Is IGNOU tough than a Regular College Degree?

Is IGNOU tough than a Regular College Degree? Students often think twice before getting enrolled in an IGNOU course because many consider it to be tougher than a regular college degree. But is it really so?

IGNOU is one of the most recognized and reputed distance-learning universities in India. The university offers a wide number of graduate and post-graduate degrees in diverse courses. UGC and Allahabad court has also mentioned that IGNOU degrees will be considered as valid and legitimate as any other regular college degree. But it is true that students need to toil a lot to secure great marks in the IGNOU exams.

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There are several reasons and factors that we can discuss to evaluate this topic.

Is IGNOU tough than a Regular College Degree

Why IGNOU is considered tough than a regular college degree?

While some students pass the exams fluently, maximum students consider the IGNOU degree to be tough for a number of logical reasons.

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  • Handwritten Assignments and Examinations:

While the whole world has adopted the digital mode of education, IGNOU still sticks to the traditional mode of handwritten scripts. Whether you are creating your assignments and projects or you are appearing for the exam, you have to present a handwritten script. Most distance-learning universities design question papers with questions in which the students have to select the right answer from multiple answers. But IGNOU still designs question papers that consist of short and long answers that students need to write using pens. Of course, this requires more attention, effort, and time from the students.

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  • Strict Checking:

Apart from handwritten assignments, projects, and answer sheets, another aspect of IGNOU is that the board indulges in strict checking. The students need to make sure that they are writing answers absolutely with proper points in order to gain marks on every question. This is one of the main reasons why scoring good marks become difficult in IGNOU.

  • Difficult Syllabus:

Not just the checking is strict but also the syllabus of IGNOU is extremely different from any other university. The university has a syllabus with a detailed explanation of topics. Each topic comprises several details that you need to go through and write in the assignments as well as in the examinations.

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Though the IGNOU degree may seem tough, it is not difficult to pass it. If you prepare properly and with the right tips, you can surely secure good marks in the exam.

Tips to Pass in IGNOU

Experts have mentioned several tips and ideas that can help you in securing good marks and passing in IGNOU assignments and examinations.

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  • Complete the Syllabus:

You never know which questions may come from which chapters. Also, as you will have to write answers, there is no chance of doing any kind of guesswork. Hence, it is always a better option to complete the whole syllabus so that you can answer all the questions in the exam.

  • Do not wait for the last moment:

IGNOU designs a huge syllabus for its courses. Thus, waiting for the last moment will not be a great idea. You should start preparing for the exams from day 1 and should just leave revision for the last moment before the exam.

  • Prepare Assignments to the best:

IGNOU has an elaborate assignment paper with many questions. The university designs the assignments in such a way that if you solve the assignments in the right way, half of your syllabus will get covered. This way, you will not have to invest much time separately in covering various parts of the syllabus.

  • Take Guidance from Previous Year’s Question Papers:

One of the ways that many students prefer to do this is to practice the question papers of the last few years. You can find question papers from the last 5 to 10 years and then can practice the questions after completing your syllabus. This helps you not just in knowing the types of questions that you can have but also will gain confidence for your exams.

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  • Follow Guidance for Writing in Exam:

After you have prepared well for the exam, there are also a number of tips for writing your exam.

  • Maintain proper handwriting and space so that the person who is evaluating does not find it difficult to read through the lines.
  • Make sure to highlight the main points in the answers.
  • Attempt all the questions to ensure that you secure high marks.
  • The answers should not be too long or too short.

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If you are following all these tricks, then you will surely end up getting good scores in your IGNOU exam. IGNOU is tough but only when you have not prepared for the exams in the right way.

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