What are the Passing Marks in IGNOU

Passing Marks in IGNOU – Many of the candidates are confusing about minimum or passing marks in IGNOU to get qualify for the selected programme. After taking admission from IGNOU, every student wants to clarify about required marks to pass in the theory as well as the practical paper of term-end examination.

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We just want to clarify about passing marks which does not mean that you just prepared to get minimum marks in the exam so study hard to get maximum marks in IGNOU Term End Exam.

The passing marks vary in theory papers as well as assignments and its also different for Master Degree courses and all other courses offered by IGNOU. Here we have made it simpler to know the exact marks you need to complete your programme from IGNOU.

What are the Passing Marks for IGNOU Assignments?

If you want to pass out in the IGNOU Assignments then the candidate must have 40 marks out of total 100 marks. The required marks will be the same for all academic courses of IGNOU. If the candidate failed to get minimum marks in IGNOU Assignment then they need to submit the particular assignment again to IGNOU.

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IGNOU Passing Marks for Term End Exam (TEE)

  • If you want to pass out in the theory or practical papers of Master Degree Programme then you must have a minimum 40 marks out of 100 marks to get quality.
  • For Bachelors degree and all other programmes, the required passing mark is 40 (Increased from Earlier 35) out of 100 in TEE.

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Other Passing Marks in IGNOU

If the question paper is of 70 marks then candidates have to achieve a minimum 25 marks out of the total in the examination. If papers have a total 50 marks then candidates have to get minimum 20 marks to pass-out in the bachelor degree exam and minimum 20 marks to pass-out in master degree exam.

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We hope that you got the information about required passing marks you needed to get qualify in IGNOU Term end examination. If you are confusing with the Passing Marks in IGNOU even after the reading of a lot of articles then let us know your query by writing and commenting here.

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183 thoughts on “What are the Passing Marks in IGNOU”

  1. Sir will you clarify me what is the passing marks in Theory paper of TS 07 subject according to your comments or website the passing marks is 36 out of 100.i cleared all the assignments and got updated in grade card also status is showing in particular subject TS 07 as not completed in which I scored 36 marks.wether I have to appear for that paper again .

    1. Can you confirm me what is the pass marks of theory paper which is 75.my number published is 35 showing not completed..I can’t understand.


  2. Dear sir,
    What is the passing percentage marks for BCOMG of the session July 2021 including with assignment or excluding the assignment??

  3. I successfully cleared all my assignments of BTS and scored 70 marks in each paper.My course is BTS.According to your website the qualifying marks for assignments is 40 out of 100.The passing marks for Theory is 36.In TEE June 2021,My grade card is showing not completed .In TS07 subject I scored 36 marks and grade card is showing as not completed.kindly clarify me wether I passed my TS 07 paper or not.

    1. In theory you have to score atleast 40 marks out of 100 to get passed. It’s the criteria of IGNOU. Less than 40 is fail.

    2. App pass to ho but aapke assignment ke number count nhi hue hai aap dobara apne ignou center me manual contact kro or jaroorat pde to fir se apne assignment submit kro. fir aapke assignment ke number added ho javenge.

    3. is it possible to score 70 marks in each paper? i have heard the IGNOU checking way too strict and barely anyone gets 60 marks

  4. I got 35 marks for TS-03 which is the passing mark stated above but in my grade card it says NOT COMPLETED…Why is that so?
    Please reply to this I am an MBA student and my admission might get rejected if this exam is not cleared

  5. Sir I cannot go myself to submit my assignment due to some serious problem
    can I send it through post office or carry by my sister to regional centre??

  6. Hi ,I am an english literature student BA, but i have selected 3 subjects maths by mistake ,i attemted exams but Failed for these three subjects, and my doubt was one of my maths subject mte 12 linear programming i got 10 marks out of 50 but grade card shows that 20 marks but also status showed that not completed. What was the actual reason ?? please kindly reply me

  7. how do I check my assignment status, all the links available shows error. Even the IGNOU student’s app isn’t of much help. Can someone guide me through this?

    1. Sir I got 24 out of 50 but in my grade card shows not completed.. Why? Plz give me some solution

  8. Sir CCH me 32 marks aye out of 70 apki side pr jo paper 70 ka he usme passing marks 25 he to phir incomplete kyo bt rh he

  9. Sir i completed my exam on previous term and the 5 years of validity of my registration is ended last december.but in one paper i got 37 out of 100.can I re write the paper exam or not,please help me

  10. what is distribution of marks in theory and practical seperately.
    And please tell if I have to get the minimum marks in theory only or theory and practical combined.

  11. In BEVAE 181 my theory mark is showing 32 and assignment mark is showing 80 but it’s showing not complete,,,why? Out of 50 is not 32 is passing mark? Why grade card is showing that?

  12. I have just got 20 marks out of 50 so i want to ask if i am passed or not. Is 20 included in passing marks

  13. Can anyone help me in my query. I got 40 marks in practical MCSL204, lab marks is 20 and assignment marks is 76. And the status is showing not Complete.
    I am pass or fail?
    From where I got the lab marks? (I only give practical exam I don’t know anything about lab exam.)

  14. MAPC internship have three kind of evaluation.
    marks by academic counsellor-(30marks ), by agency supervisor (30 marks) and by viva-(40 marks). do i need to pass in each part. what if i get less marks in viva but total is more than passing marks

  15. I’ve completed my post graduation in political science in Kannada medium and I would like to study BEd from IGNOU and also in Kannada medium is the course available in Kannada medium? please reply me

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