How to Change IGNOU Regional Centre & Study Centre: Check Process

IGNOU Regional & Study Centre Change – The student has to select the nearest Regional Centre and Study Centre at the time of taking admission in IGNOU. Candidates have their own choice to choose regional centre as well as study centre which convenient for them but it is noted that both must be offered your interested course.

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How to Change Study Centre in IGNOU?

After taking admission in IGNOU, The printed performa with programme guide is sent to students at their address. Candidates have to use that performa, fill it and send it to the Regional Director at your Regional Centre. Candidates have to note that counselling facilities are not available at every study centre for all courses so before making any changes, students are advised to make sure that counselling facilities are available for their course at the new study centre.

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Allocation of students is depending on the availability of seat for the programme at the new study centre. Candidates cannot change their study centre before confirmation of admission from IGNOU. Change of IGNOU Study Centre is not permissible in those courses where practical components are involved.

How to Change Regional Centre in IGNOU?

If a student is transferring from the current region to another region then he/she can apply for a change of the Regional Centre. The request must be addressed to the current regional centre from where he/she wants to transfer to the new regional centre. A student has to obtain a certificate from their current study centre from where he/she is seeking transfer regarding the number of submitted assignments. The current IGNOU Regional Centre will transfer student’s data to the new regional centre which including payment of fees.

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If the candidate has practical subjects in their programme then he/she must obtain “No Objection Certificate” from the concerned regional centre as well as a study centre where a student wants to transfer.

A student who wants to transfer from Air Force/Navy/Army Regional Centre to another regional centre then he/she have to pay fee-share money to the Regional Centre. If a student transfers its regional centre at the beginning of the programme session then he/she has to pay the required programme fee for the session at the regional centre. The student can transfer to overseas study centre only after six months of registration or after submission of assignment of first-year or semester for the course of one-year duration or longer.

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  1. I am transferred to Mumbai, I have not submitted assignments nor answer my exams, now what is the procedure to change my regional centre?

  2. After submitting assignments, can I change my ignou Regional centre & Study centre from one state to another state without going to the study centre & Regional centre?
    If it is possible then how much time it will take?
    Please answer me as soon as possible

  3. sir i am pursuing bsc but i m from defence forces so i got posted to gwalior , and there is no study centre offering bsc , so what should i do . i want to change my study centre

  4. I want to change my regional centre but haven’t submitted any assignments nor answer my exams, now what is the way to change the center.

  5. hello sir,

    I am moving from Karnataka to Punjab. I wish to change the exam and study center. How to change the study centre online.
    Please share the links and procedure.

  6. sir,
    i have moved from Chandighar to Bareilly. i want to change my exam and study center. how to change study center online. please share the link and procedure.


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