka questions nhi mil..rha hai ts1 aur ts2 ka mil gya but baki subject nhi mil..rha hai kya kru..help me

    1. Hey,
      Can you please help me out in BTS. I have just done my admission today. How to study, and what about assignment, study material?

    2. in first year BTS you have to submit 5 assignments before exams. If you didn’t submit the assignments you will not be allowed to sit for exams.
      About study Material – while taking admission if you opt for study material you will get the books delivered at your registered address. and if not then you have to study from online study materials.

  2. Please clearly mention what we have to learn for 1st yr exam and in which month exam is going to be conducted

  3. Sir i am a student of 3rd year bts..i hav not complete my project work and have no idea that how i make it..please help

  4. Hello Sir, I am Student of BTS 1st Year and i have completed TS -1 and TS – 2, and i am not able to find other subjects, so please sir can you help me from where i can have that the Remaining subjects assignments.

    your help will be appreciated.

  5. Shalini Singh, plz….. Help me. I took admission in July- Aug 2019, bcz i am new in this so please you can help me. How to may i do preparation for this 1st year course. How to ready assignment, project work etc. Plz…plz…plz. Help me.

  6. Hello,
    I have some queries about the assignments. How many assignments one must complete in the 1st 2nd and 3rd year respectively?
    What is the structure of the assignments and the exam papers?
    Are there any projects to be done or practicals?

  7. Hello sir…i cant login my account of ignou with my enrollment no. They are asking for the birthdate and actually I’m just 17teen but i m 12th pass…plz help me sir to login in the ignou…to check my updates of books and assignment!! Thank you!

  8. Heyaa , can anyone help me out . I took addmission in 2020 for BTS now I got my books should I start studying . Will college going to conduct exam for first year because classes for us are not actually happen. If any one can help me in this please reply.

    1. Hey .. I’m also a student of BTS of session July 2020 plzz help me ..I don’t know about assignment and exams plzzz if you can help me how to start study plzzz… Please…

  9. dear sir ,
    I am Kaif ahmad giridih district in jharkhand
    MBA in exam date please sir tell me in subjects

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