IGNOU BAEGH Assignment 2023-2024 (July – January)

IGNOU BAEGH Assignment 2024 - IGNOU BAEGH Assignment Question Paper has been uploaded by the university for its current session 2024. The students of the BAEGH program can now download the Assignment Questions from this page. Candidates have to compulsory download and submit these assignments with the solutions to the university to get permission for attending the Term End Exam of the IGNOU BAEGH Program.

We also inform all BAEGH students that the assignment questions for each of the courses of the IGNOU BAEGH program are available for download from here. You have to prepare each of BAEGH assignment separately so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily understand and identify the course code of each subject.

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Program Code IGNOU BAEGH
Name of the Program Bachelor of Arts English (Honours)
Session 2024
Applicable For TEE December 2024
Category IGNOU Assignment 2024

List of IGNOU BAEGH Assignment 2024

Each of the Assignment questions will have different marks and the same will be printed on each question. Candidates should write the solutions to all questions according to the instructions given in the IGNOU BAEGH Assignment Question Paper. The BAEGH students have to submit the Assignments for each course to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. The candidates have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

IGNOU BAEGH Assignment Submission Last Date for 2024

Here is the Last Date for Submission of the IGNOU BAEGH Assignment to appear in the Upcoming Term End Exam December 2024 or June 2025.

For TEE December 2024 30th September 2024
For TEE June 2025 31st March 2025

Where to Submit IGNOU BAEGH Assignments?

If you have completely solved your assignment then you have to submit your IGNOU BAEGH Assignments to the coordinator of the study centre which is allotted to you at the time of admission. Don’t forget to get a receipt for the submission of BAEGH Assignments.

After preparing the solution for your BAEGH Assignment, you have to submit IGNOU Assignments to the coordinator of the study centre which was allotted to you at the time of taking admission. Moreover, Don't forget to get a receipt for the submission of BAEGH Assignments.

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    1. BEVAE 181
    2. BEGAE 182
    3. BPAG 171
    4. BPCG 172

  2. I took admission in July session 2022 but till now I did not get my books.please let me knw about my books I m really worried

  3. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME WHEN JULY22-23 session have to submit assignments! I got my admission done in july got id card in august so when am I supposed to submit assignments

  4. To all BAEGH candidates:
    I am also a BAGEH candidate

    1. Assignments are to be submitted semester wise, i.e.;
    Year 1 – Sem 1 and 2 assignments
    Year 2 – Sem 3 and 4 assignments
    Year 3 – Sem 5 and 6 assignments

    2. You can go to the IGNOU e-gyan kosh website to access course notes and some assignments. Choose your course and then check for course material for all related subjects and their units.

    3. Most assignments are difficult to get and are not posted timely. Have to do a net search for them if you don’t get it on the website.

    4. When you open the assignment files, the submission date is given at the end of the instructions before the questions. For those in the January cycle the final submission is usually 31st October of ever year for all assignments for the year and you can do the exams in January of the following year.. You can also submit in April if you are going to attempt the exams in June.

    5. Assignments have to be handwritten and submitted at your study centre to your coordinator.

    6. Assignments can be sent by email too after scanning and uploading the hand written assignments. Please check with your study centre for the same as each centre has different submission procedures.

    7. TEE can be attempted according to how many assignments you have completed and submitted and the year as long as it is for the semesters of that particular year. As per this you can attempt the exams either in January or June. You have to check the website for exam details and notifications.

    I hope this is helpful to most of you. If you still have doubts, please contact your study centre and coordinator for more clarity on the same.

  5. I have taken admission at ignou in jan session in 2022 in baegh program . Anybody of this session please contact me.. My contact number is 7876648921 I am confused about the assignment. I don’t know from where to download the questions. Somebody please help soon.

  6. Hello Team,
    List of Assignments for BAEGH has only the 4 subjects i.e BAGC-101, 102, 103 & 104.
    I’m not sure what about other 4 subjects i.e BEGAE182, BEVAE181,BGDG172 & BSOG171. Can someone suggest please.
    Is it enough to submit the first 4 list of Assignments by 31 April’22 ?

