IGNOU vs Regular University: Which is Better?

Which is Good? IGNOU or Regular College? – The question of which college is better, IGNOU or Regular, is quite unfair. While a regular college is surely a great option for face-to-face education, IGNOU is also one such renowned college in India. The only difference is that IGNOU offers distance learning education under the recognition of UGC.

But this has always remained an ongoing debate among people without any concrete result. There are several factors based on which a regular college can be considered better than IGNOU. Again, there are several factors based on which IGNOU can be considered better than a regular college.

In this article, we will summarize all these factors to understand which college is good.


Which is Good? IGNOU or Regular College?

If you wish to get admission to a regular college, then you have to take care of the seats remaining in that particular college. The colleges will select the students based on the merit list of the students and will also conduct an entrance test. But when you are fetching admission to IGNOU, you do not have to worry about the seats. IGNOU accepts direct admission without any such entrance tests in most of the courses except selected courses in which admission is based on the IGNOU entrance tests for various courses such as MBA, Bed, PhD, and BSc Nursing.

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Attendance is something that is very important in a regular college. You need to have a minimum of 75% attendance in order to sit in the examinations. But you will not find such issues in the case of IGNOU. The university conducts classes on the weekends but it is not mandatory for the students to attend them.

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While IGNOU is a perfect place for working professionals who wish to pursue higher education as attendance is not mandatory, regular colleges ask the students to maintain proper attendance so that the students can understand the syllabus and the chapter properly.


One of the major reasons why many students are not able to attend a regular college is due to its fee structure. When a student does not get admission to a high-reputed Government college, then he or she takes admission to a private college where the fee structure is pretty high. Students who are not able to afford this fee structure often get admission to IGNOU. This is because IGNOU offers different courses at a much more affordable cost to all its students. Also, as the students do not have to travel to the University for Classes on a regular basis, the expense of communication is also not there.

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Difficulty Level:

Another factor on which one can compare IGNOU with a regular college is the difficulty level. Though it is considered that the difficulty level of IGNOU is moderate when compared to a regular college, there are several reasons why students find IGNOU much more difficult.

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As the syllabus of IGNOU is vast, many students are not able to complete the entire syllabus before the exam and thus are not able to score well. Also, a regular college offers daily classes in which the faculties make the students understand each and every chapter. But as IGNOU students do not go for regular classes, they have to understand the chapters on their own. Of course, there are weekend classes and doubt-clearing sessions available but attending these also gets quite difficult for students who are working professionals.

Practical Sessions:

When you are a student of IGNOU, you have to complete assignments and projects before appearing in the exam. But when you are a student of a regular college, you also have to go for practical sessions in which you can learn your lessons with a practical approach. This helps you in understanding the course in a much easier way.


One of the major reasons why students wish to get admission to a regular college is placement. Regular colleges conduct campus interviews in which students participate after half completing their courses. Companies arriving at the campus interview, select students for internships and also for jobs.

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Earlier, this facility of placement was not there at IGNOU. But it was in the year 2005 that the university came up with the Campus Placement Cell. This cell conducts placement interviews throughout the year in different locations for its students. As IGNOU is one of the best distance learning universities, hence, some of the best companies participate in the placements. Interested students need to attend the interviews at the locations offered by the university at specific dates and times.


So, it is quite hard to mention which one is good. IGNOU is great in terms of affordability and also for people who cannot attend classes. But on the other hand, a regular college offers proper learning sessions through theoretical as well as practical classes so that the students are able to absorb the knowledge properly and can secure great marks in the exam. So, you cannot judge and pick a particular college as both of them are good in their own way.

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