IGNOU BAASK Study Material

IGNOU BAASK Study Material & Books – Here, Candidates will be able to download a soft copy of IGNOU BAASK Study Material. It will be helpful for those students who opt for online books for BAASK instead of printed ones. Moreover, if you lost your BAASK books then you can also download the same online to continue your study with soft materials. Here, We have uploaded books for All BAASK Courses that can be downloaded by all students.

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IGNOU BAASK Study Material is compatible with the latest syllabus and applicable for the upcoming TEE June 2024 and December 2024 in terms of creating of BAASK Assignments as well as writing the Term end examinations. Furthermore, IGNOU MCA All Study Materials are uploaded here will be available for download for free of cost. So it can be easily accessible for all MCA students without need of registration.

Applicable for IGNOU BAASK Program
Format of Books PDF
Category IGNOU Study Material 2024

List of IGNOU BAASK Study Material

First Year
BHDG-175 मध्यकालीन भारतीय साहित्य एवं संस्कृति Download
BHDS-183 अनुवाद : सिद्धांत और प्रविधि Download
BHDS-184 रेडियो लेखन Download
BPYC-131 भारतीय दर्शन Download
BSOC-101 समाजशास्त्र का परिचय Download
CBKG-002 कालगणना की विधियाँ Download
CVG-002 वैदिक अंकगणिय Download
SSB-003 सरल संस्‍कृत बोध तृतीयबोध: Download
BSKC-131 संस्कृत पद्य- साहित्य Download
BSKLA-135 संस्कृत भाषा और साहित्य Download
Second Year
BESE-141 शिक्षा में आई सी टी Download
BHDG-173 समाचार पत्र और फीचर लेखन Download
BPYC-133 तर्कशास्त्र Download
BSKC-107 भारतीय सामाजिक संस्थान और राज्य व्यवस्था Download
BSKC-132 संस्कृत गद्य-साहित्य Download
BSKC-133 संस्कृत नाटक Download
BSKG-180 राष्ट्रीयता और भारतीय साहित्य Download
BSOC-102 भारतीय समाजशास्त्र-1 Download
BCOS-184 ई कॉमर्स Download
Third Year
BCOS-185 उद्यमिता Download
BPYG-171 अनुप्रयुक्त नीतिशास्त्र Download
BPYG-172 धर्म दर्शन Download
BSOE-142 भारतीय समाजशास्त्रीय परंपराएँ Download
BSOE-148 सामाजिक स्तरीकरण Download

Why Should I Use IGNOU BAASK eBooks?

The soft copies of IGNOU BAASK study materials having various advantages during your academic journey with the university. It will be helpful to you for the preparation of the IGNOU BAASK Assignment as you have to write the solution with its help.

Furthermore, you can also use BAASK Books for the preparation for the IGNOU Term End Examination which will help you to achieve good marks and grades. The one of the most benefit of having MCA Online Study Material is it can be downloaded and studied from anywhere or at any time.

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