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IGNOU PGDCA Study Materials/Books – If you come to this page to download each collection of PGDCA Study materials so you come to the right place. Here you will get everything for which you have come here. We have downloaded all available Study Materials of PGDCA to our system and it is ready and available for all PGDCA Students.

We provide all study materials to IGNOU PGDCA students free of cost and they can download them easily and without registration need.

IGNOU PGDCA Revised Study Material:

Course Code Course Name Click To
First Semester
MCS-201 Programming in C and Python Download
MCS-202 Computer Organisation Download
MCS-203 Operating Systems Download
MCSL-204 Windows and Linux Lab Download
MCSL-205 C and Python Lab Download
Second Semester
MCS-206 Object Oriented Programming Using Java Download
MCS-207 Database Management Systems Download
MCS-208 Data Structures and Algorithms Download
MCSL-209 Data Structures and Algorithms Lab Download
MCSL-210 DBMS and Java Lab Download

IGNOU PGDCA Old Study Material:

1st Semester

MCS-11 Problem Solving and Programming Download
MCS-12 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming Download
MCS-13 Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS-14 Systems Analysis and Design Download
MCS-15 Communication Skills Download
MCSL-16 Internet Concepts and Web Design Download
MCSL-17 C and Assembly Language Programming Lab Download

2nd Semester

MCS-21 Data and File Structures Download
MCS-22 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Download
MCS-23 Introduction to Database Management System Download
MCS-24 Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming Download
MCSL-25 Lab Download

Is it required to Download PGDCA Materials?

To attend IGNOU PGDCA TEE Examination, it is necessary to first submit your Assignments to IGNOU and it is possible from IGNOU Study Material. You can solve your PGDCA Assignments using Books/Materials. Not only Assignments, but you can use it for preparation for examinations and you can get good marks in your Annual Exams with good grades.

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  1. Am studying in PGDCA_NEW Program. In my 1st sem i have read total 6 subject including BCS12 . I want to know Do I have to study any Math subject in 2nd semester?

  2. There should be a link to download the complete course in one go instead of downloading each block of each course individually.
    BTW, from where do we get the original material from IGNOU?

    Is this an official website of IGNOU?

  3. I don’t know why these documents/pdf are not loading in my system, if I need any specific app for it’s loading then please suggest me.

  4. Hi where is the study meterial of MCS-202 Computer Organisation (for PGDCA 2021).
    It is missing from the list.
    Please upload it too…

  5. I am unable to get study material for MCS-202 course for PGDCA_NEW on IGNOU’s eGyankosh website. Rest all are available

    1. could you share me the link of remaining subjects of PGDCA_NEW in egyankosh website like mcs-201 , mcs-203 , mcs-204 and mcs-205. please ASAP.

  6. I want my study materials books for PGDCA_NEW session JAN 2021 as soon as possible please help in this.

  7. I want study material for PGDCA (NEW) course,
    Subject are MCS-201,MCS -202,MCS-203,MCSL-204

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