IGNOU Re-Registration July 2024: Last Date, Fee, Status

IGNOU Re-Registration July 2024 – IGNOU Re-Registration for the session July 2024 has now been officially started by the university on its scheduled date. Now, the students do not need to wait further to submit the online applications for IGNOU Re-registration for the next semester and year in the July 2024 session. Candidates have to fill out their re-registration form through the online method. IGNOU Re-Registration facility is available only for those candidates who have already enrolled for a program of more than 1 year and above duration at the time of Admission to IGNOU.

The Last Date for Submission of the IGNOU Re-Registration Form for July 2024 is 30th June 2024 without Late Fees. If you missed the January 2024 session then you can now register in the July 2024 session for the missed year and semester which will increase the duration of your course by 6 months.

IGNOU Re Registration July 2024

This is to inform all candidates that the IGNOU Re-Registration July 2024 is now open for Indian students as well as international students to process the registration for their next year or semester. The overseas students have no need to follow the offline procedure for re-registration in IGNOU. Earlier, IGNOU international students were not allowed to apply for re-registration online but now the university come up with a common portal to allow re-registration for domestic as well as overseas students to re-register for the next year and semester online.

Pre-requisite for Filling IGNOU Re-Registration Form:

IGNOU Re-Registration
  • Your registration should be valid.
  • A student should have a 9 or 10 digit enrollment number.
  • Your program should be included in the list of available programs.
  • You should be eligible for registration.
  • Correct Email Address.
  • Active Mobile Number.

IGNOU Re-Registration: Eligibility

The Re-Registration process in IGNOU is as important as the Registration process. Though similar to registration, there is no fixed eligibility for re-registration, here are some points that can help you in a smoother IGNOU journey.

  • Only for Existing Students:

The re-registration process is only for university students. Once you are registered into the university, you have to complete the re-registration process whenever you proceed to the next semester or session.

  • Try to Complete Exams and Assignments As Much As Possible: 

While there are no such rules to appear in all the exams or pass them before re-registering, experts have mentioned clearing as many exams as possible before going through the re-registration process. Once you have re-registered, this means you will have to take care of the subjects, assignments, and exams of the new semester or session along with the ones that are already pending. Many students often drop out of the university only because they pile up so many exams at the end and then need help managing them. So, you must buck up from the start and aim to complete all the assignments and exams for the previous semester or session before re-registering for the next.

IGNOU Re-Registration Last Date July 2024

IGNOU Re-Registration for the session July 2024 is officially started by the university. The students will be able to get register in the current session for their next sem or year through online mode. Get in touch with the page to get the latest updates and news regarding re-registration.

Normally, IGNOU July session Re-Registration starts in the month of March or April while IGNOU January session Re-registration starts in the month of September-October but it might get delayed to December. Candidates will be notified of all updates regarding the re-registration session started by the IGNOU Team and they can register themselves for the current session. IGNOU Head Office frequently extends the last date for re-registration in every session so that every student can register without missing any Semester or Year.

Particulars Official Dates
Start Date of IGNOU Re-Registration July 2024 1st May 2024 (Wednesday)
Last Date of IGNOU Re-Registration July 2024 (Without Late Fees) 30th June 2024 (Sunday)
IGNOU Re-Registration Last Date with Late Fees of Rs. 200 15th July 2024 (Expected)
IGNOU Re-Registration Last Date with Late Fees of Rs. 500 31st July 2024 (Expected)
Expected Date of IGNOU Re-Registration Jan 2025 October 2024

How To Re-Register in IGNOU?

The candidates who are new to IGNOU and not familiar with re-registration then you will be guided here on how you can re-register in IGNOU for the next year or semester with ease. If you’ve already registered at the IGNOU Re-registration portal then you can skip Step-1 and follow Step-2.

Step-1 New Registration

The students who have not been registered on the re-registration portal should register first by following the below procedure.

  • First, Click on the Re-Registration link and go to the main page.
  • Here, Tick mark the box and click on Proceed for re-registration
  • Now, Click on the “New Registration” button and a new page open with the form.
  • Here, You have to select your program, enter your name as per IGNOU ID Card, your enrollment number, finally enter the captcha code, and click on the submit button.

You are now successfully registered at the portal so now follow the next process to start filling the re-registration form for the next year and semester.

Step-2 IGNOU Re-Registration Login

As you are already registered at the IGNOU Re-Registration portal, you need to follow the below steps to get successful re-registration in your program.

  • Candidates have to first open our given Re-Registration link.
  • Now, click on the checkbox and click on proceed for the re-registration button.
  • Here, you are on the main page of the IGNOU re-registration section.
  • Enter your enrollment number which is provided at the time of IGNOU Admission.
  • Enter the correct password.
  • Enter the captcha code and click on the Login button to follow the next steps.

Step-3 IGNOU Re-Registration Form Filling

After you’re succesfully login to the re-registration portal, you will be guided on how you can fill out the re-registration form online.

