IGNOU MAPY Assignment 2023-2024 (December – June)

IGNOU MAPY Assignment 2024 - IGNOU MAPY Assignment Question Paper has been uploaded by the university for its current session 2024. The students of the MAPY program can now download the Assignment Questions from this page. Candidates have to compulsory download and submit these assignments with the solutions to the university to get permission for attending the Term End Exam of the IGNOU MAPY Program.

We also inform all MAPY students that the assignment questions for each of the courses of the IGNOU MAPY program are available for download from here. You have to prepare each of MAPY assignment separately so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily understand and identify the course code of each subject.

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Program Code IGNOU MAPY
Name of the Program Master of Arts (Philosophy)
Session 2024
Applicable For TEE December 2024
Category IGNOU Assignment 2024

List of IGNOU MAPY Assignment 2024

Each of the Assignment questions will have different marks and the same will be printed on each question. Candidates should write the solutions to all questions according to the instructions given in the IGNOU MAPY Assignment Question Paper. The MAPY students have to submit the Assignments for each course to IGNOU Study Centre in which they get registered. The candidates have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

IGNOU MAPY Assignment Submission Last Date for 2024

Here is the Last Date for Submission of the IGNOU MAPY Assignment to appear in the Upcoming Term End Exam December 2024 or June 2025.

For TEE December 2024 30th September 2024
For TEE June 2025 31st March 2025

Where to Submit IGNOU MAPY Assignments?

If you have completely solved your assignment then you have to submit your IGNOU MAPY Assignments to the coordinator of the study centre which is allotted to you at the time of admission. Don’t forget to get a receipt for the submission of MAPY Assignments.

After preparing the solution for your MAPY Assignment, you have to submit IGNOU Assignments to the coordinator of the study centre which was allotted to you at the time of taking admission. Moreover, Don't forget to get a receipt for the submission of MAPY Assignments.

41 thoughts on “IGNOU MAPY Assignment 2023-2024 (December – June)”

  1. Hi there,
    The assignments uploaded on the website for MAPY is mentioned as TEE December 2023 and TEE June 2024. But as I have been admitted in January 2024 session, so there should have been assignment for TEE December 2024 for us. Should I write the latest one that has been uploaded or wait for some more time for the update? Please reply as I am in need for help as there is very little time left to prepare the assignment.
    Thanks, and regards,

  2. Hello and GM ,
    I am planning to take IGNOU Masters in Philosophy . My study centre will be in Hyderabad . Can you kindly respond to my questions .
    Each subject has some assignment submission before writing the exam . Can I do this by email ? Can I give it to my study centre in my town ?
    I have to Necessarily post it myself to New Delhi address ?
    The written exam can be in my study centre of Hyderabad . This is fine with me .
    Will there be any face to face presentations ? VIVA etc.,
    The study material notes will be in digital format PDF or paper bound books ?

    Many thanx in advance for your responses.

  3. MAPY June session 2nd year assignment submission date is to short till now i am not getting study materials. If possible then is better to extend the date of submission.

  4. can you help me with the course code and study centre and code regional centre code course title tc for MAPY(MA in Philosophy

  5. Sir, I haven’t found MGP5 assignment question papers for the TEE june 2022 in the given set of assignment. Please it is my humble request to guide me in this matter. I’d be very helpful.

  6. There is no assignment number in the question. Where can i find it through it? Am about to submit my assignment but confused whether i could submit without assignment number or not.

    1. Everyone is confused. Should we cry that we don’t have the assignment for MGP 005 – which will make us disqualified from applying for the exam? Should we laugh because there is one assignment less that we have to do? It’s such an emotional time. Hm Hm Hm or Ha Ha Ha

  7. I submitted 6 assignments matched in the assignment pdf paper we needed to out of our total 7 subjects. But only marks of 5 subjects are displayed on my assignment result thing… was there any optional paper or limited number of credits we had to do? or did they misplace one ? my logic paper’s assignment status is not there..need some help

  8. I am first year student of MAPY (January 2019).I have taken MGP5. I did not find the questions on MGP5.Please send this on my mail.Thank you.

    1. Even i couldn’t found assignment questions of MGP 5 please send me the question through e-mail

  9. How can I print the assignment format I got and download assignment question but I want to write answer the assignment I want to know how to take assignment format

  10. I am First year student in the program mapy of the July 2018 session. The assignments uploaded for this session Mention the last date to be the 10 November 2018. I am.aware that my last date of submission is 31st march 2019. I am Little confused am I expected to answer the same question

  11. I am first year student of MAPY July 2018 session. Can you please send me the assignments which I have to prepare because their are two set of assignments and I am confused. Please help.

    1. Sir/Madam,
      Kindly send me the July 2018 Session 1st Year MAPY assignment questions to my mail:

  12. I have taken a subject MGP 5 for first year MAPY. I am unable to find the assignment for jan19 for this subject

  13. I am first year student of MAPY course July session in the assignment that i didn’t find the assignments(questions) on Introduction to peace and conflict resolution (MGP5). Where can I find the questions for this one?

    1. HI i am also 1st year student of MAPY course . i have lot of questions regarding course ,there submissions ,assignment .can you respond me .and give any suggesstion towards for same.

  14. i am first year student MAPY from Madhya Pradesh here i am facing some problem related to Assignment preparation , if any one can help me out, please provide your contact details i will contact you either you can contact me

  15. I am a first year student of MAPY courses, July session. In the assignments that I have downloaded… I didn’t find the assignments(questions) on Introduction to peace and conflict resolution (MGP5). Where can I find the questions for this one?

  16. Is the assignment for MAPY 2nd year June 2019 Exam is going to be the same as that of Session: July 2018 – January 2019???.

  17. Please explain me. We the students who enrolled on the 2018,october when will our assignments be notify??

  18. Thank you so much for the speedy response. I just have one more doubt. There are no assignment questions for the subject ‘introduction to peace and conflict resolution’ MGP 005. Does this mean that we don’t need to submit an assignment for this subject?

    1. Hello, I am also in your same situation. I am MAPY June 2018 admission. Where should I download my assignment?

    2. HI

  19. I am a first year student in the program m a p y of the July 2018 session. The assignment uploaded for this session mentions the last date of submission to be the 10th of November 2018. I am aware that my last date of submission is towards the end of March 2019. I am I expected to answer the same questions or will a new set of assignments be uploaded that I need to download and answer? If it is the latter can you please rectify the dates uploaded online as it can lead to confusion.

    1. Mam I’m also in same confusion,, please let me noticed about the same. Will new assignment be uploaded??? Please let me know.Are there any easy notes for MA Philosophy available ???

    2. Sir,
      What is the reply you got for this ? Which set of assignments should we do now ??

    3. Same query, do you know which assignment I need to do for june 2018-2019 session and when it is to be submitted?

  20. In MAPY first year assignment, the course of MA Psychology is mistakenly uploaded instead of MA Philosophy. Please rectify this at an early date so that we can prepare answers to questions asked in assignment.

  21. I’m Mapy student I wants know about my the assignment question of peace and conflict resolution of ignou plz send this on my mail code is MPYE-008

  22. Two questions:

    1. As I work abroad, I cannot attend he regular classes at the study center. Can I study on my own and submit the assignments through Email?

    2. I am not based in India, hence would like to submit my assignments thru email. Please let me know the Email ID. My study center is IGNOU Study Center – 29050 – Shyam Lal College.

    1. yes, u need not to attend classes….but as far as submitting assignments by email, i guess u can’t do that….u can better prepare assignments by hand then post them to somebody in New Delhi and let them handover the same at the designated study centre.

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