What is the Scope after Graduation from IGNOU?

Scope After Graduation from IGNOU – IGNOU is one of the largest distance learning universities, not just in the nation but also across the globe. Apart from being the largest, the university is also known to be one of the most recognized universities in different parts of the world.

But still, there are many students who have this question of whether they can have a better career ahead after passing out graduation in distance learning from IGNOU or not. To answer this, there are several logics that can be discussed.

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The Growing Worth of Distance Learning:

Scope after Graduation from IGNOU

Today, companies understand the fact that getting a distance learning degree from a recognized university makes a candidate as worthy as someone getting a degree from a regular university. As IGNOU is one of the most recognized and prestigious universities in the country, many of the companies accept job applications from students with an IGNOU degree. Today, candidates who have a graduation degree from IGNOU are seen in different fields in not only India but also in many other parts of the world.

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Not just in the private sector, candidates who have passed graduation from IGNOU can also participate in different competitive examinations taking place in the country such as UPSC, IBPS, and many others.

The Study Module and Curriculum:

The study modules and the syllabus at the university are designed very carefully by the experts. The syllabus of graduation at IGNOU is similar to many of the competitive exams that take place in the country such as SBI PO, and others. Also, the curriculum designed for the students is such in which the students have to study the modules carefully and without which they cannot pass the exam. The completion of a project is also a must that helps them in learning practical aspects also apart from the theoretical elements offered in the modules. Thus, the students passing out as a graduate from IGNOU have the same credential as that of the students passing out from a regular college.

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Recruitment Drive:

IGNOU does not just offer a graduation degree to the candidates so that they can appear for different competitive exams and can apply for different job vacancies. The university is also known to run a recruitment drive through which different candidates can apply in the operations of the university itself either for the headquarter of IGNOU or for the regional offices.

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Apart from this, several well-known companies such as Infosys, Barclays, Mahindra, Shopper’s Stop, Axis Bank, and many others arrive at the university from time to time to conduct a placement drive for the students studying in the university. Interested students can apply in such placement drives and can get selected in the right job options for them.

IGNOU has been always known for its recognition in distance learning education. With passing time, the university is enhancing its facilities, even more, to offer the best options and opportunities to the students studying here. Moreover, students who pass out with a graduation degree in hand from IGNOU have a much brighter scope in terms of Government job opportunities as well as a career in the private firms of different fields.

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