  • After login, you will see your program name on the screen like BAG – Bachelor of Arts so Click on it
  • Here, you will have to select your courses from the list given.
  • Furthermore, you will also be prompted to opt for receiving study materials in digital form or printed form so select the appropriate option.
  • Once you have selected the courses, Click on Submit Application.
  • The message “Application submitted successfully” will be shown on your screen.
  • After the selection of courses, the payment has to be made online by clicking on “Pay fee Gateway”.
  • Candidates can pay their semester or annual fees through any of the available payment methods.
  • After successful payment, you can take a print of your re-registration application
  • Done

Note – After submission of the application, no changes can be made online.

IGNOU Re Registration Fees 2024

It is noted that the students who register for the next year or semester do not need to pay any registration fees of Rs 300 that they paid at the time of fresh admission. Instead, the students have to pay the next installment of their admission fees like semester fee or annual fees. The students have to refer to their program fee structure to get to know about their semester or annual fees that need to be paid during payment of re registration.

IGNOU Re Registration Fees Payment Method

The payment of the re-registration can be made using one of the following methods that is convenient to the students.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
  • UPI

It is to inform students not to make the second payment in a hurry in case their first payment is not updated on a re-registration portal even if the amount is debited from their bank account. The candidates should wait for at least 24 hours to get the payment status reflected on their account.

IGNOU Re-Registration Status July 2024

If the candidates have filled out their IGNOU Re-Registration form for July 2024 and submitted it with the payment of fees online then a confirmation email will be sent to you on your registered email address and also by SMS. If you have successfully completed your Re-Registration then we advise all our students that please check your status of registration after login with your correct details. If you didn’t receive any confirmation then there is no need to worry and your next year’s registration status will be updated soon by IGNOU Head.

Note: IGNOU Re Registration status may take up to 30 days to update your next year or semester details at IGNOU Portal so keep check your status online for any updates.

IGNOU Re-Registration Courses 2024

Most courses in IGNOU will require re-registration of the students. Any course that has a duration of more than 1 year will require the candidates to re-register to complete the whole course. To be precise, courses that are broken down into semesters are the courses for which you must re-register each semester.

Re-registration is mandatory for all the courses under the Bachelors and Masters program. Apart from these courses, re-registration is also necessary for those courses that are divided by semesters.

IGNOU Re-Registration vs Registration 2024

If you are still confused about IGNOU registration and IGNOU re-registration, this table will clarify your doubts even more.

IGNOU Registration IGNOU Re-Registration
IGNOU Registration is for fresh admission of students in a particular course at the university. IGNOU re-registration is mandatory after the completion of every semester.
You have to go through the Registration process just once. Once you have registered, you have to re-register for every semester in your course.
You have to pay a one-time registration fee of Rs. 300/- along with the course 1st semester fee. For re-registration, you do not pay any fee. You only pay the semester fees.

Importance of IGNOU Re Registration

Several essential points prove the importance of IGNOU re-registration. According to IGNOU, it is mandatory for all students with a course of more than 1 year to re-register to continue their education journey with the university. The courses available for more than 1 year are divided into semesters. So, to proceed to each semester, you have to re-register with the university.

If you do not re-register with the university, you will lose your existence in the university after a specific period. For example, if the university has mentioned 5 years for 4 semesters of a course, you have to re-register in all 4 semesters and complete all the exams, assignments, and projects within 5 years.

Important Instructions for IGNOU Re Registration

If it is your first time for re-registration at IGNOU, you must keep in mind a few of the essential instructions.

  • Ensure you understand the registration and re-registration pages.
  • Check your program and course carefully to re-register for the next semester.
  • For convenience, ensure you have completed all the exams and assignments of the previous semester before you re-register for the next semester.

IGNOU Re Registration July 2024: FAQs

Q1. What is Re-Registration in IGNOU?
Answer: The meaning of IGNOU Re-Registration is to enroll for the next year or next semester in an existing program. There are no criteria and eligibility to register for next year or semester as you have already been admitted to a particular course. Candidates can re-register for a program in the next session after taking fresh admission in the 1st year or 1st semester in any program offered by IGNOU.

Q2. Is Re-Registration Compulsory in IGNOU?
Answer: Yes. IGNOU Re-Registration is compulsory for programs with more than 1 year duration.

Q3. What is the last date of re-registration of IGNOU 2024?
Answer: The last date for re-registration of IGNOU 2024 with a late fee is 30th June 2024.

Q4. How to do re-registration in IGNOU?
Answer: To do re-registration in IGNOU, you must visit the Samarth portal and continue with the re-registration process.

Q5. Can we apply for 2nd year if 1st year exam is not given at IGNOU?
Answer: Yes, you can apply for 2nd year even without appearing in 1st year exam. However, in this case, you have to complete all your 1st year and 2nd year exams together.

Q6. What is the re-registration fee for IGNOU?
Answer: There is no re-registration fee for IGNOU. However, you just have to pay the course fee for that particular semester.

Q7. What if I missed the IGNOU Re-Registration Last Date?
Answer: If you missed the IGNOU re-registration last date then candidates have no option to apply in the current session through any method either online or offline. Those candidates have to wait for the next session of re-registration to register for the next year or semester.

Q8. How to check IGNOU’s re-registration status?
Answer: Usually, you will get a re-registration confirmation through SMS or email. However, you can even check the re-registration status through the Samarth portal.

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