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IGNOU MEG-01 Study Materials/Books – If you come to this page for download each course of MEG-01 Study Material so you are come at right place. Here you will get everything for which you have come to here. We have downloaded all available Study Materials of MEG-01 to our System and it is ready and available for all MEG-01 Students.

We provide all study materials to IGNOU MEG student with free of cost and it can download easily and without registration need.

List of Available MEG-01 Study Materials:

MEG-01 British Poetry
Block-1 Orientation For the Study of Poetry & The Medieval Poet Chaucer
Block-2 Undertaking A Study of Spenser
Block-3 The Metaphysical Poets: Donne, Herbert
Block-4 Studying Milton
Block-5 The Neoclassical Poets: Dryden and Pope
Block-6 The Romantic Poets: Blake, Wordsworth & Coleridge
Block-7 The Second Generation Romantic Poets: Shelley & Keats
Block-8 The Victorian Poets: Browning, D.G. and Christina Rossetti & Oscar Wilde
Block-9 The Modernist Poets
Block-10 Some Modernist and Postmodernist Poets: Dylan Thomas, Philip Larkin & Sylvia Plath

Is it required to download MEG-01 Materials?

For attend IGNOU MEG-01 TEE Examination, it is necessary to first submit your Assignments to IGNOU and it is possible from IGNOU Study Material. You can solve your MEG-01 Assignments with using Books/Materials. Not only Assignments, but you can use it for preparation of Examination and you can get good marks in your Master of Arts (English) Programme Annual Exams with good grade.

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  1. Hellow!
    Thanks for publishing the Study material of MA English, on line. In future I will download the notes of British Poetry & other material also so thanks again.
    Mujeebuddin MD.

    1. I have not received any study materials yet from ignou Marwari College Kishanganj .

  2. I have not received my study material yet also not received any call from IGNOU centre to collect my books.what should I do?

    1. Is this study material really helpful?? And also do we have other resources material??

  3. Yet I also not receive my study material
    and no call from ignou centre
    plz tell me what should I do???
    about preparation or asssignments

    and exam will be in which month

  4. I have taken admission for session July (2017-19) in MEG Programme and i have not received any study materials yet so what would i have to do?

  5. Sir,more than 50 days have passed since I applied for M.A.(meg) session jan. 2018. I have not received any intimation regarding confirmation of admission.Please intimate me at the earliest possible. My control no. is 1811554176P. Thanks,

  6. I haven’t got my study materials yet . I attend the first class of meg 2018-20. When I ‘ll get all these and from where?

    1. Through speed post, you will get it. I have got meg1 and meg2 in last week of April.Meg3 meg4 are still left. Have you got something?

  7. Do June 2017 and January 2018 have same assignment question for MA in English literature. Do I have to solve the same assignment Questions? Can I get some help?

  8. I have not got my study material of Meg3 and Meg4 till now. I have the final exam in December and i have to complete my assignments too. Whom should I ask to? can you help?

  9. Is there anyone having done MA ENGLISH from IGNOU??? I need ignou books of MA in english literature….. please reply if anyone wants to sell those old books.

  10. Hello,

    I have not yet received .my books of M.A.(British Poetry, British Novel & Aspect of Languages )

  11. Hi,
    I am planning to appear for my TEE for MEG this December. Kindly help me with the suggestive notes from MEG 1 topics

  12. My enrolment no. is 182123015 and course MEG for January 2018 .Till date I have not received books for MEG 1,3 and 4 .The online Study materials are not getting downloaded .Examination is not too far .What is the Sollution?

  13. I have completed my admission process in Aug 30 2018 . My enrollment no given by university is showing not valid. I hvnt got any kind of confirmation through post nor through mail. Can u plz look for it

  14. I applied July 2018 MEG but I didn’t get my study material notification and no mail can u please help and I need first year MEG notes

  15. I have not received my study material yet my enrollment no is 186190776, my exams is in june .Please do revert.

  16. I have not received my study material of M. A. English Ist year. I have neither received any call nor any email from ignou…

  17. I hve not received my study yet admission session july 2018 what date should i expect to collect as already six months have been passed as i am going to check which always show it is under dispatch.

  18. I had lost study material of MEG 1st year. A copy of the FIR was dispatched to the Production Manager. So far no reply is received. I was enrolled in January 2017 session. My address for sending study material is Agha Imran c/O professor R S Sharma 36,Mahamanapuri near ITI BHU Varanasi

  19. I am glad to learn that the local regional centre of varanasi city will help me out in re-obtaining the hard copies of the study materials of M E G 1st year. AGHA IMRAN AHMAD SHAH

  20. Not even i get my study material janaury 2019 student
    How would we will prepare our study then
    How would we make our assignment then
    Pls help us make some way. Please
    Netheir we get in a big trouble.

  21. I have not received study material yet for MEG as i have completed admission formalities in 2018 December secession

  22. I have not received my study material yet for MEG as I have taken admission in July 2019. Kindly take action and send it as soon as possible.

  23. Greetings of the day!!
    Guess the above attached materials would help. I have not received any communication in regard to the assignments or submission or news or any related information. Completely lost.
    I would appreciate your help towards the same.
    Thank you.
    Uma Santosh

  24. Sir/Madam,
    I took admission in IGNOU for MA in English 1st year Distance Education on 16 AUGUST 2020. But I did not get any information about study material or about date of exam or about my assignment. Please let me know how could or from where could I get the information.
    Thank you
    Arpita Sahana

  25. In meg 01 appendix parts of block 1 and block 2 have been left. Please give pdf of the said parts soon.

  26. Hi sir
    This is SHEKAPPA Lamani . I took admission in MEG my enrollment number is 2101556861. January 2021 session.but I can’t received study materials and id card sir please send me immediately sir

  27. This is Ankita Priyadarshini Behera, joined for MEG JULY 2021 at IGNOU. Still haven’t received my study materials. Atleast please Email them to me sir.

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