Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in India in 2023: Best Paying Careers

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs & Careers in India in 2023 – At the time of making a career choice, candidates need to have several factors for motivation to make the career selection easier. For some, it is the skill of the job, while for some others; it is the salary package and facilities offered in the job. No doubt, the income of a career always remains to be a major stepping stone in the selection process. Thus, we bring to you some of the top high-paid career opportunities that exist today. 

But you cannot just select a career based on the salary package. You also need to make your selection based on your interest as well as the educational stream that you select. Thus, when you aim towards a particular career option, you should check out the educational qualifications as well as the required skills so that you can go through the right path.

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In this article, you will not just get the highest-paid career opportunities but also the ways how you can achieve them. You can go through the details to decide whether the career option is appropriate for you or not.

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in India in 2023

Here is a table with the high-paying career opportunities and their average salary package on a yearly basis. 


Name of the Job

Average Annual Salary





Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon












Chief Executive Officer






Surgeon (All)






Airline Pilot & Co-Pilot






Petroleum Engineers



IT Manager



Senior Software Engineer



Data Scientist



You must have a question like how we prepare a table and ranked the various jobs using salaries so here is an answer to this question. The above list shows the top 15 highest-paid jobs by the average salary package that a person receives or gets by doing the particular job. We have got this average salary package by calculating the salary figures from three online sources and these are Mygreatlearning, Wealthy Gorilla, and Investopedia. We have combined the salary packages from all these three sources and have found an average package for each career option.

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Now, when we have a list of the top 15 highest-paid jobs and career opportunities in 2023 along with the salary package, let us take a dive into some other details also. 

  1. Anesthesiologist 

There is a very common misunderstanding that an anesthesiologist is an expert who just delivers anesthesia to the patients for surgery. But in reality, the responsibility of this expert is something more than just delivering anesthesia. An anesthesiologist also monitors the condition of the patient before, during, as well as after the surgery. Hence, the safety of the patient during surgery is mostly in the expert’s hands. 

Quite obviously, this job is on the top of the list of highest-paid jobs in 2023 because of its importance in the medical world. According to the current trends, the average salary is calculated as $307,495. A person who wishes to become an anesthesiologist will have to fetch a degree in MBBS with a specialization in anesthesia technology. 

  1. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon 

The face speaks a lot for a person. Thus, when the face gets a problem, it becomes important to get a solution. An Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon is an expert who diagnoses issues related to any problem in the face, mouth, head, neck, and jaws to offer a solution.

This profession ranks second in the list of highest-paid jobs in 2023 with an average salary package of $296,084 yearly. Individuals who wish to enter this profession need to pursue MDS in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

  1. Gynecologist 

Gynecology is another important medical profession that is on the list of highest-paid career opportunities in 2023. A gynecologist is someone who deals with the reproductive system of females. It can be about diagnosing issues related to the reproductive system and sorting them out or also about pregnancy. 

Completing MBBS is the first stage that an individual needs to cross after which the aspiring individual will have to pursue a three-year course of Diplomat of Medicine or Doctor of Medicine in Gynecology. A Gynecology earns a yearly package of $276,850 on average. 

  1. Orthodontists 

First, there is a clarification that all orthodontists are called to be dentists but not all dentists are called orthodontists. This is because the profession of an orthodontist is specialization in dentistry. The basic responsibility of an orthodontist is to diagnose the misalignment of the jaw and teeth and then correct them. 

If you are aspiring to become an orthodontist, the first thing that you need to do is to get a bachelor’s degree from a Dental School. Later on, you will have to pursue your Master’s in Dental Surgery with a specialization in Orthodontics to become an Orthodontist. Usually, an Orthodontist earns a yearly package of about $266,593 or more. 

  1. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is an expert who deals with mental illness. The expert will diagnose any kind of mental trouble that the patient is suffering from and then will offer the right treatment. An aspiring Psychiatrist will have to pass the MBBS degree and then have to get a diploma or an MD in Psychiatric Medicine. 

Usually, the average salary package of a Psychiatrist for a year is about $248,987. 

  1. Chief Executive Officer 

A Chief Executive Officer or better known as the CEO is the highest rank in any company. A CEO is responsible for taking the business towards profit in a legitimate way and managing the operations of the company. 

Someone who wishes to become a CEO should start by having a bachelor’s degree in Commerce with the subjects of Economics and Business. Later, the person should also pursue a degree in MBA. According to the latest trend, a CEO earns an average yearly package of $241,053.

  1. Physician 

A physician is a general doctor who is visited by everyone in the very first place to get solutions for a health condition. Usually, the physician diagnoses and offers relevant treatment to enhance the wellness of the person. But if the problem is something beyond general conditions, then the physician refers the patient to an expert specializing in the relevant area such as a gynecologist, cardiologist, and others. 

