11 Things IGNOU Students Should have During their Study

11 Things IGNOU Students Should have During their Study – Whether it is an examination or assignment, it is essential that you keep handy a number of items to complete your task smoothly. There are so many stationery items that the students should make sure to have for different activities such as projects, assignments, or even just for completing home work. 

Of course, the IGNOU authorities will mention how a particular task has to be done, it is also essential that you keep some items in the backup. Though there are several such stationary items to collect, here is a list of the 11 most important items to go for. 

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A4 Size Ruled Sheets

If you are supposed to write your assignments or project work, having an A4 size sheet is something that you should have on your priority list. If you are a student at IGNOU, you will have to solve your assignment questions on the A4 size ruled sheets and submit them accordingly. Hence, it is necessary that you keep a bunch of A4 size ruled sheets along with white sheets always in your backup for such tasks and activities. 

Snow Crafts A4 Size Ruled Sheet is a perfect product to go for. The pack comes in with 100 sheets so that you can work on assignments of different subjects together. You can get the product through the below link.

Blue Ball Pens

There are a number of universities such as IGNOU that have a mandatory rule of using Blue color inked pens only for exams and assignments. In such a case, having blue ball pens is always a great idea as these are waterproof and also they will last longer. If you do not wish to get interrupted in between, using blue ball pens is the best option in such a case. 

Cello Fingergrip Ball Pen is known for smooth writing. You can get a jar of 25 blue ball pens from the below link.

Pencil, Rubber, Sharpener & Ruler

Even when you may make use of a pen to write assignments, exams, and other tasks, you should not miss out in having a pencil on your list. You will require a pencil for drawing purposes if you are a student of several subjects such as Biology and Geography. Of course, when you are having a pencil, you will have to get a sharpener and ruler as a combination. The ruler is also important for drawing different figures or even for drawing lines in diverse situations such as the competition of every answer on the examination answer sheet. 

Apsara Platinum Pencils are great for a long-time impression on the sheets. You can get a value pack of 20 pencils by clicking the below link. 


Markers are highly useful if you are creating your project or assignment. Markers are available in different shades and you can choose the right one to write some parts of the task in bold such as the title. The idea of using a marker is to attract attention to a particular area. So, it is essential that you use it very carefully. 

Ohuhu 40 Colors Markers are a great pick. Get a pack of assorted 40 colored markers from the link below.


So, you also do not love the idea of reading the whole chapter line by line? While there are some students who take note of every point in the chapter, there are others who just focus on the important points. Thus, a highlighter will help you in highlighting all these important points so that you can go through them during the revision period. 

Get the high-quality Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighter Pen for the best experience. Buy a pack of 4 assorted colors from the below link.

Stationary Pouch

When you have collected a good pen, pencil, marker, highlighter, and other similar essential items, you cannot carry these items in your hand to the classroom or your exam hall. You will require something in which you can put all these items for better organization and safety. Hence, a stationary pouch is the best option in such a case. 

A stationary pouch has to be such in which you can adjust all the necessary stationary items and also other items and one such option is Unigear Eva Pencil – Pen Pouch – Stationary Box. You can check out our pick at the below link.

Geometry Box

If you have the subject Geometry in your syllabus, you will require different tools such as a compass, divider, protractor, and others. In place of getting all these items individually, the best idea is to get a geometry box in which you will get all the items together. 

You do not have to hunt for a proper Geometry Box anywhere else as we have found one of the best options for you and that is Classmate Archimedes Geometry Box. Check out the item at this given link.

Paper File

If you are a student at IGNOU, a paper file is one such thing that you definitely need to get. According to the latest regulations, all IGNOU students are supposed to submit their assignments only in paper files.  

For each subject, you will need a different paper file. So, Dahsha A4 Size Paper Cobra File can be a great option. Get the paper file by clicking the below link.

Study Table

While schools and colleges will offer a proper study set-up, it is also essential that you get a proper study setup at home too. Studying on the bed or sofa does not allow you to focus well also it may offer you different issues of backbone and ligaments later on due to the wrong posture.

Privilon Global Study Table is one of the best options that can be used as a bed table and a portable writing desk for students as well as working professionals. Shop for the table from the below link.

Desk Organizer

When you are doing your assignments or projects, there are a number of times when you may create a mess on the table. When the table is cluttered so much, you do not find space for any new thing and also the chances of losing something important in this mess increases. It is quite obvious that it is not always possible to keep the desk in an arranged way. This is why you should get a desk organizer that can help you in keeping the desk at least in organized way without much effort.

If you are looking for such an amazing desk organizer, then you should definitely go for Callas Metal Mesh Desk Organizer. The pack of 6 black organizers can be purchased through the below link.

Glue Sticks

While glue stick is at the end of this list, this does not mean it is not an important item. Glue sticks are extremely essential in crafts and projects. If you wish to do something creative, you will require glue sticks along with other items such as scissors and paper. The glue stick will also help in other ways such as sticking a torn page from the book or copying. 

Who is not aware of Pidilite Fevistick Super Glue Stick? You can get 25 gms of the adhesive from the below link.

Though IGNOU is a distance-learning university, the pressure exerted on the students is similar to any regular university. Of course, you will fetch marks for the correct answers that you are providing, but there are also other marks for properly organizing the tasks, maintaining decorum, and other factors.

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The above-mentioned items are such things that you will definitely realize to have them once you have started learning at IGNOU. You will require and make use of these items in every stage of your IGNOU life such as while completing assignments and projects, studying for the exam, or most importantly writing your examination answer sheet. 

If you are a student, especially in IGNOU, there are several regulations that you need to follow. Also, there are many such things that you need to know in order to have a smooth experience while achieving your certificate. If you wish to get more information like this one, you can bookmark this page and can also share it with your fellow friends who are also studying at IGNOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the items you should carry in an IGNOU exam?
You should carry blue ball pens, a pencil, and a stationary pouch with items such as your admit card to an IGNOU exam.

Q2. Which items do you require for assignments and projects?
If you are preparing IGNOU assignments and projects, you will require pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, and A4 sheet paper.

Q3. What features to see in a stationary pouch?
You need to get a stationary pouch depending on the number of items that you have got. Also, you should make sure that it is not much complex to look at, otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the exam hall along with your pouch.

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