    1. hi, i am having the same doubt . If you got the questions of the assignments can you please tell me how to get it.

  7. Can anybody tell help me with this following questions:
    1. I took admission on October 2021, so in what season will I come under?
    2. will I have to submit assignment every semester?
    3. will I have to submit my assignment to the study center or to the regional center?

    In case anybody knows about this things please let me know it would be of a great help to this tiny confused soul. I would be really Greatful for your help…….and please avoid the grammer and spelling mistake in the passage, Thank you and all the best for things to come

  8. My admission was finalized during early November 2021, so when should I submit my assignments? There is not much clear information regarding the assignment section on the main website.

  9. Hello sir , i have sent my assignments through mail to the registered college….but have not got any response from them regarding anything till now…what am I supposed to do now….the coordinators are not even replying to calls or msgs.
    If anyone from chennai eng honours is here…kindly contact me…im doing the course from guru nanak college.

  10. I did admission for BAEGH on 2020/3december so when can I submit my assignment.. on July or October..I’m confused.

  11. Hi, I joined the BAEGH COURSE ON JULY 2020 But still i am confused about the assignment submission for sem-1 and IS the final date of assigment submission 30th april 2021 or their will be any extension? As we got our orientation 4 weeks back and I am not able to get any clarity which subject’s submission we have give for Sem-1.
    Kindly help and guide me through it.
    Thanks and regards
    Rahel D Peter.

  12. Hi BAEGH Friends,

    I am struggling with these assignments as mentioned in this page.

    I admitted in Ignou for this program in July 2020 but didn’t attempt the exam and assignment for it. So i want to give exam this year June-2020 for Semester 1 and for that, I need to submit assignment but can somebody help me to know where are assignments exactly, what is the last date?

    I am really struggling to get the right information, Can somebody please save me from missing last date ?

    Thanks in advance

    Shaina M

    1. Hii ur older student I m fresher in BAEGH if u don’t have any problem can u please guide me for assignment

    1. Hiii to all Baegh students any knowledge for assignment how to we submitted where and
      How to make the assignment please someone told me

  13. I am confused about assignment of 2020-21 BAEGH
    I only got the questions of 4 subjects. Where should I get the other four (BEVAE-181, BSOG-171, BGDG-172, BEGAE-182)?

    1. Sir where we have to submit our assignments?
      We have to submit online or offline..kindly help..this is my first year..and none of the regional centre and customer care is contactable. Kindly reply

  14. I m really confused about the assignment of 2020 BAEGH
    If any one knows about it please do let ,me know


  16. I’m really confuse with the assignment I did my new admission on August so which one is the assignment I need to do which link do i need to click inorder to get the assignment questions?

    1. Is the assignment submission now online or offline !
      Can I submit my assignments online?

  17. Only 4 subject assignments are available … what about the other 4 subjects?The submission date is near and we have to go through this kind of situation

    1. Hello
      Dear this is Shiwani Thakur
      I want to know that how are u getting updates regarding IGNOU

  18. Hii… I can’t get through the details regarding the assignments. I’m not sure if I know how many assignments I have to submit. And what are subjects I’ve to appear this year, I mean the 1st TEE (this Dec) . The IGNOU students app doesn’t even provide enough information. I request to provide better services online because most of the things should be done online.

    1. i am facing the same problem there is very less information provided online by the ignou university.

  19. what about other subs when we will get other assignment question of BAEGH 1st year 2020 session

    1. Pls tell me I have taken admission in ignou on Jan 21 session so may I know till when I can submit my assignments of course BAEGH ??

    1. May I know what is the deadline ( last date ) to submit the assignments? My year of admission is Jul-2020 (BAEGH). Can you please tell me this. It would be a big help. Thanks

    2. 30th April, 2021
      If you are willing to give TEE in June’21.

      (I know so because I’m student of the same batch)

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