If you are aiming to become a physician, then you will have to pursue a degree in MBBS. Once you have pursued the degree and started practicing as a physician successfully, you can earn an average package of $229,255. 

  1. Surgeon (All) 

A surgeon is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats conditions that require any kind of surgery. Today, there are various specializations in surgery such as heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, and others.

Anyone who aims at becoming a surgeon will have to complete MBBS first from a reputed university and then will have to pursue an MS program in General Surgery. Later on, the aspirant can go for even higher studies to get a particular specialization in surgery. 

A surgeon is an expert who deals with extreme risk in saving the life of patients. Hence, it is quite mandatory that this profession has to be on the list of highest-paid career options in 2023. A surgeon earns an average of about $221,682 per year. 

  1. Pediatrician 

A pediatrician specializes in child healthcare. From the child is born till about the age of 15, a pediatrician is the right professional to check with. The experts diagnoses and treats the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the child. 

After completing MBBS, the aspiring contestants need to appear for entrance tests to pursue a degree in MD with Pediatrics as the specialization. 

Modern parents have become extremely conscious of their child’s healthcare and this has increased the demand for pediatricians too. Currently, the yearly average package of a pediatrician is around $206,553.

  1. Airline Pilot & Co-Pilot 

An airline pilot is someone who flies a commercial airplane carrying cargo or passengers on long-haul as well as short-haul flights. While the pilot is the main person handling the flight, the co-pilot is also an important person who is there to offer support to the pilot, especially on long-haul flights.

To become a pilot, an individual first has to appear in the NDA exam and pass it to get a Pilot’s License after completing a Bachelor’s Degree. Later on, the aspirant will have to acquire commercial certifications from DGCA after which the person can start practicing as a co-pilot and gradually become a pilot. Usually, a pilot or a co-pilot earns a yearly package of $199,823. 

  1. Dentist 

A dentist is a professional who takes care of the dental health of the patients. This can include surgical or non-surgical procedures of the teeth and jaws. 

A person aiming at becoming a dentist will have to complete high school in the Science stream with Biology as the main subject. After Class 12th, the aspirant will have to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Dentistry from a reputed Dental School. Further, a dentist can also gain specialization by pursuing a Master’s degree. 

Usually, a dentist earns an average yearly package of $184,756. 

  1. Petroleum Engineers 

Petroleum Engineers are a great resource for any country because they help in exploring oil and gas in the country. Also, they find out innovative ways to extract oil and gas in an efficient manner with the enhancement of technology. 

To become a petroleum engineer, an individual need to pursue B.Tech after Class 12th. After completing a bachelor’s degree in B.Tech, the student will have to pursue M.Tech with a specialization in Petroleum Engineering. A Petroleum Engineer earns a yearly package of about $162,890 on average. 

  1. IT Manager 

An IT Manager of any company is the person who leads the IT department of that particular company. The manager is solely responsible for the networks and other elements of the computer systems that are being used in the office. An IT Manager is also a crucial part of any company, this profession is on the list of highest-paid jobs and an IT Manager has an average yearly income of about $151,486. 

If you wish to become an IT Manager, you need to have a minimum degree of Bachelors in IT. 

  1. Senior Software Engineer

A Senior Software Engineer is someone who supervises a team of Software Engineers who are working on developing a website or a software program. Currently, Senior Software Engineers are high in demand, and the average yearly package is considered to be something around $119,126. 

An aspirant needs to pursue a degree in Software Engineering after Class 12th. Also, the expert should have knowledge of the latest trends in coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and others. 

  1. Data Scientists

Data Scientists are experts who deal with data. The experts extract the meaning of the data and analyze it to bring information to the table so that different other professionals can make use of them in relevant ways. As today, the world is revolving around data, the demand for data scientists is consistently rising. Currently, an average yearly income of a data scientist is about $97,659 or more and is expected to increase further in the coming years. 

To become a Data Scientist, an individual need to first start with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science followed by a Masters’s Degree in Data Science. 

Hence, here is the list of the top 15 highest-paid jobs and careers in 2023 with details such as their responsibilities and educational qualifications. It will be quite interesting to check out whether these options remain in the same rank in the coming year or if something else replaces them. 

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FAQs – Highest Paying Jobs in India

Which is the highest-paid job in 2023?

While there is a big list of jobs and careers that are paying well in the year 2023, the highest-paid job currently is that of an anaesthesiologist, whose average yearly income is considered something around $307,495. 

Which stream is offering the highest-paid jobs in 2023?

The list of highest-paid jobs and careers in 2023 mostly consists of professionals from the healthcare sector such as dentists, physicians, gynecologists, and so on. Hence, the Science stream is offering the highest-paid jobs in 2023. 

Which Engineering specializations are the highest-paid in 2023?

Engineering jobs are also quite decently paid off. But when it is to the highest-paid jobs in 2023, some specializations that are on the list are Petroleum Engineers and Software Engineers.

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