How to Cancel IGNOU Admission? A Complete Guide & Methods

How to Cancel IGNOU Admission? While the process of admission to IGNOU is not complicated, there are still many students who face problems with it. One such problem is that of cancellation of admission. IGNOU might cancel the admission of the new students because of various reasons such as the non-availability of proper information in the admission form, not providing proper supporting documents, or not paying the right amount for registration or fees.

While IGNOU has all the rights to cancel the admission of students based on several factors, students are also free to cancel their admission at any point in time. But students are advised to check their admission status before proceeding with cancellation.

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Procedure to Cancel IGNOU Admission

Students may cancel their admission because of various reasons such as if a student wishes to take admission in some other course or so. There are three different ways how you can cancel your admission to IGNOU.

How to Cancel IGNOU Admission?
  • Offline Mode

You can cancel the admission in a traditional way through offline mode. In this method, you need to provide a handwritten application at your respective regional center stating that you wish to cancel your admission. Also, you need to provide a scanned copy of your IGNOU ID Card.

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  • Online Mode

Once you have received your login credentials for the IGNOU portal, you can also cancel the admission online.

Step – 1 – Go to the site first.

Step – 2 – Under the option of Register Online, you need to click Fresh Admission.

Step – 3 – Now, use your details and password to login.

Step – 4 – After you login, you will find the Application Summary in your profile.

Step – 5 – Under Application Summary, you will find Cancel Admission which you need to click on.

Follow the next steps to complete the procedure of admission cancellation.

  • Through Email

You need to follow these important instructions if you are sending an email to cancel your admission.

Step – 1 – Search for your regional center by visiting the site

Step – 2 – Browse through the column of Regional Center to get the contact details of your Regional Center.

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Step – 3 – You have to send an email to this address by mentioning your name, enrolment number, program name, and the reason for cancelation of admission.

Step – 4 – You also need to attach the scanned copy of your IGNOU ID Card and Aadhar card along with this email.

You should get a notification soon about the refund that you will get. It is not always necessary that you will get a refund because the refund depends upon a number of factors.

Guidelines for Refund after Cancelation of Admission

Along with the admission fee, IGNOU charges a registration fee of Rs. 300/- from all students and this amount is non-refundable. The refund of the examination fee amount will be based on various factors according to the policy mentioned by the university.

  • If the cancellation is done before the last date of submission of the form, then Rs. 200/- will be deducted and the whole amount will be refunded.
  • If you have applied for cancelation of admission after the submission date but within 15 days, then a deduction of Rs. 500/- will be made.
  • Rs. 1000/- will be deducted if you have applied for cancellation of admission within 16 to 90 days after the date of submission of the admission form.
  • But, somehow if you get delayed and apply for the cancelation of admission after 90 days, then you will not get any amount as a refund.

Apart from these guidelines, there are also other policies mentioned by the universities such as for those who have already received the manuals but now wish to cancel the admission. Hence, the students need to go through the terms and conditions and admission policies of the IGNOU university.

IGNOU is a reputed university and has a high demand among students. But there can be situations where the students may wish to cancel the admission that they have taken. IGNOU allows such students to cancel their admission and there are some specific guidelines mentioned about it that the students need to go through beforehand.

22 thoughts on “How to Cancel IGNOU Admission? A Complete Guide & Methods”

  1. I have cancelled my admission before confirming my admission to IGNOU, didn’t received an ID Card, some discrepancies were there and my admission wasn’t confirmed. I applied for refund, but still no response from IGNOU admission team.
    Third Class Services is provided my this Third Class University.

    Can you pleas refund my amount and cancel my admission.

  2. Name: Manju H S
    Cycle: July 2023
    Course: MPA
    Control number:2320712161S
    Regional centre: Bangalore
    My admission was cancelled yesterday due to my request but I didn’t recieved my fees refund yet please consider my request and refund back my money plss …thank you …iam attaching the fees details plss refund it back I need urgent emergency please …it’s a humble request

    1. did you get your refund . my admission has been canceled in september neither getting any refund nor reply

  3. I have applied for the cancellation of my admission for the course of MBA HRM 2023-24 session. I have already sent the email to , , and on 27th July,2023 and 31st July 2023 with all the necessary documents mentioned in the IGNOU website. But no actions were taken till now. Please look into this matter and refund the amount I am eligible to receive.

  4. respected sir
    I applied for(cncc) enrollment no -2351540581.i m not interested this course .
    therefore,I requested to you grant my application you have refund my money so I thankful to you

  5. respected ,sir/Madam
    I recently,applied for Diploma in Early childhood Care and Education(DECE).I am not interested read igno DECE so my family is health problem There fore I requested to you grant my application you have refund my money so I greatful to you

  6. hlo sir/ma’am
    ignou University has cancelled my application in MCA_new. but no msg received of fee refund
    please confirm the .

    1. even me to i canceld my admission but it’s been 20 days i hv not rcvd refund amount.

  7. Hello sir/madam i have to cancel my admission in MCA_NEW. I have mailed so many time but no reply from ignou

  8. sir/mam
    I have cancelled my admission plz help me That how many days it takes to refund became 36 days after conformation date

  9. Sir/Madam,

    That online link on profile account does not work in case of online courses. I have took admission to MCAOL course but later decided to go with MCA_New course hence I tried to cancel the admission to online course but clicking that link the response comes that it has been disabled, contact IGNOU for admission cancellation.
    Please help.

  10. Respected Sir/Madam, I recently applied for MA in English (MEG) but after applying only I came to know it was the wrong course MA in Education (MEDU).So now I want to cancel my application.Will I get fees refunded?

  11. Respected Sir,

    I Prachi Sinha, applied for MCA_New:- Master of Computer Application, Control Number -2220091318S, Regional Center -Ranchi on 30th June 2022 and requested to cancel it on 28th August 2022 due to late confirmation of Admission and on 30th of August i received a mail that my admission has been cancelled and money has been credited to my account but it’s been 12 weeks and refund has not been made.

    I shall be grateful to you if you check it and return the admission fee of rs. 12200/- which i paid to your university.

    Kindly find the attached copies of bill receipt for your reference.I hope you will consider my request.
    Thank you

    1. Same thing happened with me also, I have cancelled my MARD admission in last 9th Feb but not refund yet. Shall not we go through the consumer forum?

  12. Hai Sir/Madam. I am requesting you to please refund my tuition fee for the first semester back to the account from which the payment was made. I am sending this messege still two months. till now i did not get any replay from the study centre. I have attached the statement of the transaction from the bank as proof. I have dropped the course so please refund my money from your center.

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