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IGNOU MPY-01 Study Materials/Books – If you come to this page for download each course of MPY-01 Study Material so you are come at right place. Here you will get everything for which you have come to here. We have downloaded all available Study Materials of MPY-01 to our System and it is ready and available for all MPY-01 Students.

We provide all study materials to IGNOU MAPY student with free of cost and it can download easily and without registration need.

List of Available MPY-01 Study Materials:

MPY-01 Indian Philosophy  
Block-1 Introduction To Indian Philosophy Download
Block-2 Heterodox Systems Download
Block-3 Orthodox Systems-I Download
Block-4 Orthodox Systems-II Download
Block-5 Indian Systematic Philosophy Download
Block-6 Contemporary Indian Philosophy Download

Is it required to download MPY-01 Materials?

For attend IGNOU MPY-01 TEE Examination, it is necessary to first submit your Assignments to IGNOU and it is possible from IGNOU MAPY Study Material. You can solve your MPY-01 Assignments with using Books/Materials. Not only Assignments, but you can use it for preparation of Examination and you can get good marks in your Master of Arts in Philosophy Programme Annual Exam with good grade.

4 thoughts on “IGNOU MPY-01 Study Material”

  1. 1. It would have been much better if original संस्कृत texts were referred by संस्कृताचार्य than English speaking lot who simply copy pasted from Western authors without even realising the सूत्र.

    2. Since, संस्कृत is considered to be a scientific language where correct pronunciation is of utmost importance and to avoid any ambiguity it is humbly requested to write संस्कृत terminologies in देवनागरी, also. Like शङ्कर is written in Roman script as Shankara, Sankara, Shankar, etc. which leads to wrong pronunciations, Else add pronunciation aids.

    3. मूल ग्रन्थों का सन्दर्भ देते हुए, संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी भाषा के विद्वानों द्वारा अनूदित एवं विरचित पाठ्य सामग्री का मैं ह्रदय से स्वागत करूंगा। अंग्रेज़ी बोलते हुए श्री शङ्कराचार्य अथवा श्री मध्वाचार्य मुझे समझ नहीं आते।

  2. Study material is excellent and vast. Availability of study material by IGNOU is the greatest service to the world of Knowledge. I am really wordless to convey my thanks and gratitude to IGNOU.

  3. फिलॉसफी का मैटर हिन्दी मे उपलब्ध नहीं हो पा रहा हैं।।
    प्लीज् फिलॉसफी का मेटेरियल हिंदी मीडियम में दीजिए

  4. thank you very much for the material made available for free and to download. It will help many needy people pursuing their higher studies. study material is vast and any one other than academic can also use the material for enrichment of the ones knowledge. thanks a lot.

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