IGNOU MA Philosophy – MAPY Syllabus 2024

IGNOU MAPY Syllabus 2024 - Here, Candidates will be able to find the latest syllabus structure for the IGNOU MAPY program. IGNOU MAPY Syllabus Structure is available with a credit system in which each of the courses is given appropriate credit. IGNOU has implemented a credit system in MAPY courses which is useful for course selection at the time of taking admission and for re-registration.

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IGNOU MAPY Candidates have to earn a required number of credits every semester or every year to complete and qualify for MAPY passing certificate. The selection of the courses can be made at the time of taking fresh admission or re-registration for the subsequent year or semester for the MAPY program. There are many courses available for IGNOU MAPY course selection out of which some are compulsory courses and some of are elective courses.

IGNOU MAPY Syllabus 2024 Highlights

Name of the Program Master of Arts (Philosophy)
Exam System Annual
Total Credits 64

MAPY students will have the option to choose the course of their choice from the elective courses (if exists) while there are no choices and options available for compulsory or core courses.

IGNOU MAPY Current Syllabus 2024

First Year
Course Code Name of the Course Credits
Compulsory Courses
MPY 1 Indian Philosophy 8
Elective Courses (Choose any six course)
MPYE 1 Logic 4
MPYE 2 Ethics 4
MPYE 3 Epistemology 4
MPYE 4 Philosophy of Human Person 4
MPYE 5 World Religions 4
MPYE 6 Dalit Philosophy 4
MPYE 7 Research Methodology in Philosophy 4
MGP 5 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution  
Second Year
Compulsory Courses
MPY 2 Western Philosophy 8
Elective Courses (Choose any six course)
MPYE 8 Metaphysics 4
MPYE 9 Philosophy of Science and Cosmology 4
MPYE 10 Philosophy of Religion 4
MPYE 11 Philosophy of Art (Aesthetics) 4
MPYE 12 Tribal Philosophy 4
MPYE 13 Philosophy of Technology 4
MPYE 14 Philosophy of Mind 4
MPYE 15 Gandhian Philosophy 4
MPYE 16 Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo 4
MPYP 1 Dissertation 4
Total Credits 64

IGNOU MAPY Credit System

As we all know, IGNOU has implemented a credit system in the MAPY program in which the candidates have to earn the required credits to earn an IGNOU MAPY certificate. Therefore, each of the MAPY courses will have an appropriate number of credits that you will earn only after you complete the particular subject. The MAPY candidates can get to know about the total number of credits that they need to earn to become eligible for the IGNOU MAPY degree certificate.

IGNOU University is working regularly to revise the MAPY Syllabus Structure to fulfill the current demands as well as to keep connected with the latest curriculum that helps students to achieve their goals as per the latest trends. IGNOU has the right to change and update the IGNOU MAPY Syllabus at any session to offer only the latest course structure. We also work hard for IGNOU MAPY students to provide an updated syllabus structure to them which will help them for their studies.

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  1. could you please tell me how long should a pg(philosophy) dissertation be? and also how are marks calculated for the said subject?

  2. What does the final year dissertation mean ? is it just writing an essay and submitting or has a face to face presentation ? defence etc., ? Will the notes be given in digital format ? does MA Philsophy involve any ground work like practicals ? Thanx in advance for your quick responses.

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